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Whitlow’s father appreciates positive comments about his son


Just in case you didn’t see it, I wanted to share this comment that Walt Whitlow, the father of UK sophomore quarterback Jalen Whitlow, left on the site Tuesday after reading the post by Ashley Scoby about his son as well as the comments from many of you.

Here’s what he posted:

“As a father who is hours away (Jalen’s father), I read the blogs sometimes to help keep up with what’s going on in Lexington … I hear some good thing and things not so good but what I saw Saturday night I can say that we are excited to be a part of the Wildcat nation. As for those positive comments that I read our family really thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.”

How great is that?
The Whitlows should be excited about the fan support at the Blue-White Game and how their son ran Neal Brown’s offense. But for a father to take time to thank those hear for saying positive things about his son helps show exactly why Jalen Whitlow is such a delightful young man to be around.
I don’t know who will win the UK quarterback starting position, but I know Brown has four really high-character players to choose from and I want to thank Walt Whitlow for taking time to share with us and hope he’ll do it again.

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  1. Lori Metcalf

    I think we should take this as a reminder that we don’t know who is reading these posts and just how hurtful our comments can be sometimes. Of course, we may have negative things to say at times, but how we say them matters. There is too much important bad stuff going on in our lives individually and as a nation to let something like football turn us against each other. Let us support these young men with as much positivity as we can muster. I am excited about the potential of this team and of the program and I hope they will eventually live up to the lofty expectations. But I, for one, plan to follow the old adage about not saying anything if it can’t be said nicely. Feel free to call me on that if I forget in the heat of the moment.

  2. Juan4UK

    I like Jalen. I think he did a great job last yr. All reports and stat line indicate he did great the other day. My thing is, I always get really on edge over a qb competition. When there is a log jam, its an issue because whoever loses the starters job is always a risk to transfer and that really bothers me to lose obvious talent. The prospect of that causes me issues.
    But so far, it seems as if Jalen can really make the transition, and maybe be built for, this offense.


    No surprise that he reads your site Larry. It’s a great source of good info. He and all the parents like him is the reason I try to not talk bad about the players. They have family that read what we write. Thak you Mr. Whitlow for being a part of the BBN and I hope you will me a member for life.



  4. MikeF

    Mr. Whitlow, We don’t know how Jalen got out of Alabama, their loss is our gain. He sure brings another dimension to the QB position. He has obviously improved since being thrown to the wolves last year. The last Coaching staff had indicated he was an athlete and gave the impression he was brought in to be a receiver. I feel good that he is making the most of his situation in Lexington. He looked real confortable out there and this Coaching staff has the offense playing and looking prepared. Best Wishes to Jalen from the BBN!

  5. RJ

    When I suggested that Jalen consider a “Randall Cobb” approach to his playing future people jumped on me like I was the anti Christ. Let me clarify my position. I think Jalen can be a fine college QB and a standout at KY. But, as for expections of a pro career at QB, the odds are stacked against him. 1. To get a look from pro scouts, KY must be a contender for the conference title and Jalen will have to be a very large part of that success. The last KY QB with that kind of record now works for ESPN. 2. For Jalen to have a chance at being a dominate passer, the O-line must dominate the line of scrimmage. It did not show dominence last week. 3. Running QB’s have a short half-life in the pro game as well as the college game.

    Like playing QB, all real players want a shot at the Pro game. Randell Cobb maximized his opportunity by going the athlete route. There are simply more places an athlete can find a fit in the Pro game. when Cobb took that route, he became a STAR at KY and is still revered as such. I will go out on a limb and state that his contribution was greater at athlete than it would have been at QB.

    I merely suggested that Jalen might want to consider this option.

  6. Anthony

    Whitlow was one of the last players that UK signed in the class of 2013. He has a chance to QB the UK Wildcats. Go for it Jalen! Enjoy!

  7. Larry Pup

    I have already predicted Jalen will be the starter at QB against Western.

  8. Anonymous

    I just love it when those big SEC defensive linemen have to run themselves to death…make em run Jalen!

  9. Woody Hopkins

    Lori speaks with allot of class herself. Her moral compass is finely tuned and clearly defines appropriate sporting behavior. Many of us have had and/or currently have kids striving to do their best in sporting and non-sporting endeavors. They deserve our support at all times and constructive advice for becoming better. Jalen’s father is proud of his child………..how can anything beat that wonderful feeling!

  10. Tcat

    Great post! I’m only 28 and have 2 lil girls that are just learning how to play sports and ride bikes etc… As a fathe (or mother) the best feeling in the world is to see your child do well. I was a decent HS athlete and when me and my wife found out we were having girls the first thing some people asked was “are you going to try to have a boy”? My answer was and is no. 2 is enough.

    I honestly get the same satisfaction from seeing my 5 year old doing gymnastics or my 6 year old making a free throw in her little league games. I bet Jalens’s father is one happy man. He is very Lucky and has done a great job, Jalen is a class act and even if he doesn’t win the QB battle he has raised a great young man that is doing well on multiple levels. That’s what life is all about.

    In all honesty I think Jalen has as much potential if not more than any QB on the roster or any we are recruiting. Reason why is he wasn’t some high 4-5 star prospect with tons of praise all the time (until now), he has worked hard to get were he is and deserves every bit of it. He knows the ups and downs and is mentally very mature for his age. I wish him well and would love to see him lined up 3 yards deep in the Pistol (first snap) vs Western.

    Jalen is perfect for this system, the Spread is all about moving the chains and wearing the defense out, especially this high tempo running approach Neal Brown likes. Who better on the roster than a 6’2 210# dual threat, that’s very smart with a good arm? I’ll be rooting for him.

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