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What role did Drew Barker’s mother play in his athletic development?


What role did Drew Barker’s mother have in his athletic career/

The Conner quarterback, and recent UK commit, says it was a major role.

“My mom has been great. She was always the one in the middle. She never swayed. My dad would say one thing and we would disagree. Mom would look at both sides and be there to be the middle person,” said Drew Barker. “She helped with a lot of my (recruiting) trips. She was definitely great to have. I am definitely thankful for all she did.”

His father, Terry, said Ellie Barker provided needed “balance” in the family.

“Sometimes you need that other person. I kind of grew up in sports and knew the kind of path I wanted to put Drew on,” Terry Barker said. “Her not having a sports background helped. She brought levity to the situation. Sometimes I would be so focused I would have blinders on. She would offer new suggestions. If anything came up, she was great at offering different solutions and other ways to connect. She was just awesome.

“He is a blessed young man. He has the greatest mom in the world. I think Drew and his mom have their own little side deals that they do not even tell me about and that’s fine with me because I know she is looking out for his best interest. She is his biggest fan.”

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