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Wiggins has “no clue” about college choice timetable, does like future “unselfish superstars” Kentucky has recruited


CHICAGO — Rather than fight the attention he’s receiving, Andrew Wiggins has decided to embrace it.

Once again Wiggins, the nation’s top high school prospect, was the center of media attention at the McDonald’s All-American Game media day at the United Center Tuesday. He has his college choices narrowed to Kentucky, Florida State, Kansas and North Carolina but is in no hurry to make a final choice.

Even after Aaron Gordon, a top five player, announced here Tuesday that he was picking Arizona over Kentucky, Wiggins said he still had “no clue_ when he might make his choice even if that means more daily speculation about his future.

“It’s something that I’ve gotten used to over the course of the years. I think I’m blessed that I’m getting all the attention,” said Wiggins.

He noted that six future Wildcats don’t pester him about his college choice but let him know they would like to have him be part of what is already considered college basketball’s all-time best recruiting class.

“They’re all unselfish,” he said. “They want to win. They’ll all probably be superstars when they go to the next level. It’s always good to surround yourselves with guys who you know are going to make it, too.”

He said he had a “good visit” to Kentucky late in the season.

“The game I went to the fans were crazy. They’re always crazy. My parents liked it. I enjoyed seeing the players, the coaches — getting to know everybody and interacting with the players and coaches,” Wiggins said.

His brother, Nick, plays for Wichita State but Wiggins says that does not give any edge to Kansas. He said the Kansas fans are “crazy just like Kentucky” and his parents also “loved” the visit there. He went to North Carolina when the Tar Heels played Duke and noted that his dad was born in North Carolina and “I have a lot of family there.”

Both his parents went to Florida State and a halftime show during his visit — the first official visit he took — included a tribute to them that he enjoyed.

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  1. Rodney

    Wiggins didn’t look like he wanted to avoid the spotlight at the Powerade dunk contest. In fact, it looked like he was enjoying it. I still say that Wiggins will be a wildcat. Obviously, I don’t have any “sources,” but I will be slightly shocked if he doesn’t come to UK. I don’t know why he is waiting, but I think he knows that by coming to UK he can be part of something really special next year. You can tell by the way he talks about it and how he interacts with our other recruits at the All-American activities. That and I just don’t see cal missing on a guy he’s been recruiting for at least 4 years. Wiggins will be a Cat!

    1. David

      I like your thinking Rodney and I hope that he chooses the Cats sooner than later.

      Go Big Blue!!

  2. Anonymous

    Hope you’re right, Rodney!! His interests would be best served by being part of the greatest recruiting class of all time. After all, most people remember the names of all the players on Michigan’s Fab Five. Come on down, Andrew – we would love to cheer you on and watch you play!

  3. coldspringmike

    If we get Wiggins how many ESPN top 10″s will the team be on this coming season ?

    1. ukcrazycat

      Only on nights that they play.

      1. Juan4UK

        Crazycat, that’s not guaranteed either ;)

  4. Kokamo Joe

    Stopped by a local restaurant where I occasionally have breakfast and talk sports with a few other codgers. One guy brought up an interesting point. He said that a Louisville call in show host claimed that Wiggins is UK bound, but that Calipari wants him to hold off with his announcement until the NCAA tournament is over. The host’s theory is that if Louisville happens to win it all, that Calipari will have Wiggins announce his commitment to UK the next day. He could be on to something. Calipari is a master of propaganda and PR. What better way to shift the attention away from Louisville back to UK if UL wins it all. Remember that the next day after UK lost that NIT game what happened? Randall announced. Despair turned to joy.

    1. Juan4UK

      I don’t know Kokamo Joe, I like the idea (I’m kinda snickering). But I think Cal would let em enjoy it for 2 or 3 days before he completely takes the spotlight away.

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