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Western Kentucky assistant excited for Stoops-Petrino matchup, hopes series will continue


Veteran coach Dom Dunn, a Louisville native, is thrilled to be back on the field coaching defensive tackles at Western Kentucky after spending the three previous seasons as the director of high school relations at Texas Tech for a staff that included current Kentucky coaches Neal Brown, Chad Scott and Tommy Mainord.  He shared his thoughts:.

Question: Are you excited for the opener with the Bobby Petrino and Mark Stoops both being new and the game at the Titans’ stadium in Nashville?
Dunn: “It will be exciting. Again, as a coach, that is the first time I have thought about all that. You guys (in the media) are very helpful. But it’s Team X. I know that sounds corny, but that’s the way we do it. But there will be excitement. No doubt. You can’t be a football fan or a Western fan or Kentucky fan or live in the state of Kentucky … going to Nashville is a great atmosphere. It’s good for both programs.  I hope we continue to do it.”

Question: Is there a lot of buzz about Petrino in Bowling Green?
Dunn: “Yes. Again, I have been on the road recruiting and we have been running since we have been there. But our (preseason) ticket sales are the most they have ever been. I believe he is one of the top coaches in the country.”

Question: What about the perspective you had of Kentucky high school football when you joined the Western staff?
Dunn: “It has gotten so much better from when I played. Of course, that was 100 years ago. But it is so much better. Better athletes. More Division I players than there ever has been. Passing aspect of it is so much better. It is night and day from when I was here before. You always hear about Texas football, but football is football. You still have to find the top kids. Kentucky will have their share. Not as many as Alabama or Florida, but it is getting better.”

Question: What do you remember about trying to recruit Jacob Tamme to Auburn?
Dunn: “I tried to get him to come. That ought to tell you because we were rolling pretty good back then at Auburn. I knew he was a great kid, great program, great family. I never got to point of getting in for a home visit, but I tried like heck. I talked to him on the phone a few times, but I knew it would be an uphill battle with Kentucky. I knew he would be a good player and I am happy for him. I am just glad I don’t have to play against him.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    The UK vs WKU game in Nashville will be a big game for both programs with the new head coaches on board. I like Coach Dunn’s comments about the improvement he has seen in Kentucky HS football.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Would love to see that Game every year….same with Louisville, every year…

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