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Who was Jason Lathrem and why did he get a 1996 championship ring

Jason Lathum photo by Victoria Graff

Jason Lathrem photo by Victoria Graff


Who is Jason Lathrem?

That’s a question many Kentucky basketball fans were asking last night after he received his 1996 national championship ring at Rupp Arena along with teammates like Tony Delk, Walter McCarty, Anthony Epps, Wayne Turner and Jeff Sheppard.

Lathrem played at Greenwood High School in Bowling Green. He was a 6-5 guard who got in four games for a total of nine minutes. He took three shots and two free throws — and missed them all.

He transferred to Belmont College after UK’s championship season.

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  1. Ira

    And now you know the rest of the story. Always wanted to say that.


    Hey, someone had to carry bags, hand out towels and go against (ok, get beat down) these guys in practice. :)

  3. King Ghidora

    I thought he hit 2 free throws against Ole Miss. I bet I have the tape. I can find it but I don’t know about finding my VCR. I moved (after 25 years) a few months ago and things are sorta misplaced temporarily. But the stats I go by say he got 2 points in 4 games then transferred to Belmont. He also had a rebound, a foul and a TO in two minutes of that Ole Miss game that UK won by 30. The Cats scored 90 points in that game and not one player scored more than 14. How’s that for sharing the ball? 12 different players scored for UK.

    BTW Jason would have been very lucky to get in a practice scrimmage on that team. Remember they had a B team that year because they had too many players.

    BTW I did find this photo of Jason shooting one of his FT’s in that game.


  4. Wildcat'93

    Just to have been a member of such a remarkable team speaks well of Jason. I am sure he wanted to play (who wouldn’t have) and made the decession to transfer, but just think what he would have been a part of if he had stayed through his senior year (1966 NCAA Champion, 1997 NCAA Runner-up, 1998 NCAA Champion & 1999 Elite Eight). Who knows, had he been a senior gaurd on the ’99 squad maybe UK defeats Mich. St and returns to the Final Four.

    1. King Ghidora

      33eLet’s not forget that RP was sorta pushing some guys out the door to make room on the roster for players. It turned out the Cats weren’t exactly loaded in ’97 but they had a lot of guys coming back from ’96 and maybe Jason made “his decision” early on. I certainly don’t know that’s what happened. I do know RP pushed some players out the door. And Jason was going to be no better than 12th on the depth chart the next year and it would have been worse if not for some injuries. Those teams were loaded with talent and there just wasn’t going to be a lot of PT for Jason. He may well have made the right decision to go play elsewhere.

  5. Anonymous

    Any team player is worth a ring

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