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What kind of reception should ESPN analyst Bob Knight get in Rupp Arena Thursday?

Bobby Knight photo courtesy espn.com

Bobby Knight photo courtesy espn.com


It was about five years ago that former Indiana coach Bobby Knight infuriated Kentucky basketball fans with the shots he took at coach John Calipari at the UK program.

“We’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that,” Knight said while speaking at a ceremony for the Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame in 2009.

Obviously, the comments, and some others he made about UK and Calipari, went national and created quite a controversy among the pro-Calipari and anti-Calipari factions.

Now Knight is coming back to Rupp Arena for Thursday’s UK-Arkansas game. He will be working the game for ESPN along with Rece Davis, who does play by play. This will be Knight’s first time in Rupp since he blasted Calipari.

Remember he also said that UK’s 2009-2010 team that included Patrick Patterson, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe  and DeMarcus Cousins lacked academic integrity.

“Kentucky the year before last started five players in the NCAA tournament games that had not been to class that semester,” Knight said. “That’s that one-and-done philosophy.”

Both Patterson and Cousins went on Twitter at the time to correct Knight and UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart also defended the basketball program. Eventually Knight had to admit he was wrong.

“My overall point is that ‘one and dones’ are not healthy for college basketball. I should not have made it personal to Kentucky and its players and I apologize,” Knight said then.

A couple of years ago in an interview with WLEX-TV in Lexington, Knight was asked about his thoughts on Calipari. He had changed his tune — or at least he did in that interview.

“I think one of the things that John does that is really important is he coaches hard. He coaches to make kids play hard. He coaches to make kids give him everything they’ve got at both ends of the floor and that’s why his teams, among other reasons, have been difficult to play against,” Knight said.

Now he’ll be asked to offer an impartial analysis of Kentucky’s play and Calipari’s coaching from his front row seat in Rupp Arena Thursday night.

What kind of reception do you think he’ll get — and what kind of reception should he get?

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  1. Louis

    Knight should be booed out of Rupp. He talks about the integrity of the game, but his actions speak louder than words. He was an embarrassment to college basketball. I can’t believe he is doing play by play for any basketball game, especially Kentucky. I will be putting the sound on mute for this game.

    1. Ron Newlin II a.k.a. ukcrazycat

      With this ( $&#**^% *#*(% ) calling the game in Rupp, it just makes me miss Cawood Ledford that much more. Just the thought of this ( $&#**^% *#*(% ) even being in Rupp has made my blood pressure skyrocket. I would love to see Coach Hall walk by him and smack him in the back of the head with a rolled up program but it will never happen. Joe B. has too much class to stoop to that ( $&#**^% *#*(% ‘s ) level. I thought I’d heard or read that this ( *#*(% ) said he would never step foot into Rupp Arena again. I guess that I’m wrong or is ESPN is forcing him. Does anyone else remember hearing or reading something like that?

    2. Ron

      Don’t boo him, just ignore him.

  2. R Moreland

    I don’t agree with some of the things he has said or done, BUT – BBN be respectful while he is in Rupp. You don’t have to like someone to be respectful. Please don’t give him one reason to leave Rupp and say anything bad about UK fans.

    1. Ron Newlin II a.k.a. ukcrazycat

      I agree Moreland. The best way to handle it is to just ignore him.

  3. LindaS

    I’d give him as many if not more boos than Digger…if a shot block clock confused him, what will the Twins do?

  4. Karen Sprinkle

    I suspect we’ll get a nudge from Cal this week to “be classy, BBN.” As for the reception he gets, to me, Knight is irrelevant as an announcer and thus not even worth the time or energy to boo him. As a prime example, during one of the UK games on which he was the announcer, he had no idea what one of the key pieces of equipment was. He kept asking his announcing partner in a perplexed voice.

  5. Larry Pup

    I say show the man respect in Rupp.

  6. Love SEC

    Give him a chair and get out of the way.

    1. Love SEC

      Give him two chairs so he will have one to sit in.

      1. Ron Newlin II a.k.a. ukcrazycat

        Turn the chair upside down so his only 3 friends can sit with him. That is if he has 3 friends. Sorry Larry, I couldn’t resist. Please don’t ban me.

        1. larryvaught

          No worries, ron, we can all use a good laugh

  7. Theresa

    I think he should just be ignored. He does not deserve our attention and certainly not our respect. His apology was not an apology in my book. He said he should not have brought Kentucky into it, but what he should have said is, “I am sorry for telling lies about players and a program that I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT.” Until he does that, he does not deserve my respect because I do not respect people who tell lies. What he did is called “slander” (slander – “the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation”) and it is actionable in a court of law. People who are on national television in an announcing capacity have the obligation and responsibility to state the truth. If they are stating an opinion, it should be prefaced as that. They do not have free reign to tell lies. I have no respect for anyone who does this including those named “Bobby Knight.”

    1. Love SEC

      Good post – I agree with your opinion of him and your recommendation to ignore him.

    2. Love SEC

      Good post – I agree with your opinion of him and your recommendation to ignore him.

  8. Ira

    Put him on ignore button, Reece Davis is a very good announcer though.

  9. Fred

    Joe B. needs to whack that a -hole over the head with a rolled up program and throw a chair at him!

  10. larry clemons

    Give Bobby Knight The Respect He Deserves….before the Game starts, when he walks into view, ” throw chairs at HIM ” everyone knows he deserves it !

  11. larry clemons

    of course I’m kidding…BoBo, nite, nite…

  12. Jerry Vaughan

    Respect is not owed to the unrespectful and the unrepentant. I suggest that every time he appears to be offering a comment in his mike, let’s give him (and ESPN) our loudest possible boos so that ESPN will have to explain it to the viewing audience. The fact that they have sent him to Rupp is a thumb in our eye. BOO–BOO-BOO!!!

    1. larry clemons

      That is an excellent strategy !!!! I use the word strategy, because it’s obvious ESPN, decided they would add controversy, and off court distraction, to fog, the Focus Of The GAME ON THE COURT……ESPN, knows exactly what they are doing, and we don’t have to let them get away with it….Lets start Our Own BBN move, to counter their arrogance and lack of respect to Our Players, (past & present) Our Coaches an BBN as a whole…BUT, INSTEAD OF BOO’s, how about The Team’s GPA…… ” 3.2, 3.2, 3.2 ” (confirm the GPA for the time Knight insulted Us). Boo’s can be played off as BBN doesn’t like Knight…..3.2, 3.2, etc is legit, and worthy of full disclosure !!!! ” Great idea Jerry V…

    2. Ron Newlin II a.k.a. ukcrazycat

      I disagree Jerry. I wish the crowd would stand up and cheer as loud as they can for the entire game. Hopefully, they can drown him out.

  13. UKFMLY

    I think the entire crowd should stand up and turn there backs to him. Without saying a word. My dad told me to ignore ignorance as often as possible! ! !



    1. King Ghidora

      I think that’s the best response I’ve seen. Maybe everyone could drop their pants and moon him while they’re at it.. :D Nah. Probably not a good idea. But turning their backs would be great. Shouting “Ken-tuc-ky” over and over again would be nice so maybe he can learn how to pronounce it. I like the “3.2” thing too. Booing is too easy to be considered bad sportsmanship. Other things can be said that would hurt him worse. Maybe point to the shot clock and chant “shot clock” then point to the scoreboard and shout “game clock”.

      1. UKFMLY

        UK should make it a white out and pass out shirts with 3.2 GPA on them. Can you imagine the National fallout after that? LOL

  14. stephen

    Absolutely nothing! The guy is an egotistical idiot….boo and ridicule him, fall right into his trap. Cheer him, adds to his enormous sense of self-worth. He had his time in the spotlight, all he is now is an outdated, over hyped analyst who stumbles through the motions of his job. Whatever he used to be….he is now nothing more than a joke!

    1. King Ghidora

      He was always a joke despite winning. He is a bona fide lunatic IMO. He’s a sadistic creep with an ego as big as Mt. Everest. Do you think I’m being over-critical? ;) I think I’m toning it down somewhat actually.

  15. BobbyBlue

    Just another reason why I hate ESPN…make no mistake this was well thought out,and planned by ESPN,and IMO it’s just a small preview of whats in store for the BBN when the SEC Network is totally controlled by this bunch,of tards. Just surprised another hater isn’t paired with Boobie..not that Rece is a fan but at least he’s more subtle about it. The heck with political correctness that’s over riding our freedom.
    Stones and or Tar and Feathers would either one,work for me !

  16. John

    I think we should take one unified dig at him then just enjoy the game.

    We need to also be aware that we have a coach that is not revered in too many places outside BBN.

    1. King Ghidora

      The media people know good and well that Cal has done nothing wrong. They just don’t like him for the same reasons they don’t like UK. He didn’t coach one of their darling teams so he isn’t supposed to win. But he has won big time and even worse, he signs a bunch of top level talent and those media love seeing stars on their darling teams. That’s how MJ ends up being called the best ever when he could carry Chamberlain’s socks. I saw both in their prime. Wilt was far and away the better player. It wasn’t even close. But he went to Kansas, not UNC. Yet great players like Issel get totally ignored by the media and they still try to destroy UK players. They’ve went after so many since Cal took over that they had to back off because it started becoming obvious even to fans of other teams. They severely hurt the career of Cousins (ESPN’s #1 mouthpiece did that). It cost him a spot on the all-star team this year and that takes money out of his pocket. Never mind that he was top 5 in scoring and rebounding. He wasn’t good enough to be an all-star. Yeah right. I think he did drop out of the top 5 in scoring but not by much. Still very few people average the kind of numbers he does. The only other young player putting up similar numbers is named Davis. He did make the all-star team even though his numbers are lower than Boogie’s. He does have more blocks but Cuz has considerably more ppg and rpg. How’s that work? Simple. They labelled Demarcus a thug the first time he played on ESPN and he’s been fighting that reputation since then. He gets baited and harassed by every player in the league and as soon as he reacts the league t’s him up. The NBA stinks. The media stinks too (present company excepted by a big margin).

      So now you have a guy who turned post game press conferences into porno shows (with his language), who attacked students and players alike not to mention his own son, who refused to even say the word “Kentucky” for an entire season and refused to say the word “Davis” for most of that same season despite him being the consensus player of the year. The guy is obviously senile (sad even for him) or drunk because he makes ridiculous mistakes yet here comes ESPN rubbing him in the face of Cat fans. This from the same network that had another UK hater lecture UK fans like they were little kids at a game in Nashville. And let’s not forget they tried to keep coaches from coming to UK telling them they couldn’t make UK fans happy (because we treated poor Tubby terrible but somehow Minn. didn’t when they fired him). Now that Cal has taken the job and made it his own they can’t stand it. They may fake respect for Cal and the team at times but then here comes Knight to Lexington. Nothing has changed. Funny how we never hear about the UNC scandals which were far worse than anything UK was ever even accused of doing. What we see are slobber fest commercials done by ESPN talking heads talking about how great the state of NC is.

      I take my cues from how to act about such things from the Baron himself. He constatly berated the media and their darling teams (ie UNC) and how they cheat to win and then act like it was some great accomplishment. Now they bring in players that don’t even go to class yet the NCAA does nothing about it. It’s funny how the UNC football team was sanctioned for the very same thing but the basketball team was allowed to address class issues in house and it was no business of the NCAA. Why was it their business when the football team did it?

      For those who think I make this stuff up you may want to read these articles:



      I had another article that explained how the football team was punished while the basketball team skated but CBS took that story off line. Imagine that. They don’t take down stories critical of UK. Keep in mind that this story is older than the one about the UNC basketball team getting off while the football team got sanctioned:


      So they take down blatant evidence of cheating yet leave this poll online accusing Cal of cheating. They KNOW UNC cheats but they still defend that program and attack UK.

      I wouldn’t give Knight the least bit of respect. He’s a fascist IMO. I wouldn’t trouble myself to seek him out but I certainly wouldn’t give him a free ride if I ran into him.

      1. larryvaught

        great post King. You left no stone unturned

  17. jerry

    I hope we do not act like Bob, Ind. or big ten. Kill him with kindness. Will be like pouring hot coals on his head. It is clear he hates Ky. Joe B, and any other coach or team that he has a losing record with. Sure hope BBN does not stoop to his level. He will be licking his chops for a reason to blast Rupp arena and fans, actually anything negative. Good sportsmanship will hurt him more than a thrown chair. GO CATS

    1. Larry Pup

      No UK fan has to much respect for Knight, but you are right in what you say IMO jerry.

      1. larryvaught

        I am guessing KNight is mainly ignored tonight. That will bother him more than anything

    2. Love SEC

      BBN fans do not throw chairs. Bobby Knight did that.
      It was mentioned only to call attention to only one of his totally outrageous actions.
      If any of the rest of us had his history, we would be in jail.
      (He was tried and convicted for an incident in Puerto Rico)
      -He shot a gun at a CJ reporter (A starters pistol that “only contained blanks”)
      -He shot a man in the back on a hunting trip
      (It was a friend, an accident & his injuries were “Non-lethal”)
      -His comments about rape were unreal
      -He has physically abused numerous players, asst. coaches, other fans etc.
      -He has verbally abused his players, IU cheerleaders, Big 10 Commissioners,
      Fans (the list here is too long).
      -His list seems endless??

      He should not even be allowed in the doors of Rupp.
      However, there is nothing that we can do but ignore him.
      -Any other action and we fall into the ESPN trap.

      Let’s focus on the game and I will try to not comment about this again.

  18. jerry

    Why should any UK fan respect him? Respect is earned, so I’m not sure his players respect him. ESPN doesn’t respect him, but because he is someone people love to hate ,he draws people and that makes money for them. We certainly do not need him to draw fans in Rupp. Maybe they are wanting to see enough poor sportsmanship to highlight on sports center. Looking forward since January to give Arkansas 40 minutes of what we showed Ole Miss in first half. That will look much better on sports center. GO CATS!

  19. TheProfessor

    Bob Knight is a circus side show. He should not get any reaction or reception at Rupp Arena. He should be completely ignored.

    The focus in Rupp had better be on what kind of reception this team will give Mike Anderson’s Hogs

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