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Video: UK sophomore LB Pancho Thomas on the new healthy diet and his brother, RB Khalid Thomas

Click on the photo of Pancho Thomas to view the video.

Click on the photo of Pancho Thomas to view the video.

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  1. Larry Pup

    Just a pleasant speaking young man. You can tell he loves his brother a lot. It will be good to have him at UK too. His talk on the training table was interesting. It was a little hard to understand. Larry V. that would be an interesting topic to cover, the new training table and nutrition under this staff. Has it changed significantly from a year ago? Is it a proven diet for better performance, growth and strength?

  2. Georgia Blue

    Yes , Larry I haven’t seen or read anything on How the Players are eating better. Under Joker , I couldn’t believe that the Players didn’t have a TRAINING TABLE. I know for a fact that they are happy with what these COACHES has come in and did for them. They listen too them about their needs. Plus , if you paid attention to some of the players body. You could see some of the Players body changing and looking like a SEC PRODUCT. I can’t wait to see them on Fan Appreciation Day. Eat Good You Play Good. And another thing I was watching ESPN the other day and the players from Philly was talking about the GPS System. The same one our players wear to monitor their heart rate and sleep. Plus each players has their own Nutritionist Smoothie after Workout to drank. Michael Vick said that he put on 9lb of muscle. Something he has never did in his NFL Career

    1. larryvaught

      Georgia Blue, it is amazing the difference this staff has made in so many ways. Stunned me when Pancho was telling me some things and now you have provided even more info. May have to call you soon for update. Pretty interesting

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