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What is the connection between Mark Stoops and Jimmy Brumbaugh?


What kind of background does defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh have with Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops?

“He knows the guy (Pete Jenkins) who coached me in college. (Head coach) Jimbo Fisher at Florida State was on the staff at Auburn when I played there and was with me at LSU. He brought in coach Jenkins to help and had a lot of success for three years there. That is the way I got to meet those guys. Coach Stoops was looking for the same kind of teacher when he gave me this opportunity,” Brumbaugh said.

“I only heard good things about him. He wants good guys to work for him. Everybody sang his praises of how good a person he is and that he allows you to be a teacher. He is an old school coach with new school ideas that allows me to be a teacher.”

Brumbaugh has no doubts that he can make UK’s players better.

“I really believe we can make guys better. I was a two-star guy out of high school in Florida. I ended up being a three-time all-SEC lineman. I learned fundamentally what to do,” Brumbaugh said. “You can take average guys and make them better players. If you that philosophy, you will be successful. That’s the approach I take. Give me a guy that can run and is flexible and wants to be good and I will make him a player.”

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  1. Ira

    Well Coach Brumbaugh you got your wish thanks to Joker, you got plenty of 2 star talent to turn into all SEC players.

    Good news, you guys ain’t recruiting the same way.

  2. Andy

    After Cobble and Rumph go, the cupboard is bare. Returners would be Johnson and Chapman and a few others I can’t think off right away. Stoops will have to go out there and recruit for the D line. Matt Elam would be a huge pick up in the 4-3 defense.

  3. Ira

    We need JUCO’s to come in and fill the gap. Pretty sure we are recruiting one for this class. We recruited Meant in the last class, but rumor word whatever was going around he isn’t going to make it. Maybe Larry can check on that. Heck check on all the JUCO’s that were recruited for this class of 13. They are all important.

  4. Larry Pup

    The Kentucky Wildcats will get better. These coaches mean business, and Coach Brumbaugh is part of a tremendous staff. There are some good ball players on this team. They just need to be coached up. It is about to change

    The Kentucky Wildcats will get better. There are some good ball players on this team. They just need some encouragement, and good coaching. UK has a dynamite football staff now, and Coach Brumbaugh is one of them. Times they are a changing for UK football. You can just feel it.

  5. Larry Pup

    sorry about the double post.

  6. Larry T Clemons

    Remember the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team…Coach Herb Brooks, wasn’t interested in the best Players, he was interested in the Best Players for his System, ” that were coachable.” That’s what I see here at Kentucky….Key ” Role Players ” & Good young men wanting to be Coached…Could be a very successful formula. ” I am a Stoopified-Brownoser…I Believe…

  7. TimA

    Meant is on campus along with Badet, Borden, Hatcher, Haynes, Hyde, Hytchye, Kemp, MacGinnis, McClain, Meyers, Montgomery, Thomas, Timmons.

    Not on campus are Alvonte Bell, Javess Blue, Justin Day, Marcus McWilson, Kyle Meadows, Melvin Lewis and Nate Willis.

    1. larryvaught

      TimA, you are the man. Worries me that Blue and McWilson and Willis are not there. Expected all three to play next season

  8. Larry Pup

    What is the story on the others. I hope they all make it, especially Blue.

  9. Andy

    Larry its possible they are finishing up their coursework before they get enrolled in the fall?

    1. larryvaught

      Andy, that is what some are doing

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