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Writer says Neal Brown has confidence of a head coach and has offense that would be effective in SEC


Sometime today Neal Brown probably is either going to become a Division I head football coach at age 32 or the offensive coordinator at Kentucky with perhaps the highest salary UK has ever given a coordinator.

While some think it is a done deal for Kentucky, sources tell me Brown will make the final call this morning.

I asked Mike Graham, staff writer for Red Raider Sports and Dallas Morning News, for his impressions of Neal Brown and his offense at Texas Tech. Enjoy his insightful answer:

“The thing you get about Neal is he knows football. There’s a certain confidence in him that you see in head coaches. Whenever he is made available to the media after a game he acts like he’s a head coach  in the sense he gives an opening statement where he hopes he can answer all questions before they’re asked. Honestly, just the way he carries himself, I think he’s a head coach wannabe who does indeed have the credentials to be a head coach.
“I think if Texas A&M’s spread offense works in the SEC the pistol formation can be very effective. You’re taking the best of a downhill running game and merging it with a quarterback that only needs about three steps to get to a safe spot for a normally timed throw; just like you get in the pure shotgun. Neal didn’t invent the pistol, but he’s working on perfecting it and with how young he is I think he might fully discover what that scheme is capable of. With SEC defensive linemen coming after his quarterback, he can give Kentucky an advantage in the passing game.
“Tech ran the standard four-wide shotgun as well, but the pistol really suited quarterback Seth Doege and a group of talented running backs well. If they had a better offensive line this season, the season could have been better than 7-5.
“The Red Raiders started the season 6-1 with a triple overtime win against TCU to get that sixth win. I don’t think they fully recovered in time to play then-No. 2 Kansas State the next week on the road and then things snowballed on them in the L column as attrition on both sides of the ball piled up.”

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  1. ArmChair Capt

    Well we can be very selfish and say that the SEC would be a great place for Brown to REALLY build an awesome résumé as a future head coach. It would definitely be a high profile proving ground for him. But, I could understand if he took a head coaching job now.

    Would love to have him come back home for a year or two and help us reinvent and reinvigorate Kentucky football.

  2. Bill

    Neal Brown could make the final call today. I read on a site that follows coaching interviews and learned he interview for the La Tech HC position Saturday, and the Southern Miss HC position friday. Trying to keep up with openings, head coaches, assistant coaches, OC’s, and DC’s is complete wildness, for me.

    1. Larry Pup

      It would be great to have NB, but if not, there are other oc’s out there. A head coaching job has got to b enticing.

    2. larryvaught

      It can drive you crazy Bill

      1. LarryPup

        Larr V. Itsort of sounds like NB wants his own program. coach Stoops can’rt wait forever. There is to much to be done.

  3. Deeeefense

    Money aside, I’m wonder which of the two jobs is more career enhancing. Southern Miss has had some decent teams over the years but right now it looks like a train wreck. OTOH Kentucky has a lot of young talented offensive players – Smith, Towles, Witlow, Sweat, Collins, Clemons, Taylor etc. He has an opportunity to come in and really get this offense cranked up.

    So if the choice is between trying to build a struggling, bottom feeder CUSA team back to respectability vs. the chance to show you can build a successful offense in the SEC, I might be inclined to choose the later.

  4. Touchdown brown

    Southern miss won conference championship in 2011. Idk what went on last uear but they have good recruiting classes year in year out. And they gave louisville a game last year i believe

  5. Gene

    The website MrSEC.com has two position coaches on the Stoops staff as of today. A DB coach from Northwestern State and a wide receivers coach from Tennessee (Darin Hinshaw). The hire of the WR coach might lead one to believe that an OC has agreed to take the job.
    Sunday @4:40PM

    1. larryvaught

      Believe Stoops has wanted Hinshaw from the day he got the job

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