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Which newcomers does UK coach Mark Stoops think will make the biggest impact?

uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

Which newcomers should make the biggest impact for UK against Western Kentucky tonight?

“That’s a good question.  Ryan Timmons is a guy that we all are excited about.  He’ll be out there.  He’ll play quite a bit.  Javess Blue, who’s not a youngster — he’s a junior college transfer.  We expect a lot out of Javess.  Jason Hatcher has been very impressive throughout camp,” UK coach Mark Stoops said.

“Alex (Montgomery).  I’ve been bragging on him.  Alex has been extremely good through camp, expect to see him out there quite a bit.”

What is there about Hatcher that stands out?

“He’s got a motor.  He’s very explosive, and it’s important to him.  So we expect him to contribute.  He’s got a little bit more depth in front of him. And he’s had a few nagging injuries through camp that have slowed him a little bit.  Nothing major. He’s missed a little time that’s put him behind,” Stoops said

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  1. RJ

    All the recievers need to make an impact to make Neal Brown’s offense effective. Acording to the great Vince Lombardi ” when you throw the ball, three things can happen and two of them are not good”! If the air raid offense is going to succeed, all three receivers are going to have to step up.

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