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Since he decided to return to Kentucky to join Mark Stoops’ staff, offensive coordinator Neal Brown has been busy recruiting, teaching his offense to UK’s returning players and assuring fans that he believes Kentucky can win, and win big, in the future.

He’ll be speaking to the Louisville Quarterback Club on Tuesday selling Stoops’ vision for Kentucky and projecting what could happen next season just as he did for a Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame fundraiser last week in Nicholasville.

But if you could ask Brown one question, what would it be? Nothing about a specific incoming recruit because he can’t answer those questions. However, let me know what other question you would like to ask and if get a chance, I’ll try to ask Brown some of the questions that fans like yourself would like to see him answer.

19 Responses to What would you like to ask UK offensive coordinator Neal Brown?

  • Paul Karem says:

    Coach Brown: do you think you could make Larry Vaught into an effective nose tackle??

  • Mike Flannery says:

    With the shortage of receivers, does Brown anticipate having to move any of the tight ends over to the wide out position?

  • Larry Pup says:

    My question is “Will UK be competitive this year with the current players we have and the incoming players?”

  • andy says:

    What is the status of the OL? How are the current OLineman progressing?

  • Edward says:

    Coach Brown: Do you give up on Derek Kief at this point or will you develop a new strategy for bringing him to Lexington?

  • Geno says:

    Coach, will the QB’s ever be under center! Tks

  • Geno says:

    Coach, will the QB’s ever be under center? Tks.

  • Gary Dearborn says:

    What needs to be done to improve h.s. football in our state?

  • Gary Foster says:

    Is there a role for a big blocking fullback in your offense?

  • ukscat says:

    How much practice time would WCS have to put in to be an effective FG and PAT blocker ? Could he just show for games ?
    He would probably be available in Sept. and Oct.
    Little “out there” but I think it would be effective and would sell tickets !

    Downside would be a fake and two 300+ nasty boys going high/low.

  • Ira says:

    Will you be going to the JUCO ranks for the shortcomings of the OL?

  • Edward says:

    Coach Brown, do you ever pull guards or tackles in your offense?

  • Phillip Barker says:

    Any chance that Jojo Kemp gets a look at wide receiver since he is reputed to have excellent hands and we are a little short at that position?

  • Henry says:

    Coach Brown:

    When you begin Fall practice, do you plan on listing on your twitter account, the 4 or 5 offensive players who had great practices on certain days, as you did during the Spring?

    I hope so, it is great information for fans of the BBN.

  • Henry says:

    Coach Brown:

    When Fall practice begins, do you plan on posting on your twitter account, the 4 or 5 players who had great pracices, as you did during the Spring.

    I hope so, it is good information on keeping the BBN updated.

  • Tom Jones says:

    Who is the QB in the lead position that is likely to be starting this fall? Please rank them all. 2nd place and 3rd. Has it changed any since the spring game?


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