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Vince Marrow did not take traditional college coaching route to get to Kentucky

Vince Marrow

Vince Marrow


Vince Marrow did not take the traditional route to coaching in the Southeastern Conference.

The Kentucky tight ends coach was a graduate assistant at Nebraska for two years prior to joining Mark Stoops’ staff at UK. But he also spent six years coaching professional football in NFL Europe and the United Football League. Marrow began his coaching career in NFL Europe, coaching tackles and tight ends with the Rhein Fire in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 2006-07 before coaching tight ends with the Berlin Thunder from 2005-06.

“I think what people don’t understand about NFL Europe is that it was just like coaching in the NFL,” said Marrow. “I coached with a lot of guys that were coordinators and head coaches in the NFL and college. I went right into pro ball after playing instead of college coaching.”

Marrow played for five NFL teams — Buffalo, Carolina, New York Jets, Chicago and San Francisco — before joining the Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe in 1998, earning all-league honors with 32 receptions for 345 yards. He also played for the Orlando Rage in the XFL in 2000.

“There ain’t an offense or defense I have not seen,” Marrow said. “Dealing with players from different backgrouns and nationalities in Europe helped prepare me for how to go in and get insight on what a player is. I also think coaching in NFL Europe made me a good recruiter. It taught me how to deal with players, including some who did not even speak English. You had others who were allocated by NFL clubs who are trying to revive their careers.

“I loved NFL Europe. I had college offers from good colleges, but I liked it there. You only worked four months and then I could watch my son, Michael, and his career. I really loved NFL Europe. It had some of the best coaching minds in the world. You had to learn how to adapt to the talent and get into the minds of different type players.”

He still remembers when receiver Lance Moore played for him in Europe. Now he’s a premier receiver and favorite target of New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees.

“On the flip side, you get older guys trying to go back to the NFL. Maybe they are four- or five-year veterans and got injured or waived,” Marrow said. “They have to show they can still do it.

“NFL Europe was a step over Alabama. It was just a step under the NFL. It was run like the NFL. You had a lot of smart coaches there. I just think the dynamics and diversity of the people and job made me the guy and coach I am today.”

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  1. Juan4UK

    Coach Marrow is a very interesting guy. We have heard more about him (and his coming and goings) than any of the other coaches.
    Good stuff!

  2. David

    I have been real impressed with Coach Marrow. My biggest concern is keeping him at Kentucky. I hope Coach Stoops can see his worth, talk with Barnhart and get him a higher pay to keep him at Kentucky. He has been working his tail off recruiting guys up in Ohio and I just hate thinking we will miss out on Darius West, Mike Edwards to name a few because other recruiters are in the ears of these guys telling them coach Marrow will not stay around to see them play, well that is what I read yesterday in an article from A Sea of Blue.

    I honestly think Coach Marrow is a diamond in the rough. We are lucky to have him.

  3. David

    Here is the link to article I mentioned above, about writing off West and Edwards and also about rumors of coach Marrow getting offers from big time football schools.


    I can only hope that coach Marrow stays and keeps bringing in ball players that can compete in the SEC.

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