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Vitale expects Calpari to win national title with a “young powerhouse”

Vaught’s note: I thought you might enjoy this summer update I got from my buddy, Dick Vitale. Whether you like  him or not, I don’t think you can ever question his passion for the game or his work to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Dickie V Center Court Newsletter

I have enjoyed a terrific summer so far and I am hoping you have as well. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many beautiful locations to a lot of motivational speaking, while also attending some MLB baseball games and of course, spending time with my family and friends.
But, for me, it is always time to talk hoops, baby! August is right around the corner, so we will start getting ready for the 2013-14 season.
I have already picked Kentucky as my favorite to win it all, cutting down the nets at Cowboys Stadium. John Calipari’s team was down last season, but he has built a young powerhouse. There is a lot more depth than last season’s squad. This team will undeniably be ready to shine.
I am also thrilled about next season because several talented players passed on the NBA draft and returned to school. Let’s just think about some of the guys that are returning:
Doug McDermott of Creighton, Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State, Mitch McGary of Michigan, Russ Smith of Louisville, Aaron Craft of Ohio State. I think we would all agree that that is a pretty good starting five, baby! Smart has already stated that he will be leaving after this season, going into the NBA draft.
Now, let me lay on you six teams that have the potential to return to prominence this season. Johnny Jones is doing a super job at his alma mater  (LSU) and he has Johnny O’Bryant back up front plus a talented class coming in this year. Arkansas can make some strides under Mike Anderson. Virginia will be very competitive in the improved ACC. Steve Lavin welcomes Rysheed Jordan and has a lot of returning talent. Lon Kruger has Oklahoma heading in the right direction. Iowa had a young team last season which made noise in the NIT. Fran McCaffery’s Hawkeyes will be even better with the year’s worth of experience.
I am also going to keep an eye on a number of transfers who will be eligible this season. When Rodney Hood s healthy, he will be a factor at Duke. Evan Gordon should be a factor at Indiana after coming over from Arizona State. Mike Moser will be a difference maker at Oregon after leaving UNLV.
We still have a while before we tip it off, but it is always fun to talk hoops, baby!
Of course, I am always honored to help raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.  Limited number of autographed Dick Vitale Gala basketballs and footballs available.  $100 donation to the V Foundation to benefit cancer research. Help support this great cause and get a fabulous piece of sports memorabilia. Call 941-350-0580.


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  1. Ira

    Before I’ll crown this team national champions, I want to see them play first. So till then I will say the Elite 8. I want to see what this team is made of. Let them battle, see adversity, then I’ll get on the national champion bandwagon. Till then, they are a bunch of Hyped kids fresh out of HS getting ready to play under the biggest microscope in America UK basketball. Go BBN!

  2. Jimharris

    Dick Vitale is undoubtably a good man, knowledgeable about sports, and I certainly don’t dislike him. BUT…..I can’t bear to listen to the man when he gets going on his rant-style of yelling as he seems to make everything the “est”

    So I try not to listen to him since he grates on me. Cal’s older players to the young ones just coming in : ” pay no attention to “HOW” he says it, just listen to “WHAT” he’s saying. Good advice and perhaps I should follow it with respect to listening to Vitale. But I can’t.

  3. King Ghidora

    I guess I’m just the opposite Jim. I don’t mind his enthusiasm. In fact I’d like to be able to support him. He’s just done too much to hurt the Cats for me to think he’s anything but a jerk. And I do like the work he does for the V Foundation but IMO Cal does it the way it should be done. He doesn’t look for credit for his charity work.

    I wish Vitale hadn’t said the things he’s said. But he did. I think he tries to promote the sport but he lets his own preferences influence the way he acts. That’s not the role of a journalist on the national level. If you’re the play by play radio guy for a team then yeah you should support that team. But if you’re supposed to be the voice of a national network you put your own preferences aside and give everyone fair treatment.

    If he would just admit that he’s made big mistakes in the past it would help. But he thinks he plays it straight. He doesn’t.

  4. cathouse

    I love Dickie V. I know he’s a loudmouth but there ain’t no one living that loves BB more than him and he’s always supports UK.

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