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What do former players think message about UK football should be to Kentucky fans?


Question:  What should be the message to Kentucky football fans about this program?
Jacob Tamme: “I think the message is that the program is improving right now and these players need you to be excited, optimistic and realistic. As a player going through a tough season, these guys want the fans to stick with them. This year’s team certainly hasn’t dropped their level of effort during a tough season, and if anything they have showed a lot of resilience battling back on the road in some tough games. Fans should appreciate that and support a team willing to fight like that. Going forward, I think the message is — get to Commonwealth Stadium and be loud and create an atmosphere that helps our Cats win games!
“I can tell you from experience that when our fan base buys in 100 percent, it is felt by everyone inside the program — from the talk around campus, to the Cat Walk, to the noise level when the Cats are on defense, you can ‘feel’ the support when our fan base really buys in to UK football and puts their heart in it. So I encourage the fans to stick with this staff and group of players, and stay the course with great support as they work to improve the program to a championship-level contender.”

Anthony White: “My message to the fan base would be to support the guys and get behind them through the rough and success. because although the past few years have not been successful, change is going to come and it can be facilitated by warm positive support from the beginning, not when the winning commences. the same way UK basketball teams come in with support and high expectations, lets lend that same support to UK football to finish off 2013 and into 2014 if that is the type of success we desire. Because we are now bringing in the guys to raise the bar and BBN is just fan to pull a team through when doubt starts surface. Change is no doubt is upon us lets be the force not the obstacle to success.

Freddie Maggard: “Be patient. Give this staff a chance. Support this team, everything on social media, in person, and stadium attendance will be used for or against UK in recruiting. Focus on the future.

Derek Abney: “Patience and support. Being a competitor, I have little patience sometimes but, as fans, we really need to be patient. We also need to support the staff and players. They have all the tools and we need to realize this season is very difficult (arguably the toughest in college football) and it’s the first year in rebuilding.”
Murray: “Hang on…..WE WILL WIN!”

Dave Hopewell: “Hang tight and be supportive. Let’s all come on out and show our support for these guys and support them now and in the future when we really are competing for SEC games week in and week out. It will send a big message to our recruits but it will also send a big message to our UK administration that a great football team is what we want and expect.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    I agree with all they said. UK football will be OK. The future looks bright despite the tough season they are enduring. Fans need to believe.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      I agree. Stoops gives us hope and his recruiting has been very good. Looking down the road to year 3 and 4 is what we should be focusing on rather that the progress that is being made, or not made this year.

      We should not criticize the coach or program now because the players are just not there now. Few people have ventured an opinion about WHERE they expected UK to be at that 3 or 4 year period. Many of us acted like a whipped puppy dog and were delighted with 2 or 3 SEC wins and a no name bowl game. We must not do that again. Set our sights high. What will your level of satisfaction be in say…three years from now?

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