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What impact do former Calipari players have on program ?

Demarcus Cousins showed some of his moves at a UK youth basketball camp. (Victoria Graff photo)

Demarcus Cousins showed some of his moves at a UK youth basketball camp. (Victoria Graff photo)


Kentucky coach John Calipari says when former players return to the UK campus this summer, they will have a message for next season’s team.

“They’ll probably get on these guys that they don’t want to go through what last year meant to them. You have to understand, in the NBA or workplaces, everyone knows they went to Kentucky or played at Kentucky. Everyone knows. Everyone in the building is hoping Kentucky loses so they can go up to that guy and say, ‘How are your boys doing? What do you think is going to happen?’” said Calipari. “Those guys want none of that so they’re going to come back and probably challenge these guys: you have an obligation, the history and tradition of this place, understand what it means. That’ll be great for our guys coming back.

“When we do the fantasy experience we’re going to probably have a bunch of those guys back and do something that we’ll announce later. The camps are as crazy as ever, doing satellite camps around the state. I think the overnight camp I just about sold out, the father/son is crazy, the Pro Camps…that’s where we bring those guys. The fantasy experience we’ll do something. We’ll have some fun things, not ready to announce them yet, but there are some things we’re going to do with former players that I think our fans will go nuts over. That stuff is in September.

“I think it’s great for them to come back. More or less it’s, ‘Do you understand what it means to be here and what you’re going to have to do?’ When Anthony (Davis) and Michael (Kidd-Gilchrist) can take the fifth and fourth most shots does it really matter how many times you shoot the ball? They’re the No. 1 and 2 picks in the draft. Do you want to get 20 shots in a game or are you worried more about your growth as a player to put you in a position to do special things? Those are great lessons when those guys come back.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    A few PICK-UP Games won’t hurt either…

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    With so many former Cats in the NBA, the pickup games over the summer could be epic. It would be great to have this team have the same type experience as the 2012 Champs when they learned the hard way that if they didn’t play as a team, they would “get killed” against the NBA players.

  3. Kokamo Joe

    Putting these players in the NBA is Calipari’s hook to get the great recruits. The sooner he sends them off the more his image will glow in the eyes of those young recruits who want to join the march through the program and out again. Having some of his ex players be big dogs in the NBA helps and having some come back for a few pick up games will give our young guys some experience and confidence.

    If we consider the program to be our history I would have to say that these ex short timers are a definite break from the past and the beginning of our new tradition. Our past success was based much on the shoulders of native Kentucky players……Reggie Hanson, Larry Conley, Patrick Sparks, Bobby Watson, Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey, Anthony Epps, etc. The new tradition will depend less on native Kentucky kids who grow and develop and almost totally on great young players who will glow briefly like shooting stars and then fade away to the pros before we really get to know them. There will be less community pride on “our boy” who went from the local high school to the big show and becomes a real part of the program.

    I realize that Calipari does recruit a bit of Kentucky talent, but it remains to be seen if he will actually develop that talent and allow it to flourish and become a real part of the team, or it the Kentucky kids will languish on the bench.

    IMO our new program will bring the championships that we cherish. If we want that to continue we must embrace the present and let go of the past.

  4. Larry T Clemons

    Seems Our Cal Coached Wildcat, NBA Players, come back more, and help the Program More, Than Ever Before…there presence in Lexington, at the Lodge and at Rupp is a Wonderful Trend, showing their support and TIME. This is just as impressive to Me, as if they would have stayed 2,3 or 4 years. Actually, More Impressive and Very Helpful to BBN and The Wildcat Programs in all Sports. Our Kentucky Boys will always be cherished and taken care of, but you have to give props to these former Wildcats, who are Now NBA Multi- Millionaires, for coming back and giving All Of Us, some Love…Thanks Coach Cal, for Teaching Brotherhood and giving these Young Men, Their Old Kentucky Home, where The Sun will always Shine Bright.

  5. Kokamo Joe

    I am not so sure that these ex players are coming back for us (UK nation) or whether they are coming back for Calipari. Some of us confuse the magic of Calipari with the magic of UK. IMO we are more the University of Calipari than the University of Kentucky.
    I doubt that “the old Kentucky home” really means as much to these “multi millionaires” as the man who helped make them their fortunes.

    The great thing for us is that the more the pipeline comes BACK to Calipari the more the pipeline TO Calipari continues.

    A part of me longs for a time when we had our players around for a few years and many of them were home grown Kentucky boys. Yet, our championships came slower and our recruiting classes were not ranked number 1 year after year. The program has changed and we can expect to have top talent every year.
    All in all…I’ll take the present.

  6. Larry T Clemons

    How about Both, your not in these Men’s Mind…Many of these Players have discussed their time at Kentucky as the best in their lives and they always praise the School, the Students and BBN (fan Base). I for one have spoken to a few of these NBA Wildcats, trust me, THEY LOVE KENTUCKY and are grateful to Coach Cal. For Me, Coach Cal, ” Is Kentucky “… No Coach has been more active in bringing back ALL ex-Wildcats, whether it be homegrown kitty cats or strays…Bottom line BBN, Loves them all ! ” Of course, we all have our favorites “…I’m still a big Kyle Macy, (Purdue) Fan and I bet, ” So are you “.

  7. The Wanderer

    Cal certainly has “magic” as is evidenced by the amount of talent he’s brought in, in the short time he has been here. However, he has also done everything within his power to (continually) recognize the tradition of Kentucky Basketball over the decades.

    If you choose to feel we’re the “University of Calipari” then that’s your choice, but certainly Cal hasn’t taken that path.

    Now go back to when Pitino was here. He gave Kentucky Basketball Tradition no acknowledgement what-so-ever. It was all Rick all the time. By the time he left (which we all knew was coming for at least three years) I felt like to him we were the “University of Pitino” and I’m quite sure that’s how RIck felt. However once he departed, flubbed his dub in the NBA and returned to the collegiate level he discovered that his success at UK wasn’t all due to Rick’s Magic Pixie Dust, that just perhaps coaching at (and recruiting from) the University of Kentucky was a huge asset to being able to land the best recruits in the country.

    Just my thinking.

  8. LindaS

    I was hoping to spend some time in Lexington this summer since I only have 3 more working days, but my friend moved to Florida and now I have no one to stay with. BUMMER!
    I think the pros being on campus and playing with the guys is the best thing this side of Chocolate cake. Can you imagine being a freshmen and having those guys show up? Superfantabulousglorious!

  9. LindaS

    You are so right The Wanderer and what really ticks me off he thinks he is going into the hall of fame because of that ‘other’ team. little slick quick rick needs to wake up and realize why he is really going there…UK! His pixie dust did not work all that well at that ‘other’ school. Look how long it took him to get a championship ring from there. I bet he puts the UK one up for sale, the dirty dog.

    And I don’t think Cal thinks it is the University of Calipari. He wanted the job too long to know it is THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY!

  10. Kokamo Joe

    Caipari has broken new ground. He is on a roll. He was recruiting our first great team when he worked at Memphis. He simply brought them with him. He even had some kids who only signed their LOI with the understanding that if Calipari left they could get out of the LOI and follow him or go elsewhere.

    Aside from the period after WW II we have never had these type of recruits. Our recruits have been on the NBA radar for years. They are the best of the best. They would not be here without the NBA rule about one year of college experience and age. Most of them will have “advisors” who have guided them and will continue to encourage them and after their brief stay at UK continue to have an interest in them.

    Calipari has become UK. He is the greatest recruiter ever and our fans know it and we give him great admiration. So, our new tradition centers around Calipari and his continuing great recruiting and constant rebuilding and our expectations of great seasons year after. We are the University of Calipari and most of us would not trade UC for the past, even though many of us remember with fondness when UK depended on Kentucky boys who would hang around and get their degrees.

  11. Kokamo Joe

    Actually Pitino is in the hall of fame for the complete body of work including UMass, UK, and UL. He also gets credit for the many coaches who have learned under him. To slur Pitino is to slur that part of the great BBN tradition that he helped build. Pixie dust did not work? Great 8s, two final fours, and a championship. Not bad. Actually his record during the Calipari Kentucky years does not compare too bad with the great one, and he has never had a season as bad as we had last year.

    Be that as it may. It cannot be denied that Calipari has brought a new tradition to Lexington. We now have our coach keying on rap stars, great professional players and others in the basketball world who help him bring they type of talent we are now beginning to take for granted. We did not get these type of recruits before Calipari and we will not get the same type of recruits after Calipari. I give him complete credit for his great recruiting.

    Our success revolves around Calipari. His coaching ability, his recruiting ability, and his expert ability to use PR to promote both himself and UK are what has made this program the University of Calipari.

    As I see it, recognizing the truth is no slam at the program. We have a new tradition. Recognize it and relish it.

    1. The Wanderer

      I don’t slam Pitino because he came and revived our program when it was in morbid condition and is a great coach. My comments were directed at his ego which portrayed to me that he felt he deserved 100% of the credit for what UK accomplished during his stay and I dont believe that is true of any coach, Cal included.

      UK broad and unswerving base of fan support makes it possible for great coaches to achieve great things. Pitino and Cal can achieve great things elsewhere but it won’t come as easily nor as often as it does at UK.

      Pitino is worthy of the HOF honor and is unquestionably one of the great coaches of the game. He has accrued some humility since departing UK that he didn’t have before and it becomes him. I will always admire what he did for Kentucky Basketball and feel we owe him for it, but I will likewise always want to beat him for so long as he is coaching at U of L (as I would with whomever is coaching there).

  12. Larry T Clemons

    OK we get YOUR point….I just TOTALLY Disagree…You don’t have to say the same thing 20 different ways…Geez !

  13. Larry T Clemons

    KJ, All my comments are meant for you, ” they just aren’t falling in the right reply column…And By The Way, ” We Did WIN THE National Championship recently, in case you missed it…

  14. Kokamo Joe

    All successful leaders have an ego. It is necessary for success. Rupp, Pitino, and yes….Calipari all have a healthy dose of super ego. Frankly I don’t see much difference in the level of ego that Pitino had and Calipari has. IMO both believed that they were responsible for their chapter of UK success. Not only did they believe it, but we, the fan base also believe it.

    I am glad that Calipari believes in himself. I am glad that he pushes UK and himself through his excellent use of PR.

    Bryant used to say that he could take his and beat yours or yours and beat his. He was probably right. It is the coach that drives the program. Having a super fan base, unlimited money, and national prominence is important, but without Calipari UK would not be the program that it is. He is bringing these great players. He is sending them on as soon as possible. He is the one that we are looking to to keep it rolling.

  15. Kokamo Joe

    Larry: Be specific. What is it that you disagree with? Is it that Calipari is great recruiter and that he has started a new tradition at UK. Is it that I don’t believe in trashing ex coaches. Is it that this program is so exciting that we are looking down the road for up to three years and looking at players that Calipari has his hook in?
    Is it that it will be interesting to see if Calipari will play all of his super recruits and how he plays them will have implications for who stays or goes? Is it that I give Calipari complete credit for UK’s success and without him we would not be the elite program that it is and will continue to be while he is here? Is it that I wonder if the newly recruited Kentucky boys will ever contribute?

    Put simply I am a fan who gives credit where credit is due, and I also am broadminded enough to acknowledge that even the best coach in the county can occasionally fail. Human being do not walk on water.

  16. Larry T Clemons

    As you did in previous comments, stating what ex Wildcats were thinking…Now, your guessing what I’m thinking, (or formulating your position) by trying to control the discussing…” I disagree with Your Whole Thought Process and how it applies to Kentucky Basketball period… But, ” Boy we surrre could use a few more Ky Boys “. Or ” This isn’t The Ky Way, were starting a New Tradition at UK.” Sorry KJ, Same School, Same Basketball Tradition, WIN with who you got and be proud of Who you can recruit… I guess Coach Pitino started a New Tradition also and Of Course, We know BCG did ! ” I guess Kansas recruiting Wiggins is starting a New Kansas Basketball Tradition….In your Back Handed, compliments of Coach Cal, there is a Consistent discontent, (or concern) with The Kentucky Basketball Program. And By the way, when you finally see these wonderful young men of 17 & 18 years old, as just that, ” young men, seeking guidance & support and not as the GROUP OF ” Super Recruits ” maybe you might understand, just a little, How University Of Kentucky, BBN, Lexington and Our Coaches are doing the RIGHT thing for these young men, their Families And, THE KENTUCKY BASKETBALL TRADITION ! I could go into the Ky Boys who have been elevated by Our Coaches, but whats the point, you wouldn’t think its enough. Ask, Darius Miller, Josh Harrellson or even Polsen. What other Ky Players in The Modern Game, have been elevated…by other Ky Coaches, I’m talking Players that weren’t on the radar, so don’t throw Givens and Padgett at me. KJ, I like your post, I just think there is middle ground between the way you see it and the way I see it. Peace

  17. King Ghidora

    Didn’t get these kinds of recruits before Cal??? Are you serious? Is your knowledge of UK basketball history that shallow? Joe Hall routinely signed McD AA’s during his tenure. Teams were so scared of UK’s talent that they played stall ball for entire games to avoid having to try to compete straight up with the Cats. The media was full of complaints about UK’s “embarrassment of riches”. Let’s take a look at one of Hall’s teams as an example. Like maybe the 1984 team that included players like Bowie, Turpin, Walker, Blackmon, Beal, and Bennett not to mention Jim Master and Bret Bearup. In that same era (graduated in 1983) UK had other great recruits like Charles Hurt, Dirk Minniefield, and Derrick Hord all of which were McD AA’s. Whether you know it or not that was a staggering list of talent that was very highly rated coming into Lexington. No Hall didn’t recruit a whole new team every year. He couldn’t. Players stayed 4 years in those days. But to say UK didn’t have a high level of talent until Cal came along is just silly. There’s a good reason Bowie was drafted ahead of Jordan you know.

    And that isn’t the only UK coach to field a high level of talent. But Joe B. was a Kentucky coach too. Still another guy who gets bashed on a regular basis was putting together a tremendously talented team at UK before the NCAA cooked up a bunch of sour grapes. The names read like this – Chapman, Mills, Ellis, Kemp, and Manuel with the possibility of MacClean being added to that list. Those were dominating players and could very easily have won a title if not for the off court distractions.

    Even Smith put together a great collection of talent although he didn’t manage it very well. Names like Prince, Magloire, Bogans, Estill, Stewart, and Parker were all supposed to be great recruits and there were names like Daniels, Hayes, and Fitch that turned out to be great players. If things had turned out a little different (like the huge loss of Stewart and the attitude problems) that team could have done great things.

    I could go back through a lot of former UK teams and name a lot of great players from the ’78 team, the Super Kittens, Issel’s team, the Runts, the Fiddlin’ Five, etc. and name a lot of very talented players that went to UK. Some were among the all time greats to ever play basketball. Issel retired as the #5 scorer in pro basketball history and still ranks #9 I believe. He won a championship too. So did Grevey, Rondo, Dampier, Steele, and Prince. Nazr is still playing in the NBA. And what about that 1996 team? What a string of talent they had. They had enough to make up 3 teams capable of winning a title. They actually had a B team which eventually went on to win the 1998 title.

    How anyone can say that UK hasn’t had talent on a spectacular level through many, many years just astounds me. I get that the media wouldn’t give UK credit if it meant the end of the world if they didn’t. But to have a “fan” say that is just ridiculous. But then it’s strange that a guy with a name borrowed from an Indiana city showed up during a discussion involving IU and has never really denied being an IU fan can come here and act as if he is true Blue.

  18. King Ghidora

    I meant to say Joe B. was a Kentucky born coach.

  19. Larry T Clemons

    Thank You King ! So you agree with me when I said, ” Kokamo Joe’s whole thought process, when it comes to Kentucky Basketball is just plain Wrong…

  20. Kokamo Joe

    When has UK or any other school had four consecutive number one recruiting classes? When has UK or any other school put as many players in the NBA in such a short period of time.

    Sure all of our former coaches recruited great players. But 6 McDonald All Americans in one year?

    The fact is that the Calipari era is different from our past. Expectations of final fours every year and the likelihood that those expectations will come about. Great freshman talent and one and dones every year. Our past coaches built teams over a longer period of time. This coach thrives on rebuilding every year. It is a new tradition.

    You misunderstand. I have not posted that UK has not had great talent before. It has. But not often this many and certainly never the number of short timers and the constant rebuilding. Calipari’s tradition is different. Time will tell if it is better than our past.

    Consider Calipari’s centers…both during his four years here and those in the pipe line. What talent!

  21. Kokamo Joe

    So we disagree. That’s life and that s what discussion forums are all about. I say Calipari is starting a new tradition because of his success and his outstanding recruiting and the fact that he sends players on to the NBA as soon as possible. He is seeking the same success, but using a different method. I will ask you this question: Did Joe Hall, Eddie Sutton, Rick Pitino or Billy Gillispie send as many as soon to the NBA? Did any of these coaches rebuild each and every year? Did any of them…year after year…assemble the number one recruiting class?

    Perhaps we differ on semantics. Maybe tradition means a different thing to you than it does to me. To me tradition changes when the approach is radically different.

    You mention Kentucky kids. My point continues to be that unless a Kentucky kid rises to the level of our “super recruits” he does not have much of a chance of being recruited or playing if he is recruited. The simple truth, as I see it, is that if Calipari is going to continue to get these great recruiting classes, he has to play them. I cannot see a less talented kid playing over better players even if he an upperclassman. That is another change in our tradition. But it is a change that most of us welcome since it is more likely to bring the success that we love.

    You may confuse my “left handed complements” with what I see as truth. For instance, I have always believed that a coach should get total credit when he is succedssful…so I give Calipari all the credit in the world for his great 8, final 4 and championship. But I can’t throw last year’s players under the bus and blame the season entirely on them. Calipari must be responsible for last year. Does this mean that Calipari is a bad coach. NO. It simply means that no man is perfect.

  22. King Ghidora

    No coach needed the #1 recruiting class 4 years in a row. And the Cats had multiple great centers on the same team in the past. Robey/Phillips, Bowie/Turpin, and Mohammed/Magloire are combinations that come to mind instantly. And if you think that UK has had it’s best centers in the past few years all I can say is they have to prove that to me still. Dan Issel was UK’s greatest center by a big margin. After Dan I’d have to pick Bill Spivey. Davis is very good and he has talents that Issel lacked but Dan was a scoring machine and a team player. He never took a play off in his entire career. They called him “Horse” because he worked like one. He missed only 24 games in 15 pro seasons. And I made a mistake earlier. He retired as the 4th all time leading pro scorer trailing only Erving, Jabbar, and Chamberlain. If it hadn’t been for the league promoting the way Erving played he likely would not have had more points than Dan. You just had to be there to see how things were done in those days. Basketball was replaced by showmanship which left Issel out in the cold and put Dr. J in the spotlight. I’ll take basketball over showmanship any day.

  23. King Ghidora

    I’d have to pay more attention to what he thinks Larry. I would tend to agree with you because what posts of his I do read are often at odds with the traditions of UK basketball. For example just trying to judge UK’s talent by how many of their players made the NBA is the antithesis of how UK teams have been built over the years. UK has avoided the “star system” which has no doubt hurt their player’s chances of becoming pros. But lots of UK players became pros anyway including several of the best ever. From Beard to Rondo to Cousin UK has produced incredibly good basketball players. Those are hardly the only names on that list BTW. But since he asked I did read that UK has produced more NBA players than any other college. I don’t tend to think in those terms though so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the article. It may have been about current NBA players for all I know. I just saw a headline somewhere.

    At any rate UK has been known as a team basketball program. In fact I still remember the very first thing my father taught me about UK basketball. He told me that they didn’t have stars but rather that every player on their teams was good and it was common for several players to average double figures in scoring but very rare to see anyone average over 20 ppg at UK. I remember that like it was yesterday because it impressed me then and it still does. The 2012 team certainly played to that standard. And that is probably the biggest reason I was not a great fan of Orlando Smith. His teams seemed to be dominated by turmoil far too often. That just wasn’t UK basketball IMO. My dad taught us the game of basketball and he taught it the UK way where no one was considered the star most of the time. Obviously there were people who shot the ball more and those that played other roles. But they were all considered important to the team. I learned to pass the ball long before I learned to shoot and I learned to play defense before I learned to pass the ball. That’s just how I was taught to play. I was raised on UK basketball I guess. We spent a whole lot of time in the back yard playing basketball with me and my dad playing against my two brothers.

  24. Kokamo Joe

    I grew up shooting baskets on a dirt court, often pretending that I was Ramsey or any other great player. My high school coach and teacher was a two time UK All American. We could not afford to attend games at Memorial, so it was Claude Sullivan who brought me there in my early years. I am well aware of UK’s tradition.

    I contend that Calipari’s approach is radically different. Our tradition now…the image of UK basketball, if you will…is great freshman talent…and an early exit from the program. And relying of talent from across country. Of course, Rupp, Hall, Pitino, Sutton, Smith, and Gillispie did recruit players from across the country, but if you check the rosters of past team, we usually had Kentucky kids playing major roles. I cannot see that under Calipari. As you have indicated UK has avoided the star system in the past. Past coaches build their teams with stars, but they also used less luminous players who played key roles. Cameron Mills comes to mind. You will not see many Cameron Mills under Calipari unless he has another season last year when he has to play a less talented player because the anointed player (in this case point gurad) just does not work out.

    Mind you…different approaches are not good or bad. If the results are the same or better then the new tradition (image) just might be what the doctor ordered.

  25. King Ghidora

    LOL I happen to think that certain UK players now on the coming team are Mills type players. They might have been expected to be better but he hasn’t worked out that way. Yet he still plays substantial minutes. Think about it. Great outside shot, not much defense. I think you know who I mean.

    Again any previous UK coach would have been insane to use all freshmen. That’s not Cal’s decision as much as it is a reflection of the game rules today. And I think that some of Hall’s teams were very close to being on the level of Cal’s current teams. Teams were not rated for recruiting classes that I know about in those days. If they were I never heard a word about it. Players weren’t rated either. They had the significance of being a McD AA or something similar and that’s about it. And UK had a boatload of those players.

    Every year Cal has had role players on his team including the 2012 team. Miller took 4 years to develop into the kind of player he became. He started out at a much lower level and like many role players (Liggins, Harrellson) they improved over time. UK didn’t play low talent players in role player positions in the past. They generally had a lot of talent and someone just had to accept a lesser role for the sake of the team generally when it came to shooting especially. But even that was often spread out very evenly.

    And you’re talking about Smith when you describe the team built around Mills, who actually played a very limited role on the 1998 team. The team was hardly built around him. He happened to shine as a typical home state bench warmer and earned himself some PT. The team was built around players like Padgett, Mohammed, Shepperd, Turner and Evans all of which were talented players. And all were signed by Pitino. And Padgett was a Louisville player so that was a Kentucky kid playing a major role.

    After that year Smith had a few years when he could recruit but he drifted slowly toward players he thought would stay 4 years (IMO because he couldn’t sign the top talent). He also had some great Ky kids on his teams though. Names like Rondo, Estill, Carrier, and Sparks all of which figured prominently into the lineups of their teams. One was a fantastic talent (Rondo) who didn’t get the coaching he deserved IMO.

    But let’s go back to Sutton who built his team around more players from California than KY. He did of course sign Chapman but he never signed any other significant KY talent until he couldn’t recruit because of the scandal. Well there was Mike Scott but he was hardly a player Sutton built a team around. What Cal has been doing is hardly new to UK. Not since Givens and Lee and Winston Bennett has UK actually signed significant KY players to be major role players on the team on anything like a regular basis. When tv started showing the games players from around the country became interested in UK. That’s the simple reason UK teams were no longer dominated by KY talent.

    BTW you do realize that Rupp was forced to limit his recruiting to in state players for a while, right? It was an off shoot of the point shaving scandal. It affected the way he recruited a great deal after that. He saw he could win with KY players so he did. From the year without a team for almost a decade about 95% of Rupp’s players were from Kentucky. He managed to win a title with those players and to dominate the SEC year after year.

    BTW I saw games at Memorial when I attended UK. I didn’t have access to tickets any other time like everyone else. We were far from being poor but it wasn’t easy for anyone to get tickets to that arena. That’s why they built Rupp. And it still isn’t that easy to get tickets.

    You can continue to claim that Cal has changed things in a big way but I think you’re mistaken. Yes he has had great success in recruiting but there was a time when Rupp didn’t do any recruiting. Players traveled to Lexington to ask if they could play for him. And they came from all over. He managed to put together some massive collections of talent back then. Many of his players from the Fab 5 were not Ky kids for example. The ’51 champions weren’t totally dominated by KY players like his later teams would be. It wasn’t until the scandal that things changed.

    A lot of the things you think have changed have actually been part of UK for a very long time. No there were no freshmen dominated teams either largely because freshmen couldn’t even play varsity for many years. Yes Cal has signed new talent every year. Again no other coach needed to do that. That seems incredibly obvious to me

    I won’t continue this discussion with you. You have proven you aren’t listening by your actions over the past year or more. I have better things to do.

  26. Larry T Clemons

    Very Well Stated….” Enough Said “.

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