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What is Calipari doing outside the box to put more energy into his team


What has John Calipari been doing to try instill  more energy into his team?

“We’ve done some things. I’m not going to talk about some of the things we did, because they’re really interesting and outside the box. I think I’m going to do it another week or so and I may tell everybody what we’re doing, because it’s really – I don’t know if anybody else is doing it. It really makes you aware of if you’re working or not,” Calipari said Friday.

What kind of “outside the box tactics?” Why not let everyone know what they are?

“Because I’m not ready to – and it’s my choice,” Calipari said. “You’ll find out. It’s all about everything inclusive, including diet and calories and all the other stuff that – look, I like to have experts talk, not someone that says, ‘Well you don’t have all the facts.’ What do you do? ‘Well I’m a writer.’ What do you know about diet? How about this professional over here? ‘Aw, he doesn’t know all the facts.’ What? What do you know about eating? So what I like to do is before, I want to get all the stuff that’s professionally done so we know: now here are numbers; these don’t lie, and here’s where we got them. But we’re not quite ready for that yet. But we will be.”


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  1. Larry T Clemons

    I don’t doubt Coach Cal is educating OUR YOUNG PLAYERS on Basketball Skills, Nutrition and Other important, knowledge of Asset Management, Successful Life Skills, Vocal Interpretation and Retort and throw in a little Dribble Drive when we go small…Coach, I’m curious about, what your ” Out Of The Box ” Teachings Are. But, at the same time, I feel they are Mind and Body preparation, with an infusion of Life Skills for Knowledge and plenty of opportunity of Bonding while Learning, in Preparation for ” Achieving “… Go gett’um Coach Cal !

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