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Vitale: “Kentucky’s second team would be good enough to be ranked in the top 20″


Dick Vitale thinks there will be “lots of jubilation” for both Kentucky and Louisville fans next basketball season, but the colorful ESPN analyst gives the edge to John Calipari’s team. Here is part of what he wrote in a recent post:

“The Wildcats have great depth thanks to an outstanding recruiting class. I honestly believe that Kentucky’s second team would be good enough to be ranked in the top 20 by themselves! I know there were plenty of detractors looking at last year’s squad.

“Remember, the Cats did win 21 games and they beat Florida and Missouri. Guys like Alex Poythress, Willie Cauley-Stein and Kyle Wiltjer will be that much better with the added year of experience. They can serve in a role similar to Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb and Darius Miller on the national title team, mentoring the younger players. Those guys have now seen quality minutes on the road and in challenging situations. They will help the young guys blend in and get a feel for the competition.

“Kentucky will be a much better team, especially on the perimeter with the addition of the Harrison Twins. That will take care of the dilemma that hurt them big-time last season. There was inconsistency from Archie Goodwin (who left for the pros) and Ryan Harrow (transferred out). They were not up to the standards Calipari was used to on the perimeter. That will change.

“Louisville has unbelievable talent returning with Russ Smith passing on the NBA. Luke Hancock is more confident after earning the Most Outstanding Player honor at the Final Four. He will have a greater role. Chane Behanan showed what he is capable of on the glass in crunch time in Atlanta. Wayne Blackshear is also back, and Kevin Ware should be healthy too following that gruesome injury in the NCAA tournament. Pitino has recruited well too.”

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  1. jerry

    payback coming!!! kentucky did beat florida,in march,but look at their losses.duke by 7 points in nov. national champions louisville 3 points,in the last of dec,and pitino was greatly relieved at the buzzer.just look at the film.kentucky never recovered after losing noel,too young no leadership.will not happen 13-14 season GO CATS!!

  2. ukcrazycat

    Who would you have for the second starting 5?

  3. cathouse

    How many of you folks think this incoming team will be as good as the “96 team ? It’s gonna be interesting.

  4. Cathouse

    How many of you folks thins this team will be as good as the”96 team? It’s gonna be interesting.

  5. Terry Orcutt

    I think this team could be the best team at all times in the NCAA if they play together as a team and I think if Wiggins come to Ky they might go 40-0 and Ky second team rank them in the top 10!!!!

  6. Litte Baron

    1st Team: Harrison, Harrison, Wiggins, Randle, Willie.
    THE best team in history, 40-0.

    2nd Team: Dominique, Young, Poythress, Wiltjer, Johnson, PLUS Lee, Hood & Willis.
    2nd Team #2 in country! :)

    Soooo many possibilities…
    Willie, Johnson, Lee can all play center.
    James Young & Marcus Lee are phenomenol, and probably won’t start… what a TEAM

    The players we already have definitely have a shot at being the best college team all time, with a bench with many playes who would start for any other team

    We NOW have the ELITE EIGHT Recruits…
    Who will lead us beyond the 8 Titles we now have…

    If Wiggins wisely chooses UK, we have 9-4-9… 9 Recruits for Title # 9

    What a season is in store for the BBN !

  7. Litte Baron

    Vitale should make a public, nation-wide, apology to UK and to Professor for his senseless remarks when he called UK’s Professor “wacky” because he wanted to see TLT (Ten Loss Tubby) sent packing.

    Tubby had
    – more 10 loss seasons than all our other coaches combined
    – NEVER recruited a player who played in the Final Four… for any program, to this day
    – NEVER promoted UK as the awesome program that it is
    – NEVER recruited with zeal and energy
    – NEVER developed a player to his full potential
    – NEVER even looked at Mason County’s awesome 3-pt shooter, Chris Lofton, who led Mason County to the State Tourney Title and was amazing at Tennesse, where he had to go because TLT would not even give him any consideration for a scholarship

    Oh, yeh… ever hear of that guy named Rondo with the Celtics, who is one of the best PG’s in the NBA? He wasn’t good enough to start every game for TLT… LOL LOL

    And that same Tubby is the guy that Vitale defended when UK fans wanted to get rid of him. The same Tubby that the Professor wanted to get rid of, so Vitale slams the Professor.

    Loud mouth Vitale needs to make an apology to the Professor and to the BBN on national TV when he calls one of our games.

  8. MTCAT

    Don’t hold your breath.

  9. Kokamo Joe

    At this time we were singing much the same song. I expect this team to be very good. But if we learned anything last year, we should know that until the product is placed on the floor, freshmen are question marks.

    If Wiggins comes to UK this team will have by far the best talent in the country. If Wiggins goes elsewhere, and depending on where he goes…the story may be different. If Wiggins is as good as advertised and If he goes to a team that already has talent, UK will be challenged.

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