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Would Kentucky consider junior college route for offensive linemen?

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Neal Brown.


This week I’ll share a series of questions that vaughtsviews.com readers had for offensive coordinator Neal Brown that he recently took time to answer.

Question: Do you ever pull your guards or tackles?
Brown: “We run what is called gap scheme run plays and we will do that. We are probably more of a zone blocking team, but we do pull the guards, especially on our gap schemes.”

Question: Would you consider going the junior college route for offensive linemen?
Brown: “I think we will. I think you will see us do that in this class. Our offensive line numbers are kind of unique in the fact we have several in a couple of classes and not very many in others. You always want to have an even number of offensive linemen in all your classes across the board and junior college is one way you can do that and even up your numbers.”

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