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Video: UK Wide Receivers coach Tommy Mainord on selling the Kentucky product

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  1. Larry Pup

    Every one of our football coaches display so much enthusiasm! It is very exciting to see. How much more is it seen by young men they are recruiting. They will get their fair share of great football players. That bodes well for KENTUCKY in days to come. Great video and interview with Coach Mainord

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      I agree – Many of their comments tie back to the original plan that Coach Stoops outlined when he was hired. They have a plan & they all know their role is.

      Another good interview – Great to hear from these assistants.

  2. RJ

    It’s easy top sell something when you believe in the product.

  3. David

    Keep the football info coming! Love the fact that these coaches believe they will change our reputation of being the doormat and I can not wait to see the results of their hard work in the next three years. I want so bad to see these guys succeed and prove all those doubting Thomas fans of ours who said Kentucky can not compete in the SEC wrong. Go CATS !!!!!!

  4. Ira

    You know David, not picking on you BTW, sometimes I think it wasn’t the fans belief, but the former coaching staff, that in their heart they didn’t believe deep down it could be done and it washed over to some of the fan base.

    Plenty like me and you, that have always thought UK can do this, recruit like they are in the SEC, win games they are supposed to win. Not be blown out. Just be blunt…be an SEC team in other words.

    1. David

      No problem Ira, I agree with your response about the prior coaches, not sure if they just accepted defeat or if they didn’t have the sale’s pitch. Whatever their reason, I have sat in the stands talking with a friend a many of game about how to me IMO that Joker seemed content. I do not know Joker nor do have first hand information on his recruiting but what I have read so far he did not try hard building relations with Trinity, St. X or any other southern Ohio teams. Seemed to me the old regime was always trying to find a diamond in the rough, like a Cobb, but the problem is 2 star diamonds or few and far between. Not sure what happened to the LaGrange Georgia pipeline maybe that was Brooks connection or that talent dried up there.

      I have seen a lot of fans mostly writing in the LHL that Kentucky could never compete in the SEC or recruit because we were a basketball school and that the athletic director did not support football. Now that use to burn my rear hearing that defeated attitude.

      I attended all the home games last year and watched the fans voice their objections by boycotting home games. It took that move to get Barnhart to remove his yes man what I thought of being his puppet who said what ever the AD wanted him to say, such as” he did not need anymore money to recruit or any need of new facilities” My hats off to the disgruntled fan base that forced the AD to fire and hire Stoops.

      Go Cats!!!!!!

      1. David

        are few and far between. mybad

  5. David


    Good article on Coach Stoops and his coaches, in 4 years with his recruiting I think and pray that he will have us going toe to toe with all schools in the SEC schools, and maybe competing for an SEC championship hopefully while I am still breathing. We the fans and the Athletic Department have to back him and show these recruits we are the best fan base in the US, not just in basketball but all of sports.

    AD, give this coach whatever he needs to be successful.

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