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Who is best UK incoming freshman? South Carolina signee Thornwell says Julius Randle


South Carolina basketball signee Sindarius Thornwell says there is no reason for him to fear Kentucky’s No. 1-ranked recruiting class.

“I have played against all of them. We are all cool. I am friends with all of them, but it is going to be fun playing against them all. I know what we can do and what they can do,” Thornwell said.

Who is the best incoming freshman at Kentucky?

“Julius (Randle). It is Julius. At 6-8, he can do anything besides shoot. He can’t shoot. We are going to zone when he gets the ball. But Julius is the best. He is too big. He is physical and can do a lot. He can be a beast,” Thornwell said.

What about the Harrison twins?

“I have not matched up with them that much, but they are pretty good. I like them. I am a fan of them. I love how they compete, but I will still go at them. We are friends off the court, but on the court they are my enemy,” Thornwell said. “It is crazy they are all going to Kentucky. I don’t know how that happened. Calipari and his staff do a good job recruiting, but this is just crazy.”

Thornwell, though, has no trouble using Kentucky to tout the incoming talent in the SEC after the conference went through a down season last year.

“All the other guys — ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East —  I been telling them that the SEC had the best recruiting class and told guys in the SEC we are coming at them and coming to beat them. We were at the bottom last year but we are going to work our way up and not back down from anybody, including Kentucky,” Thornwell said. “But the SEC overall, it’s going to be a lot better because of all the good players coming in. Kentucky has a lot, but they don’t have them all. The whole conference has good players on the way.”

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  1. RheaBaker

    You have to like Sindarius’s confidence. I think it is great that the SEC is getting these type of recruits. If you have as much confidence like this kid, that is half the battle right there. Good luck to all things he attempts in life.

  2. ukcrazycat

    Randle might be the best freshmen coming in but James Young is my pick for that title. He can handle the ball, shoot it, rebound it and pass it. I think he is going to surprise a lot of people next year. Go Cats!!

  3. Gene

    Best of luck to you and to USC Mr Thornwell but a word of caution.
    You will need all the four leafed clovers you can gather ’cause the “Great Eight plus Four” are about to act much like a Big Bad Wolf and blow your house down !!!

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