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What good memories do you have of Ryan Harrow’s two years at Kentucky?

Kentucky's Ryan Harrow (12) works against Mississippi's Derrick Millinghaus (3) during an NCAA college basketball game Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, in Oxford, Miss. (AP Photo/Oxford Eagle, Bruce Newman)

Kentucky’s Ryan Harrow (12) works against Mississippi’s Derrick Millinghaus (3) during an NCAA college basketball game Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, in Oxford, Miss. (AP Photo/Oxford Eagle, Bruce Newman)


Ryan Harrow’s departure from Kentucky comes as no surprise. He’s transferring to Georgia State to be closer to his ailing father and hopefully the NCAA will waive the transfer rule and let him play next season so he does not lose a year of eligibility.

He’s a funny, charming, articulate and caring young man. He can be very good on the court at times. What he wasn’t was mentally or physically tough enough run Calipari’s offense or lead his team. His departure is a win-win for him and the program as he would likely have played little next year at  UK.

It’s too bad his final two games were awful. Against Vanderbilt in the SEC Tournament with a NCAA bid on the line, he had his worst game. “This loss is just on me. I am the reason we lost. There’s nothing else to say. If I play well, we usually win. That’s how it always is. If I don’t play well, we lose. This loss is on me,” Harrow said after the game.

No one could say that after the Robert Morris NIT loss because he played just nine minutes and watched the second half from the bench because Calipari decided he couldn’t handle the pressure. That’s when it was obvious Harrow would not be back.

But I’ll also remember  a youngster who admitted he liked to watch cartoons, including some of the same ones by grandchildren do. I’ll remember a player who loved collecting tennis shoes and has more pairs of shoes than he can ever wear. I’ll remember that funny, squeaky voice.

What about you? What memories will you have of a player who may have crumbled under the burden of following Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Brandon Knight and Marquis Teague as point guards under Calipari? Let me know the good things — we don’t  need to elaborate on the bad times any more — you will remember.

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  1. Portlandportky

    Most of all, I will remember he was a member of the BBN!!! He was/still is a very good player & sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we planned. He always represented BBN in a good way, as most of the kids do. I hope & pray the best for Ryan, his father, & the rest of his family. Proud to have had you representing our great team & state the last 2 years Ryan. Best of luck to you & yours.

  2. BleedingBlue

    I think he is a great kid! He will be successful for sure at some level. I wish him the best. And I completely understand his move. Kentucky is a pressure cooker :)

  3. ukcrazycat

    Just being apart of the team.
    I could be wrong but I thought, when he had the green light to score, he was as good as any PG in the nation. I think Cal held him back too much but then again I’m not a CBB coach. Good Luck Ryan, you’ll always be apart of BBN to me!

  4. Karen Sprinkle

    My mom and I met him at the Women’s Clinic in 2011 and we were completely charmed by him and his wonderful shy smile. At this year’s Clinic, I had to smile because it seemed a number of women old enough to be his grandmother were asking for hugs and he was very obliging. It has been said that Kentucky is not for everyone, and that is true. I believe Ryan tried his best to do what needed to be done, but things both on and off the court held him back. I wish the absolute best for him and his family. He will always be a Wildcat!

    1. Judi Cole

      Well said, Karen. I agree completely. Good luck, Ryan. You will be missed and are appreciated.

  5. steve

    he’s obviously a good kid and he does have some talent but he was also undersized for cal’s system. i think things will probably go well for him and he’ll play for money down the road. one thing is for sure, “he’s been around the block”. good luck ryan! still wish you were coming to murray.

  6. Gene T.

    Great kid, just didn’t fit UK. I wish him and his family well. He will do great at Geo. St.

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