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Woods says Morehead will get physical with Kentucky


Since he played for Rick Pitino at Kentucky, Sean Woods is a big believer in pressure basketball and that’s what he’ll have Morehead doing against No. 8 Kentucky Wednesday.

“I haven’t seen them really be pressured yet, so we will see how they handle ours,” said Woods. “I am just a coach that doesn’t like people to be comfortable. I do not like people to run their sets. I am going to put you in a situation where you better have better basketball players and be deep and able to take the pressure for 40 minutes or I will have a chance. I am going to be high octane for 40 minutes. If you have better players than I do, then you have a greater chance of winning. If you don’t, then I do.”

That philosophy didn’t work well at Maryland Nov. 12 when the Terps, who opened the season with a loss to UK, beat Morehead 67-45. Woods said his team turned the ball over too much that game.

“I think defensively we will be okay with the pressure we will apply (on UK). I think our size will come into play. They may be taller, but they are not stronger or wider than us,” Woods said.

The coach said his team had to be physical to compete against UK (2-1).

“We are not jumping as high. I think we can run just as fast. We have to use our strength. We have some older, tougher guys. We are going to see what happens,” Woods said. “We are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.

“If they are the team everybody thinks they are, they will have success against us. If they are still trying to figure it out, then this will be another test for Cal (John Calipari) as far as us being more physical to get them ready for the SEC. We are going to do whatever we can (to win).”

Woods’ fast pace didn’t work when he brought Mississippi Valley State to play at Rupp Arena, but he says that team did not have the depth to match a much more talented Kentucky. Now he has more depth.

“One thing about my teams, we are going to give everything we have,” Woods said. “The only way to beat us is to have more players. I am deeper and more talented (than at Mississippi Valley State). We are going to play our style and come at you. If they are playing young and turning the ball over against our pressure, then we have a chance.

“Our guys are willing and ready to seize the moment. They felt like they could have played much better against Maryland. Now our confidence is better and I think we will pay much better against Kentucky than we played against Maryland. What the outcome will be, I don’t know yet.”

Morehead State forced 29 turnovers in an 88-74 win over Lafayette, the same team UK beat 101-49 two days earlier, but also had 20 turnovers of it own.

“We have to do a better job of after we turn people over of not turning the ball back over,” Woods said. “We did a good job creating chaos, but we have to do a better job capitalizing after turning them over.”

Woods said Kentucky “is getting better and better by the day” and that coach John Calipari’s team do not continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

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  1. Jim

    I wouldn’t boo Mr. Woods, personally. But, I am wondering if there will be some boos, when he is introduced.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Wood’s states, ” I’m just a Coach who doesn’t like people (players), to be comfortable “… I think his negative statements, were a seed he planted to create a tension, which he hopes Young Men can’t handle, Wood’s is looking for an edge and I believe it will backfire. He is the enemy in Rupp Arena and should be Booed, BBN will defend Our Team !

  3. Jim

    I don’t read into the Woods’ remarks as gamesmanship, because this a tune up game for the Cats. This is not Billy Clyde’s Cats, where the players will be having a full blown 2 hr practice before a game and play with dead legs.

    I do feel that Coach Woods’ remarks were a calculated move to get media attention. I don’t see him as the enemy. But, I would have preferred that he would have kept his negative comments out of the media.

  4. Jim

    Sean Woods was on a radio show, this morning. This is what he had to say about is critical comments of the current players that he made the other day: “I should not have said that and I am sorry.”

    That is good enough for me and should be for everyone else. I hope he does not hear any boos, when he is introduced.

    1. larryvaught

      Well put Jim. I think what Sean said and what he might have meant were not the same things

  5. Larry Pup

    Good test for our young Cats. Let him talk. We’ll just see.

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