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Will UK quarterbacks ever be under center? Does UK give up on recruits that verbally commit to other schools?

uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

This week I’ll share a series of questions that vaughtsviews.com readers had for offensive coordinator Neal Brown that he recently took time to answer.

Question: Will your quarterback ever be under center?
Brown: “It depends on who it is. If Jalen (Whitlow) ends up being the quarterback, it really doesn’t benefit us to put him under center because then he is a non threat to run the ball. When he is in the (shot)gun, he is always a threat to run the ball. With Max (Smith), he does a really good job ballhandling with fakes and play-action passes. He does a really nice job with those. So if he is the quarterback, he will be under center. And if (Patrick) Towles is the quarterback, he will be under center a little bit but probably not as much as Max is, though.”

Question: Do you give up on players that verbally commit to another school at this point or do you develop a new strategy for bringing them to UK?
Brown: “It is always a fine line. I think if you have a direct connection, if you feel like the kid is not truly committed or if the kid reaches out to  you, sure you are going to recruit them. If you feel like a kid comes from a background or his high school coach or family gives you information that the kid is final, then you might make a couple of last stabs but then you respect their decision.”

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  1. Ira

    I liked what Whitlow did in the final spring practice game, and remember how he played in the GA game. But I also really like Smith overall. No he didn’t have the flashy numbers that Whitlow did on the final Spring game, but I remember what he did game time. He moved the chains and UK was scoring points. It’s a problem for Brown all right. Better him than me! Lol

    I like what he said about recruiting. I hope other schools will have the same type of respect to our recruits that our staff will give theirs.

  2. Bill Vaughan

    It’s a good problem to have Ira. We need at least two QB’s who can come into the game and perform. The way our QB’s have gotten dinged up I hope we have three who can move the chains.

  3. Juan4UK

    re: Recruiting – In this I like to see the Golden Rule applied. Do unto others…..
    In all seriousness though, I don’t know enough about the in’s and out’s or recruiting in any of the sports. What I do know is that a football commit is much different then basketball. BB commits are usually more solid. Probably because it is easier to manage time with a team of 12-15 plays then it is with a team up to 100+ players. So time spent is a bit harder to manage to keep them close leaving openings for other teams to poach.

  4. Larry Pup

    I think we are dreaming if we don’t think other schools will try and grab our best, for example Stanley Williams. I just hope they stay solid and honor their word.

  5. Ira


    I think our OH kids will stay solid. They are going to be our core for this class. What will be hardest is the kids from the South if and when UK hits the grind of SEC football. When they have to hear their peers committed to other schools that just beat UK or other SEC schools, that will when we will see some of them waiver.

    But this staff hasn’t sugar coated anything either. So we may be in better shape with some than we ever would be than under the Joke.

  6. Larry Pup

    You may be right Ira. I just hope UK pulls off some surprises this year and upsets some people. A couple of key wins would be real nice to keep momentum going into 2014. They play a tough schedule, but teams can only lineup with 11, just like UK. GO CATS!!!!

  7. steve from Dayton -- UKFBFAN

    Article in today’s paper up here that UK has offered the best player in Ohio. We amaze me!

  8. Love SEC F-Ball

    Great answers by Brown. I do think that we have three capable QB’s & we may need them all. As far as RB’s – you can never have too many – Remember that RB’s are good, fast “athletes” and many could play WR or slot as well. Great recruiting – Keep it going!

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