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Woods says Goodwin could be one of most dynamic players in country but Poythress is no Mashburn


The Cats have been without sophomore point guard Ryan Harrow the last two games and there has been no update on his status for Wednesday other than information released Friday that he was “day to day” before he missed that game with an unknown illness. Morehead State coach Sean Woods thinks not having Harrow has changed UK’s mentality.

“I think now they become instead of one of the top teams to beat, they are now one of the biggest underdogs in the country. They are like a wounded dog. That’s even more scary because you do not know where they will hit you,” Woods, a former point guard, said.

He has been impressed with UK freshman Archie Goodwin, who has primarily played the point with Harrow out.

“He is relentless. He is not scared to make mistakes,” Woods said. “I would rather try to calm a guy down than speed him up. Cal has that luxury. I think as the season goes on he will become one of the most dynamic players in the country.”

Kentucky freshman forward Alex Poythress is the Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Week after averaging 21 points and 6.5 rebounds in games against  Duke and Lafayette. He had 20 points against Duke and 22 against Lafayette to become the first UK freshman since Brandon Knight to have consecutive 20-point efforts.

Former UK All-American Kyle Macy compared him to former Wildcat Jamal Mashburn on FoxSports South last week. Woods thought that might have been a bit brash.

“Jamal Mashburn. Wow. I don’t know about that one,” Woods said. “Jamal was pretty daggone good and could do more things than Poythress can. I think Poythress is more of a banger trying to be skilled. I don’t see him shooting 3’s a lot in his career. Jamal could shoot 3’s. I think he is very, very good. Don’t get me wrong. But a Jamal Mashburn, that’s going too far. Jamal Mashburn might be the most talented player ever to wear the Big Blue all around.”

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  1. Louisville Kentucky Mortgage

    Poythress may be better than Mashburn someday.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      He’s better than Mash in his first few games as a Freshman, already…Sean, needs to Learn about Ky Basketball…

      1. larryvaught

        Larry T, I will give your message to Sean. Think he will enjoy a little good-natured humor at his expense

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Don’t mean to be harsh, but I think he took an unfair shot at Our Guys…Facts speak for themselves…remind Sean, WCS was a Football minded Athlete…

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Sean, Jamal as a FRESHMAN in his first 3 games…geesh, Wood’s put things in perspective, before you comment, it seems you speak personally and not reality…I believe Kyle has the knowledge and perspective to make that comment. 3 games SEAN, dang… I need to look up Jamal’s stats for the first few games and compare, hummm…

  3. Larry T Clemons

    OK, Sean are you ready…Mashburn’s first 3 Games (12 pts, 18 pts, 14 pts), Your right Kyle was wrong Alex is actually Better Than Mash, so far…and another point, Jamal only scored more than 20 points in 3 games The Entire Freshman Season. I bet Alex will doulbe that…Hmmm. Sean, seems your lack of Knowledge on Kentucky Basketball is a little cloudy…And, this is exactlly what you complained about towards Our Current Team. I wish these facts on your hypocracy, would get as much press as your statements, shaming Our Current Players. ” Jamal, Wow, I don’t know about that one “,Woods says. Sean, Your Right You don’t know ! And, I think you owe a group of young men an apology. But, that would take a real Man and a great Coach, step up Brother…

  4. Scott

    I was a huge Jamal Mashburn fan back in the day, but let’s get real. If you magically transported 1993 Mashburn onto last year’s team, he would be only the third-best player on that roster. Of course that would make him the third pick in the NBA draft too…

  5. JCC

    Maybe he is comparing a rookie Poythress to a veteran Mashburn.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      And there lays Sean’s consistently inaccurate statements and thought process…He fails to put things in perspective…

  6. Freethrow

    Mashburn did have a great shooting touch, but he wasn’t quite the inside player that I expect Alex to become. When making the deep shot, as he was when Macy made his comment, Alex does remind us more of Mashburn. If Alex can keep that up and even improve on it, as well as other areas of his game, he may well become as good or better than Mashburn ever was for UK. Lets hope Alex gives Sean a very good taste of what that feels like when we play his team.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Freshman to Freshman, right Now, I take Alex…proof is in the stats. Do you think Alex will have more than three, 20 point plus games this Season….?

  7. Jerry Vaughan

    Sean seems to think that UK b’ball started with the Unforgettables. I am sure that since he is such a great Big Blue historian that he compared Mash with Hagan, Ramsey, Spivey, Nash, Issel, etal before making that grand greatness acclaim that he did.

  8. Bill

    If everyone did their research before expressing an opinion most of the comments sections online or off would be blank. What would be left would be individuals who just disagree, but it would be interesting reading. It’s still really early. There’s some amazing talent on this team but learning to play defense and working with each other are works in progress. They are just beginning to learn what they can do at this level of competition. It’s going to be fun watching these kids grow this year.


    Seems some of you are getting a little worked up about what Sean said…again. For no reason. Geeesh.

    He was giving his opinion (just like Macy comparing the two), no need to kick him in the nads about it. I’m just glad he compared him to a FORMER UK PLAYER and not some clown from another team.

    BTW, Larry T. Clemons, PPG DOES NOT make a player “better”. Check Anthony Davis’ stats to prove that theory.

    As for me, it’s a little early (and not fair to Alex to be compared to one of the best ever to play at UK) to be comparing any Cat on this team to any one. Just like it’s not fair to compare NN to AD. There won’t be another AD for years…if ever.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Your Right, Alex had better rebounding stats also, I just didn’t want to rub it in….just standing up for Our Guys….And what about his statements toward WCS ( A Football Athlete )…come on, this is to easy and I don’t want to rehash…I can show you where Sean was just wrong or intentionally is trying to rattle these young men…And Sean’s OPINION is not based in fact, it’s just personal or he would do his homework on Kentucky Basketball, so he would be a little more knowledgable about Kentucky Basketball….Oh, who does that sound like. this is too Funny…Always enjoy your post UKFAN.

      1. John

        Larry T
        Sean Woods is “one of our guys” also.
        You have made your feelings towards Woods comments known.
        Sean explained what he was talking about, apologized for any mis-interpretations of what was said.
        Cal is fine with the situation as it is now. You should be also.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Agreed, and posted so on the apology page…thank you for your feedback…I stated facts, not interpretations , don’t kill the messenger, he was wrong.

  10. Bob

    I think Alex is just starting to find his place on this team .As the year rolls on i think we’ll see another strong MKG out of Alex .I love Mashburn and he was great however the best to wear blue i don’t think so .Thus is either an very close friend or fool ‘s statement .I think the correct term would be one of the best . I futhermore think Alex is stronger inside than Mashburn . I think this kid could be an 2/3rd pick in the NBA deraft and it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to slip into 1st pick. No one has seen Alex’s skill level as of yet but it’s coming .Going out on the limb he will be the #1 forward in the Nation come March . I know Sean has big dreams and i love you and Morehead too . However Sean it’s just an dream make no mistake and i look for Alex to make an statement tomarrow night. Go Big Blue!

  11. Larry Pup

    I will make all my bold predictions about current UK players at the end of the roundball season. They all have a long way to go right now. They better start rebounding for one thing.

  12. bryan mc

    All i got to say is Alex may be better in one year than it took Mashburn 4 years. Not knocking on mashburn because he did resurrected Ky basketball when we were in probation at the time. Also a hell”va player to watch!!!

  13. Jeremy W

    Did any of you ever even watch Mashburn play? He was an absolute Monster. I agree with Sean that he may be the best all around to play for us. He could dominate games like no other on the offensive end of the floor. I know some of us are not happy that Woods spoke negatively about the current players, but he earned the right to his opinion years ago in my opinion. Some people are not going to like Cal’s methods, even some UK fans.

    1. larryvaught

      Jeremy W., lot agree with you on Mashburn. Just unbelievable how good he was. Revived the UK program

      1. UKFAN197TONE

        EXACTLY. He came to UK and he could have went any where to play. Just like Poythress, but would he come to UK in the same situation? Never mind.

        After all these comments, not one thing was said about Sean’s thoughts on Goodwin…


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