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What do you think is wrong with this Kentucky team that could be NIT bound


How damaging was Kentucky’s loss at Alabama Tuesday night?

Here’s what Oscar Combs, former publisher of The Cats’ Pause, posted on Twitter after UK’s miserable second-half performance cost the Cats a needed SEC win: “Bad, bad loss in Tuscaloosa tonight for Cats at hands of Bama. Barring a split with Fla & wins over Ole Miss or Mizzou, UK headed to NIT.”

NIT? A year after a national championship and with the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class? Yes, it could happen. Remember, UK won the 1978 national title and then played in the 1979 NIT. But that 1979 team didn’t start the season ranked in the top 10.

So what’s wrong with this Kentucky team? Guard play. Lack of depth. Youth. Lack of talent. Coaching.

You tell me what you think.

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  1. Here's Hope


    1. Ben

      Youth is not an excuse! Less talented teams have more heart. Goodwin is selfish and does not want to change! Poythress is timid at best and will take 2 to 3 years to mature! Harrow is no leader, but is trying hard to change. This group is very poor shooting at times and not strong or mature enough to win with defense.

      Some times talent just does not come together! It is still possible with this team, but they have to hit bottom first. I will never give up on this team, but the reality is that they may just finish as a medocre team.

      There is still hope for this team. They can win the SEC tourney and make a srong run in the tourney if the get hot! I will take this team and Cal every other year for the pleasure of teams like the first three years. Most teams would trade places with us as well.

    2. wyk

      I believe the guards need to play tougher, need to have better picks. In the offense, guards are pushed out too far out and cannot make plays.

  2. Big Wil

    I don’t think I have ever been so disappointed in UK. And I have been a fan almost 30 years. I am sure it is because of the pre-season hype, but still, they are way under achieving. Goodwin needs to be benched for a game. He is selfish and thinks this is his team. wrong answer …

    1. no_alzheimers_here

      Oh how quickly they forget the BCG drought!!

      1. LindaS

        Amen and don’t forget that slow ball before him and the teams we had but did nothing.

        1. Jared_S

          Yeah this is nothing compared to Tubby’s last teams & BCG, this is just a bump in the road

      2. Big Wil

        Oh, I remember all too well. But I knew those team had no chance. This team, pre season # 3, best recruiting class in the country, and cant even beat AL = DISAPPOINTMENT. No alzheimers here!

        1. Big Wil


          even coach is disappointed …

  3. Russ

    We don’t have a point guard, not a quick team and lack of cohesiveness. Still time to “get shit right” though.

  4. NotoriousBBN

    Selfish guard play and apathy from any given player on any given night. This team seems like they think all they have to do is show up and they are guaranteed a win. Shameful.

  5. UK 24 7

    It’s Calipari’s responsibility to have this group of Nancys prepared at this point in the season. He has not. It’s on him.

  6. David

    Nerlens is playing great, Poythress is still trying to find himself. I watched Kyle wide open on the wing when Goodwin drove to the basket, instead of kicking it out he forced up the shot trying to draw a foul.

    Cal needs to find some offense on this team and that does not mean selfish play. This team does not make those passes to the open man like last years champions did.

  7. Larry T Clemons

    Wow ! This Game: Poor Guard Play, Terrible Shooting, Defensive Breakdown, And, 4 or 5 very bad calls…This Team: As Stated, ” Youth “,,,These are Kitty Kats, Not yet ” Wildcats. It’s hard for this Team to be Mean, get Mad and just Fight ! Kitty Kat’s, will snuggle up next to you and Purr… A Wildcat will rip your face off with one swat of his paw. A Kitty Kat, will bounce around, play with your leg and run and hide…A Wildcat will stalk you, analysis your weakness and then attack with bad intent. I Still Love This Team…Wilter, continues to develop his Game, I took ” something “good away from this unlikely loss.

    1. LindaS

      Love the comparison betweet Kitty Kats and Wildcats. Another thing about Kitty Kats, they are still drinking milk, Wildcats are dining on game cocks, gators, red birds, devils and the like.They need to grow up before they can kill their own dinner.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Awesome…I still love these young men…but, they need to perform, or they likely will return as the 7th and 8th, off the bench.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          But Linda…What about my breakdown of the Game ?

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Kitty Kats is what we are getting and it is going to continue. Calipari’s system seems to be to get the best Kitty Kats in the land, schedule light and let them mature before our eyes. So far we are willing to accept the weak preconference home schedule and this year’s stumbling and not question the coach or his system.

  8. yvette

    WOW..I think of these children as my kids. Many of us have children the ages of the players and would not want folks to be so critical and hard on them.We should not be so hard on them. They are still learning and growing. This may just be a less then average year. We can not compete for a title every year. I am a fan win or lose.

    1. LindaS

      You hit it on the head, these are kids, 18 year old boys still trying to find their way.

  9. Kokomo Joe

    FIRST OF ALL……………………………………THIS TEAM WILL MAKE THE NCAA TOURNAMENT, but if they don’t get their rear ends in gear the seeding will be so low that a deep run will be difficult, if not impossible. The NCAA realizes that UK fans travel and that a UK game brings great TV ratings. Money is a powerful thing.

    UK fans are being treated to yo yo season. We beat a cup cake and we think that the Cats are on the mend. They lose and the team is lousy. Our next game is at home and against LSU, a team that played a lousy pre conference schedule and has lost 6 games. That includes the four SEC games. When we beat them in Rupp those who are writing them off will praise them again.

    Here is truth as I see it. Calipari has cast his lot with the one and done philosophy. This is the year that his system is being put to the test since he has no upper class leadership and no bench. His “stars”, regardless of how they have played this year, are still considered lotery picks. Next year he will start all over again, and the talent will be the best freshman bunch in the land. It may or may not work out next year, but we still have to contend with this year. Remember –great 8—final 4—national championship, but those seasons were helped by holdovers from the Tubby years.

    1. Ira

      Joe you hit the head on the nail. No upper class leadership to help these one an dones and quite frankly the team was spoiled with Anthony Davis. Noel is doing his job, but here is the kicker it’s a team effort on the court and one or two just can’t seem to get that concept. Still the season isn’t over

  10. Jim Boyers

    ALL of the things listed above have contributed.

    However, none of it explains WHY this #1 ranked, extremely talented, underachieving group does what it does.

    If I figure it out, I will contact Cal and let him know in private. Then I will write a book and make millions.

    1. larryvaught

      Jim Boyers, your frustration is understood. And the book would make many millions

  11. AndyP

    Cal made some major mistakes on the recruiting trail last year. There’s no doubt in my mind that he knows it because he works with these guys every day.

    You can lead a mule to water, but you can’t make him drink. You can’t teach natural instincts. Therein lies our problem. You can show a kid how to play until you are blue in the face, but if he can’t grasp the concept, he will make the same mistakes over and over again.

    1. TrueBlueJohn

      The recruiting class nationwide as a whole was down this year as compared to last year. There is no Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilcrest in this class. Of the players on our team, only Noel would have a chance of starting in last years group. Next years class looks like it is loaded.

  12. UK 24 7

    They would love to have UK fans at a NIT tournament more.

    1. larryvaught

      Yeah, I am not sure how well UK fans would travel to say Austin, Texas, to see a 10th seeded Kentucky play a game. Have worried for a month this is a NIT team and second half last night just makes me believe that even more. Remember, UK has to go to Ole Miss and Texas A&M next week. Would surprise me if Cats don’t drop at least one

      1. RJ

        I’m not at all convinced that this team is a sho-in at the NIT. Secondly, I think the number of one and done’s is going to be much fewer this year due to individual and team performance. More than a few of these guys will be sophimores next year. We need a point guard leader very badly.

  13. bthax

    Archie Goodwin does not play team basketball, sorry to be so blunt but that is the way I see it. Replay the fast break last night, he was going to the basket regardless of his open teammate. You can see the rest of the players standing around watching him launch himself out of control and end up on the floor whining on way, way too many drives. He has talent but our offense does not have a slot for his style of play.

    1. krautdog

      AMEN,AMEN,AMEN&AMEN. Too much of a “Goodwin”! Did anyone else notice the lack of “alley-oops” for Noel?

  14. Larry Pup

    Elite 8, final 4, National Champions. I will take Cal’s system any old day. With that said, I have concluded that this team is not as good as we thought they would be. They have to many stars and no grit. I would like to know why UK did not get the ball to Wiltjer more down the stretch against Alabama. They needed to hit some threes to get the momentum back. He hit one late, but it was over by then. They did not play defense and they let Alabama get way to many 2nd chance baskets.

    1. DRidener

      Larry Pup,
      Thats was my,argument as well, why wait til the end of game to give ya best offensive player the ball in a position for him to score. Wiltjer was not vwry short of great in the first half, his play had us up at half, but he didnt get the ball on the, block til two minutes left. Goodwin done the same thing all night, expect to get fouled Cal said he told him to change it up,I feel like he has benched wiltjer and pokson alot faster for messing up than he does goodwin,Id say bench him a game let polson and hood sub and teach him to make shots and hope for the foul not expect the foul,especially if ya dont wanna make the free throws. Goodwin last drive wiltjer was wide open on the perimeter but he did the same as he has always done. Its not good for our team and I dont see how his stock is gonna be anything,come draft night unleas something changes sorry that,was alot and off the subject I,started with needed to get it out I suppose

  15. Terry

    Not Team work!!!


    I can’t add much to all of the above comments since I feel so many are accurate, but I sincerely can make one statement that I know to be true…no fan base in college basketball cares more for their team than we do. Because we insist on Excellence, it’s never going to change…keep pushing them coach Cal!

  17. David

    Looked at the stat’s for last night loss, Goodwin and Harrow both shot the ball more than the rest of the team 12 times each, Goodwin made 2 shots and Harrow made 3. The hot hands were Wiltjer and Mays. I fail to believe this is what Cal wants from his guards. Take some shots but not all these contested shots, this game plan is not working.

    I am ready for football, baseball and anything else beside’s mens basketball. I love Kentucky and hate to see them lose. Thanks for letting me vent here. Go Big Blue!

    hharrow shot the ball 12 times each

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Guard should ” distribute first “, Shoot second…PERIOD.

      1. TrueBlueJohn

        I generally agree with that unless your guard is a Brandon Knight. Neither Guard we have is a Knight.

  18. dennis

    This teams plays me ball more than any team Coach Cal has had at UK, seems they all want the numbers on their stat line to look good the next day, regardless if it is a W or L. The first half they passed and shared the ball to score and it showed, the second, goodwin and harrow only wanted to drive the ball to the basket and not kick it back out or share with any that was open…goodwin alone must have like 6 drives that resulted in 0 points and all were turnovers…until they decide to play WE ball instead of ME ball, it is gonna be a tough season…but if they do make the choice to play WE ball, look out they can be tough

    1. Kokoma Joe

      Re: Me ball

      Put yourself not in these kids minds, but in the minds of the typical blue ribbon recruit. You began to play AAU ball in the 7th grade. You had more natural ability and size than most 13 year olds and people, even college recruiters began to come and watch you play. Your middle school coach talked with your parents and it was decided to repeat the 7th grade. By the ninth grade you had traveled the country with your AAU teams, played in some all star games, and big time college coaches began to sniff around. By the 11 grade you were touted as one of the top 10 recruits in the country. College coaches began to suggest that you “reclassify.” When you play in all star games fans of teams that want you flood the gym and, if Uk is in the picture, scream Go Big Blue all during the game. Before you sign on the dotted line with college X you are told that you will be a lottery pick in the NBA draft, and you figure that whatever you do in that freshman year, your future is made.

      Can you seel why a kid, with his head so high in the clouds, would difficult to motivate by his college coach?

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Agree…If your right handed, start being left handed tomorrow…This is the difficulty in changing a Player’s Mindset.

      2. John

        Great assessment.
        It seems this group plays with a sense of entitlement. “Hey, I’m good enough to play at UK. Coach Cal told me so. They put guys in the league after one year.”

        It seems they forgot the part where he told them that “It’s not gonna be easy. This place isn’t for everyone.”

        You can’t just go out there in a UK uniform and win games and expect to be drafted Cal’s first three teams had blue collar guys (plural) not entitlement guys.
        Those guys came into this program and succeeded to the point of being drafted. They did it not only with great talent, but also a great work effort and playing for the team.

  19. RailBirdJay

    It’s a combination of things. But a couple glaring things is Archie’s selfishness and control issues. Also, our driver’s peripheral vision. How many times to players miss wide open wings while driving to the end line with their head down? Still have faith but it’s waning.

  20. brandon

    Seems like everyone here wants to hang Goodwin out to dry because he’s trying to do what he was recruited to do. Drive to the basket. Dribble DRIVE motion offense. No one else on this team is capable of driving and creating thier own shot. He tries and gets crucified for it. He could pass more, sure, but the rest of the team could move, not stop and watch too.

    1. David

      Well obviously Goodwins driving and out of control antics are not working, when he draws a foul and gets to the free throw line he misses, this makes me think we better try something different that this team can do. besides turning the ball over and throwing up shots that looks to take a miracle to fall through. I can not defend something that has failed. I would think the dribble drive would get you uncontested shots or open men to dish off to when the defense collapses down on you.

  21. Jim

    Coach Cal has had great point guards in past seasons. This team has a good point guard, not a great one. The last three seasons, Cal has had his freshman PG drafted into the NBA. This season’s team also has a glaring deficiency in veteran leadership, but a “great” PG is the number one factor as to why UK is struggling. Lack of veteran production is number two.

  22. bryan mceuen

    Here we go again all hell broke lose because we got beat again. Let this team to be at it is and will take it from there. I agree with Yvette i will keep cheering on regardless what happens. GO CATS I got your back!!!

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      I don’t see anyone stop with the cheering. That’s what these types of boards are for, to vent, to discuss and talk about their team.

    2. larryvaught

      Nothing wrong with a little venting today. Pretty sure Calipari will be doing much the same with the players as well

  23. UKFAN197TONE

    All the above, rolled into one…team.

  24. WT


  25. ProfessorT

    Have some faith that the legitimate problems we (fans) notice do not escape Cal and the coaching staff and that no one is better than Cal at correcting, motivating, and shaping a team to play to its strengths . Many folks wrote off the 2010-2011 team after dropping 4 of it’s first 8 SEC games to unranked teams. Our talent level is there (especially considering the relative weakness of most top 25 teams), but identity is still clearly being forged at this point. In the weeks to come, I strongly suspect that we’ll see improvements. By March, I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps some of us in the BBN will come to regret our current panic and doubt.

    1. bthax

      I think the BBN just wishes that the team we have now had more of the characteristics of the one we all believe (as you suggest) that we will have in March.

  26. hawaiibillT

    Last nights loss was on coach, it was his play calling, his recruits, his inability to modify his game plan when it wasn’t working that cost Kentucky the game. He knows it and we just have to hope he has the ability to change his thinking. Maybe I should change hope to pray since I just can’t see this team playing any better than they have shown us they can on rare occasions. We have six road games left and the way I’ve watched the SEC teams improve we could lose five of them. Even home games against SC, LSU and Aub aren’t sure wins since they are going to be coming in thinking they can beat the Cats.

    Thanks Larry for the football storys the are giving me hope.

    1. larryvaught

      Going to be reading lot more football stories in the days ahead too

      1. Larry Pup

        Keep em coming Larry. Need more football news.

    2. Jim

      Cal tells them what they need to do and they practice to make it a habit, so they should be able to transfer that performance in games. Cal hinted, on the radio today, that certain players may get less time and the others will play more minutes. I believe he was talking about his starting PG.

      1. larryvaught

        I took it to mean Harrow and maybe even Goodwin. We’ll see

  27. Mark S

    I know this team is a bad shooting and passing team but I thinnk the real problem is defense. This team lacks the grit and “want to” to play defense. Our guards do not fight through high screens. It seems they are always trailing their man. Other than Noel, there is not a player on this team that has desire to play defense. Alabama came out in the second half and hit us in the mouth and we couldn’t duplicate that effort. All I need to see in this team is some pride in stopping their man. Offense comes and goes but defensive effort can be a constant and contagious.

  28. grant

    If we have to go to the nit , lets win it! If the whole team played like every posession was there last chance to ever play basketball- well then— they would be playing like Nerlens Noel because he sure does.

  29. jwill03

    Here is a opinion or a thought so to speak. I dont think the dribble drive is effective with this group of guys. We need to incorporate a more traditional motion offense or hand-off type offense to get the right guys the ball in the post and kick out to the shooters on the wing when the defense doubles down on NN or WCS. I also think the man-to-man is not working and we need to run zone defenses to keep teams out of the middle and getting offensive rebounds and put-backs. Just a thought. Im still riding with the Cats either way!!

  30. Ken Grizzle

    Team chemistry and a few more shots to fall.

  31. LindaS

    Seems like we are all on the same page, but this is still my team. Team togetherness is missing more then anything I see. There is no brotherhood as in years past. You don’t hear about these guys going out together, doing things together. They are young, immature, talented and they need to get their heads out of the sand. I’m not going to go after one young man individually, you all seem to take it that it is the fault of one person or even of Cal. It’s IMMATURITY and yes, lack of experienced players who have proven themselves on the floor. As I said before, they believe their hype coming out of high school taking for granted that they are at UK and Cal is their coach and they have their one way ticket to the NBA. Not true, big old urban legend if they believe it. I don’t care if one or two go to the NBA they are going to have to work there and they think they don’t have to put the work in here. I think Kyle has listened to Cal, he still needs some polishing and some smoothing around the edges. He won’t go this year but watch out if he improves as much next year as this and he won’t be a one and done but he will be an experienced player on the court along with a few other ones, I hope. Last years team was once in a lifetime. I don’t think we will see that again for a long time. Oh, maybe next year if some of these guys stay but I’m not going to bet my house on it. You can dissect, analyze, and ponder all you want, until these boys make up their minds to play as young men we are going to have more games like this. If you think we are frustrated, how do you think Cal feels? I’d like his paycheck but I would not want to wear his shoes right now. Livn’ Blue & Lovin’ It BTW if you give up on this team, no matter the outcome, you are not a true blue fan.

  32. Bob

    I think this team is young and lacks alot of things .One of the bat is an player named WSC whom would have been the difference . Another is an bench . It lacks leadership .This team could be headed to the NIT i’m not sure . You know people i had rather but if they are in the NIT i hope they win it all . I am proud of these kids and they are under more pressure than probally any NBA team .I think it an bit to early to talk NIT and they will suffer more losses but remember the SEC Champ Bid .I just think lets allow these Kids to develope . I am true blue on rainy days as well as sunny days .Go Big Blue

  33. toot

    kmojoe…really? Tubby holdovers? I guess you forgot about billyg. Not Liggins…not Harrelson…not Darius Miller…the only holdovers to make contributions under Cal, ever played for Tubby, This team’s problem is Cal’s inability to see how much damage Archie Goodwin is doing. Don’t worry though, the twins will see to it that he sits the bench next year. He should be looking for other schools. Poythress has the grit and toughness of a dance team member.

  34. toot

    My apologies to the dance team. They are tougher than that!

    1. larryvaught

      At least one that blogged for us is. She overcame a severe ankle injury to compete this year. But know what you meant Toot

  35. john4uk

    Plan and simple,UK is not a team.They are individuals trying to work their way into the NBA.And right now will more likely be one and none,rather than one and done.
    Cal has spent an inordinate amount of time on various players and is still not getting the desired results.Maybe he needs to look more for guys like Polson and Hood.I wonder how they would be playing if they had been giving the chances that Poythress and Coodwin have received.I dare to say that the team would be better,or at least looking more like a team than an intrmural group playing at the YMCA.
    Cal needs to take this bunch to the Girls game and watch how hard the young women play for the results they get.Could be a real teaching moment.

  36. bill morgan

    I believe that goodwin should not start for a while. He needs to watch someone pass to an open wiltjer or mays, or another one of his teamates. Poythress needs to discuss his schedule for the upcoming fall semester with his advisor. Maybe if the schedule of classes looks difficult enough he will decide the NBA is not a sure bet and get to work on the court this semester.

  37. HB

    It was obvious to me that this team would lose 7-9 games coming into the season. Way too many fans failed to give credit where credit was due the past three years and by that I’m referring to the returning players from the previous seasons (in addition to Cal’s annual group of #1 recruits).

    Experience matters IN A BIG WAY. Experience helps get you through conference road games because the guys that have been there before don’t panic and their confidence & leadership keeps most of the frosh from panicking (as we did against ‘Bama).

    I’m totally satisfied with the effort to date by Noel and Wiltjer (and Cauley-Stein whose absence is another reason we lost last night). Were Noel playing with a group that was holding up their end of the bargain (think about Davis with Jones covering his backside!!!) and the team was highly ranked he would be in the discussion for Player of the Year, but this proves that how the TEAM plays together matters way more than the individual performances. And Wiltjer? Yeah, there are things he doesn’t do well and never will. He doesn’t have all the tools, but yet he’s accepted the challenge and is giving us one of the better efforts we’re getting from this bunch.

    Bottom line is that lack of experience and an overall frosh group that simply hasn’t been as quick or willing to listen, learn and put into use what they’re being taught every day in practice.

    I fear we may suffer double-digit losses and yes, possibly not make the NCAA. Too many bad losses + playing in a perceived (and likely so) weak league + an NCAA Selection Committee that will have a multitude of members who either would love to stick it to Cal, UK or make a statement that the one & done doesn’t always work = no invitation.

    They’d better get their act together quickly or it will be NIT time.

  38. toot

    Coach Cal may be the greatest recruiter ever….no secret there. I certainly would’nt trade him for anyone. But I’m tired of hearing phrases like….we’re trying to get em to “buy in” or “they just don’t get it yet”. What I’d like to hear is what you’re going to do about it. There is more to coaching than recruiting…..like motivating and teaching. Stop asking Poythress to be a beast….light a fire under his backside and make a beast out of him! TEACH Archie Goodwin to slash without turning it over and finishing every play on his back begging for a foul. A whole bench full of assistant coaches to help.

  39. David

    WHAS radio ripping Cal a new butt for not calling a play for Wiltjer until 5 minutes left in the game, they said there is no reason to blame Goodwin or Harrow for Cals mistake. He blamed Cal for loosing the lead and loosing the game.

  40. Larry Pup

    I say be careful UK fans in ripping into Cal. Name me one coach today who you would replace him with. I say wait until next year with the kids we have coming in and see what happens! UK can’t be National Champs every year. I hope Cal retires as the head roundball coach at UK. As fans we can be critical. Heck, we are always critical. But I like Coach Cal win or lose. Besides, it isn’t over yet for this current team. We still have 13 regular season games left. I’ll admit it is starting to get a little shaky, but we have time to get it together. I believe this team will.

    1. yvette

      I agree with Larry!

    2. Kokamo Joe

      I am with you about supporting Calipari. But, I do think that we should avoid blind worship. Calipari is a great recruiter. He is a one and done guy. His system had not produced either experienced players or a bench. We are an injury or refs calls away from a blow out against us each game that we play. And that is on Calipari.

      His teams, until this year had depended on Smith recruits to provide experience. We don’t have that now. What I hope is that he will try to recruit role players who will hang around. But if he does that, he will have to give them some playing time. His record indicates that he will leave his great frosh on the floor even when the Cats are blowing out teams.

      1. Larry Pup

        Joe..there is probably going to be some hold overs this year. If these guys, with the exception of Noel, are ready for the NBA I’m Santa Claus. JMO.

  41. Texascat

    Not ready to give up on these guys yet. Not even February yet.

  42. David

    There are multiple problems with this team and Coach Cal’s difficulty with pinpointing and correcting them is arguably the biggest one.

    1. Larry Pup

      How soon we forget, Elite 8, Final 4, National Champs. All this in three years of work. Are you trying to say Cal does not know what he’s doing? Are you kidding me?

      1. Larry Pup

        Don’t forget his record at Rupp. He don’t like the one and done system either. He has said so. The problem is with the NBA. If I was a kid looking to gain millions I would leave too. Cal is for these kids, and I believe it! The problem with all the other coaches and talking heads who rip Cal on his system would use his players if they could recruit them. I say lets give credit where credit is due. These recruits have not panned out yet. But there is still half a season to go. If they continue there losing ways, some will return next year and we will have some experienced players everyone is complaining about.

      2. David

        Larry Pulp my comment is about this season, it is based on facts and stats that this season is not turning out the way everyone had visioned. It is not only my opinion but many other sites. Below is just one little article.


        There is no other coach I would love to have other than Cal. But lets call a spade a spade and not try to worry about hurting the coaches feelings.

        He blew the game the other night with Alabama, this is not just my opinion but many others. He got blasted on WHAS sports talk show last night.

        Cal is a great coach and the greatest recruiter in college ball but he is not perfect and can not walk on water or resurrect himself from the dead, I believe Jesus is the only one that has accomplished these feats.

        I still love Cal but he needs to find what works for this team in order to win. Goodwin and Harrow driving with no chances of their shots going in need to be told if the drive is not wide open kick it out to open players on the wings. Those two guards were 5 for 24 that is not going to win games.

        1. Larry Pup

          I hear you David, no one who follows UK is happy with the way things are, but my point is that it is to early in the season to blast Cal right now. Alabama was not one of Cal’s better coaching jobs, but they can still turn this thing around. We also got some bad calls. My goodness, Duke is struggling, Louisville is. All with returning players. How about that. UK is going to have a down year in basketball occasionally. That’s life. Cal will get it fixed. If he don’t, we got the Harrison twins inbound, and a cast of great players coming. Times could not be better IMO. Love your posts man.

          1. David

            Thanks Larry and I enjoy your opinions with all the rest of the Kentucky faithful on here.
            I will be leaving, for a base in the South Pacific but will try keeping up with everyones post on here. Good news is it has to be better than Afghanistan.
            Take care and go Big Blue!!!

          2. larryvaught

            David, we expect you to stay in touch. God Bless you for what you do. Hope we have a lot of good news for you

          3. Larry Pup

            David..my prayers are with you and thank you for your service to our nation. I know what it is like to serve Uncle Sam. God bless you my friend and may he keep you safe. GO BLUE!

  43. Candace

    One thing to remember too is that we had several games without Harrow, now we are without Cauley-Stein and that means different play mix, which is alot for a freshman team to adjust too. They have to change up and then change up again. Praying the injuries and sickness stops so they can get the team concept down. Have to agree about Goodwin, ball hog and thinking he will make the big plays and he doesn’t. Loved the kitty cat to wildcat reference – purrrrrrfect! Go Cats!!!

    1. larryvaught

      Great points Candace. Been a hard year to get the chemistry right

  44. lunchbox

    im thinkin that theres nomore of billy g’s players there to go with cal’s stars, coach hasn’t recruited to many millers or liggins…could hav jus been a down year for recruits, there was no john walls

  45. Larry Pup

    If UK had hit their missed free throws, they would have beaten Alabama by 1 point even on a bad night, and all w/o WCS. Alabama took 21 ft’s, made 15, UK took 11, but only made 6. Lots of home cooking IMO.

  46. ukfaust

    I believe that Coach Cal has done all anyone could do with this particular group of players. I certainly don’t blame him for their shortcomings.

    Rather, as a team, this group might be remembered as “The Uncoachables”.

  47. JCC

    Football taking al the pub

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