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5 Responses to Video: UK’s Avery Williamson talks about fan excitement over football

  • Larry Pup says:

    If the UK football team is half as good as Avery is excited we will be fine. GO BLUE!!!

  • Tcat says:

    Love this kid, I hate to bring this name up but Rick Minter hit the nail on the head when he showed up and said he wished with everything in him Avery could have been redshirted and had another year…

    Hopefully this new staff can manage to take good players like Avery and redshirt them their first year. Just imagine if guys like Bud Dupree, Avery, WInston Guy, Danny T etc, Could have redshirted, of coarse they wanted to play but it’s always better to sit em and let them learn that first year. IMO that is the primary reason why Miss St are now a legitiment team with solid depth at almost all positions. Mullen usually never pulls more than 8 or so Redshirts out of a full class… I pray Stoops can do that, if it’s possible…


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