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What will you remember most about Kyle Wiltjer?


What is your favorite Kyle Wiltjer memory?

Mine is a bit different. It involves his parents, Greg and Carol, and how supportive they were of him and Kentucky basketball in general.

I remember the 2012 Final Four in New Orleans. It was the day after UK beat Louisville in the national semifinals when I saw Wiltjer’s parents. I told them I knew how excited they must be even though Kyle didn’t get to play a lot in the victory.

But they let me know immediately that all that mattered to them, or Kyle, was that Kentucky won and had a chance to win a national championship. I never forgot that because not all parents are that way, especially on a street in New Orleans where they were not being quoted.

But the Wiltjers were terrific folks and I will miss having Kyle around. Many media members did not consider him a “great interview” because he didn’t give funny, flashy answers. Instead, he answered honestly and I always enjoyed spending time with him.

But what about you? What is your favorite Wiltjer memory or what will you remember most about him?

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  1. Toicat

    I hate the idea of offering “my favorite “Kyle Wiltjer Moment” because it seems too similar to a post mortum to his basketball career. I prefer to look at his transfer as a transition to further boost his basketball abilities. He is a classy individual, and he will shine in any program. STILL a Cat in my book!

  2. Anonymous

    I will always remember the many “clutch” three pointers he hit his freshman year. He is a deadeye shooter, that legacy had him being guarded a lot closer last year. He is a classy kid that is a credit to himself, his parents and UK. He will be missed as with this years talent and underneath presence, the pressure on perimeter shooters will again lighten up, much more than last year! Best Wishes Kyle1

  3. steve


  4. dennis

    I wonder if he is thinking about playing time or playing in the NBA…if it is the latter then the difference in staying at UK and leaving is the preparation he will get at UK vs playing time at other schools. Would you rather practice and play against the best or would you rather just play and hope you have internal fortitude to do the work that needs to be done by yourself? I would think if i was in his position, I might think about redshirting this year, work out, get better by practicing against the best this year and come out and be ready to take a starting slot instead of having it handed to me…but to each his own, and whatever choice he makes, wish him the best. Would enjoy having him on the bench again next year or on down the road.

  5. Larry Pup

    Great young man, but couldn’t finish riding for the brand. I wish him well, but believe he is making a huge mistake. Only time will tell.

  6. Bluesbrother

    Agree with Larry Pup…mistake to transfer. Hadn’t thought about redshirt but may be good idea. With his slow feet but deft shooting touch and large frame, he would be best served to develop his upper body strength to become a brute inside to extend out on the wing to either shoot, rebound, or distribute the ball as a dominate “point-forward”. IMO, he should hit the weights and dedicate himself to strengthening from the waist up, especially arms and shoulders to hold off defenders. He’s a bright kid but doesn’t seem to have dedicated himself to the things that could actually set him apart. I think he makes a huge mistake to leave the program where he will best prepare playing daily against the best college players to prepare for the NBA. His college playing minutes are not as important as being coached by Cal, IMO. No UK player under Cal will ever be overlooked.

  7. Dustin Ridener

    I can not recall the game, but we were down and digging back out of a whole through Wiltjer. He was working in the post and was do great things and Coach tried to use another option and we did not come back. Not sure what game or the otjer option, but it was in some of our last 8 to 9 games and we lost. That was a very memorable moment for me because I was so upset that Coach did not keep using him while he was being effective. If anyone can recall the game let us know.

  8. Jeff

    If he red shirts this year, and bulks up,, I will miss what a beast he will be his Senior year, hope we don’t have to play him. 3 more years of age and that shooting touch, with and attitude? Wow

  9. ruppsrunt

    His lackluster 10 minutes against Robert Morris to finish his UK career.
    How “SOFT” as a frosh–how “soft” as a soph.
    How he preferred videos to training.
    How he regressed when the going got tough.


  10. Judi Cole

    Dustin, I remember the game and also thought Cal should have kept him in. My favorite memories all involve his deadly shooting touch when he was on. I wish him well but hate to see him go.

  11. UKFMLY

    BBM last year. He was such a GREAT YOUNG MAN. He stood and took pictures and signed autographs until there were no fans left. Kyle you are a class act who was obviously raised by GREAT PARENTS! ! ! BEST WISHES



  12. TheColoradoWildcat

    While I personally feel he is making a mistake, I do not walk in his shoes… so it is a decision that only he and his parents can entertain. That being said, Kyle Wiltjer…

    From a personality and ethical point of view, is the type of recruit that I hope Coach Cal will continue to bring to Kentucky. A fine young man, a good student. One that his parents are surely proud to call their son.

    Whether he makes it to the next level, only time will tell; but I certainly understand his desire for much more playing time. Something that was not going to happen this year at Kentucky, short of an injury to another player, and we all hope that does not happen.

    Kyle, you are a real gentleman. Thank you for stopping in for a far-too-short visit, in my opinion.

    I wish him the very best down the road, as he peruses his basketball dreams.

    Also, wish to thank Coach Cal for the speedy release given to Kyle … unlike our “friends” to the immediate South. Just one more example of what a “players first” program is all about.

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