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Who is Kentucky’s number 1 celebrity fan?


Eddie Montgomery. (Clay Jackson photo)

Eddie Montgomery. (Clay Jackson photo)

Who is Kentucky’s No. 1 celebrity fan?

The consensus is that it would be actress Ashley Judd, especially when it comes to basketball. She was a regular at Kentucky before marring race car driver Dario Franchitti and adding scheduling conflicts that often keep her away now. Still, when she comes to a game, it draws attention.

However, Candi Garrison thinks the title of No. 1 fan should go to Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery and she has started a Facebook campaign on his behalf.

Here is what she wrote for vaughtsviews.com:

“Ashley who? You have got to be kidding me!! I am bothered that whenever Kentucky basketball is being talked about it never fails that someone always refers to Ashley Judd as being the Kentucky Wildcats’ biggest fan!

If TRUE BLUE FAN were listed in the dictionary, under it you would see a picture of EDDIE MONTGOMERY! When was the last time that Ashley made an appearance at a BIG BLUE MADNESS, a women’s basketball game, football game or even a men’s basketball game?

Ashley Judd. (Clay Jackson photo)

Ashley Judd. (Clay Jackson photo)

“Eddie has always made his love for the Kentucky Wildcats known. He very rarely is seen without something on that has the UK logo on it, he attends various UK sporting events whenever his busy schedule permits and he has the enthusiasum that fellow true blue fans love.

“I think it’s time for Ashley’s title to be handed over to Eddie as the KENTUCKY WILDCAT’S BIGGEST FAN!”

Garrison makes some valid points. Did you see Montgomery enjoying himself at Big Blue Madness like week when he was a celebrity coach for the women’s team? He’s been known to get a little crazy at a football game and he’s living for the day that Kentucky beats Tennessee in football so he can give his music buddies from the Volunteer State a hard time. And Garrison is right about never seeing Montgomery without a UK hat, shirt or something. As women’s coach Matthew Mitchell noted, he truly bleeds blue.

Maybe they should be at least co-No. 1 fans because of Montgomery’s attendance and rising popularity of Montgomery Gentry. Ashley Judd has been a wonderful face for UK basketball for years. But when it comes to enjoying all the sports, I don’t think any celebrity can beat Montgomery.

What do you think?

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  1. catfan205

    My head says Eddie, but my… um… heart still says Ashley!

  2. Jim Boyers

    Let’s just end the debate and have 2 categories: BEST MALE CELEBRITY FAN and BEST REALLY HOT, BEAUTIFUL, RICH FEMALE CELEBRITY FAN. Then they both could share. This would be fair to both.

  3. AbG

    Let’s be honest, people all over the country know who Ashley Judd is. Nobody who isn’t a country music fan has any idea who Eddie Montgomery is.

  4. Larry Vaught

    Like your idea Jim.
    And any male’s heart should say Ashley, including Eddie’s.
    But I think it would surprise you to know how many folks know Eddie now. He’s all over the place and don’t underestimate the number of country music fans. I just want to get them together and get a picture for vaughtsviews.com


    I have to go with Ashley. I got a hug and a picture with her at a UK event. I think it was a reunion for the 96-98 teams(I think memory dulls with the more stuff I attend). And she was smiling bright. But I also like Jim’s idea plenty of room at the top. As usual KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. GO BLUE OR GO HOME.

  6. Susie

    EDDIE MONTGOMERY hands down !!!!!!!!

  7. Sue

    Eddie Montgomery is definately UK’s #1 Celebrity fan!

  8. Kim

    Definately have to go with Eddie Montgomery!!! It’s very obvious his heart is really in it and he loves UK very much!!!

    I personally have never talked to anyone that wouldn’t know who Eddie Montgomery is……not trying to take anything away from Ashley Judd, she is one of my favorite actresses. But, come on, Eddie’s the MAN!!

    Just my opinion, of course.

  9. Linda

    Doesn’t George Clooney every attend any games? No? Bummer! George you need to show up for at least one game! Forget Italy, you heart belongs to the Bluegrass state and it better bleed blue!

  10. Sherry Crawford

    Eddie Montgomery is a true blue fan all the way!

  11. UK2010Champs

    Until last week I never heard of Eddie Montgomery! Ashley is known world wide. I suppose if you consider Eddie Montgomery a real celebrity then he’d probably be number 1.

  12. Glen Haney

    That`s strange! I`ve seen Ashley at a lot of games but i`ve never seen Eddie at one.

  13. Larry Vaught

    Eddie has been at plenty. YOu must not have been at the same games, or sometimes TV doesn’t focus on him like it does Ashley — and there certainly is nothing wrong with focusing on Ashley at any time. But there is no doubt Eddie is a real celebrity. Ask the NASCAR drivers who line up to get his autograph and all those who buy his music. I just hope this year goes so well that they are both cheering and going wild all the way through March

  14. alicia Guest-kneip

    I will go with Eddie as well,other than myself, being the biggest KY WILDCAT FAN!!!!

  15. Linda

    Alicia,I AM THE BIGGEST WILDCAT FAN in the world, sorry! LOL

  16. ronnie

    Eddie is a dedicated fan and so is ashley, but whenb eddie is at a game or in public he is UK all the way.

  17. ronnie

    and so is ashley
    but my step daughter is the number one fan she is true blue

  18. Jackie

    My vote is for Eddie Montgomery to be the number fan.

  19. Kim

    I have to go with Eddie Montgomery..being a huge college basketball fan..I appreciate the fact that Eddie does it because he just loves sports and especially any Kentucky sport..I have seen him alot in concert and before shows he is always sporting UK material…Ashley Judd just love her…but she is more of a celebs fan..Eddie he just bleeds UK Blue and is the ppls fan..

  20. gmoyers

    No doubt Eddie does bleed blue and is the fans’ fan. Maybe Cal can just get them both on the bench with him for a game

  21. UKFMLY

    Ok people. Do not beat me up to bad for this. It is obvious in the state of Kentucky who wins. But to be truthful I have heard of the Band but had to ask my friend if Eddie was the Montgomery from the band. I assumed it but was not sure. So I polled my 18 nieces and nephews who none live in the state of Kentucky and the only ones that were even close were the three from Indy. Not saying anything negative but there are lots of people who don’t know who he is. Not every UK fan listens to country music but almost all have been to a movie or two. Just a different perspective. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. GO BLUE OR STAY HOME!!!!!

  22. UKFMLY

    I forgot to mention they are all UK fans as are my 8 brothers and sisters. GO BLUE OR STAY HOME!!!!

  23. Linda

    I have Kentucky Blue eyes! LOL

  24. Lisa

    Without a doubt, Eddie Montgomery! He was raised in Kentucky and continues to make Kentucky his home! Eddie is Kentucky’s number 1 celebrity fan!!





  27. Heidi

    I’m in support of Eddie Montgomery for various reasons.

  28. Moriah

    Each of them love UK Basketball (who doesn’t?)!
    Each of them are great representatives for the team.
    Each of them are both very well known.

    There can only be one #1 Uk Fan

    EDDIE MONTGOMERY as the #1 fan of UK!!!

  29. Darla

    I vote for Eddie Montgomery. He is the biggest wildcat fan and is all about them. He is always wearing their logo and you can tell he really loves them. Eddie is the man and deserves the title. Congrats for to you for recognizing and believing Eddie is more deserving!!

  30. Pete Kendrick

    Ashley has been a great fan, that cannot be argued. However, I have seen Eddie at many games that he us not a guest of Lee Todd or a coach but just because he wants to see them play. He makes special arrangements between gigs to get to games or to watch games. I ran into him at a football game earler this year with his son and was not being recognized for anything he was just taking in a game with the family. That is a FAN !!

  31. Larry Vaught

    Eddie does got to a lot of games that nobody knows about. I can vouch for that. And he’s already trying to arrange his March schedule to be free for SEC and NCAA Tournament games.

  32. chris christofield

    Who you gonna watch if they’re shaking a pompon?

  33. Eleanor

    Eddie Montgomery of course

  34. Doris

    Eddie was born in Kentucky and still lives here. He is definitely U.K.’s #1 fan. Ashley is a big fan, but she doesn’t get revved up like Eddie does. Eddie looks like he’s going to “burst at the seams”, because he is so excited.

  35. Keith

    It seems that all the ladies are saying Eddie, and all the guys are saying Ashley. LOL Coincidence??? No.
    As far as who the biggest celebrity fan is, I’d say that it has to be Eddie. He’s been involved with more now that Cal has been here, and Ashley did set in the North Carolina student section.lol
    Note to ladies: Don’t be jealous of Ashley.
    Note to men: Eddie is the BIGGEST fan. (No pun intended)

  36. Sherry

    Oh my gosh!!! Eddie has to be the biggest fan!!! He is not only a TRUE BLUE FAN, he is an ambassador for KY!!! At all of the MG concert’s he talks about his love for KY!!! Don’t know if Ashley does that. He also has made his home and future in KY.I think all of those should count for something!!! He has never forgotten his roots or the people that helped him get where he is today!!! He’s a TRUE BLUE FAN all the way!!!!

  37. gmoyers

    He truly is true blue, but hard to blame a man for liking Ashley. She is gorgeous. But there’s no denying Eddie’s Big Blue love.

  38. Richard

    Reportedly, Ashley was once offered a UNC jacket at a movie shoot to keep her warm on the set. She turned the offer down and said she would rather freeze to death.

    Ashley for #1 fan!!!

  39. gmoyers

    Now that is a great story Richard about the Ashley we know and love even though I can’t imagine anyone letting her freeze for long

  40. Denise Beaty

    Eddie Montgomery is a Celebrity nationwide..And for those that don’t know who he is, he is THE other half of MONTGOMERY/GENTRY…He definitely is a KENTUCKY FAN ..I wrote him a KENTUCKY song….GO EDDIE…Denise Beaty Ky songwriter…..

  41. gmoyers

    I would love to hear or see that song Denise

  42. linda

    well I will tell u I dont really care which one of them is a bigger fan because I am not.

  43. Denise Beaty

    Eddie and Troy both were on a Blue Collar Comedy show with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry The Cable Guy , Bill Envill and Ron White a few years ago and they are on GAC AND CMT ALMOST DAILY…Denise..

  44. gmoyers

    Don’t forget to send me that song Denise

  45. Butch Peyton

    Eddie momtgomery is the # 1 UK Fan Eddie fire’s up the UK Fans
    go Eddie and go Big Blue

  46. gmoyers

    He does know how to fire a crowd up. No denying that Butch

  47. Polly Gaddis

    Thank Goodness, I was so sick of the camera being on her. Not everyone is an Asley fan and the media was pathetic when she was there. Now at least we can get somebody that is real. We all know Eddie is BLUE all the way thru..

  48. gmoyers

    Easy Polly. Nothing wrong with still having some shots of Ashley. But you are so right about Eddie. He is blue through and through and is so excited about UK. I can’t wait for a Big Blue night at his new restaurant on UK game night. That will be wild.

  49. Candi G.

    Big Blue night at the Steakhouse will be amazing,,,,I’ll definately be there cheering for the CATS!!! :)

  50. Jenna Felts

    Eddie Montgomery is true blue all the way!!! For those who don’t know anything about him, it is your loss!! He is part of the best country duo in the business and he is a very faithful Kentucky fan and with that being said how could anyone vote for Ashley Judd except if you are a man?

  51. TRUBLU69

    GUYS-GUYS….THEY Both are reprasentin..LOL..I will be the First Male I guess to say EDDIE..Wait..Wait..Let me explain!! I was Playing in a 9-BALL Pool tournament inAthen GA..one Night and In He walked..This was before hhe starting wowing everyone, And he and I talked Uk basketball..He was COOL..But thats the only reason,I guess if it was Ashley I would Vote differanly..LOL..But they are both great…GO BIG BLUE!!!! I think it was Athens..But HE was wearing a UK Hat so he Shows it proud…GO BIG BLUE!!!

  52. dabigcat

    as long as cbs and espn believe ashley is uk’s biggest celeb fan, that’s all that matters,don’t get me wrong,i think eddie is simply the greatest,he’s so funny and just plain real.i’ve seen mg 5 times and eddie is a real showman,and i think he really loves kentucky and represents the state and uk sports so well.i guess the only problem with eddie being uk’s biggest fan is he just would not look right setting on one of the cheerleaders shoulder making the “Y” when KENTUCKY is spelled out.hahaha

  53. gmoyers

    I can see Eddie walking right into that pool tournament and talking UK. He loves doing that with anyone else who loves uK like him.

    And dabigcat, you are right about the TV execs and Ashley — and there’s nothing wrong with that. And I am with you. I can’t visualize Eddie on a cheerleader’s shoulder

  54. Sherry R

    I have to say that I agree with Candi!! We’ve attended many game days at Eddie’s steakhouse and it’s Big Blue Madness all over!!! Eddie is true Blue no matter where he goes or where he performs!!! He is very proud of the State of KY and of the UK sports program. He is often seen wearing UK garb in the off season. What is Ashley sporting????? No doubt, the latest designer fashions. Eddie is not a fair weather fan!!! He’s True Blue no matter what!!! He IS the biggest UK Fan!!!

  55. gmoyers

    Thre is nothing quite like game day at Eddie’s place. He goes wild and it gets crazy. I was so hoping for that Final Four bash he had planned

  56. Jenise Gilbride

    george clooney is every bachelor’s idol…he’s finally getting married, though

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