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Click on the photo above to view the video of Neal Brown.

Click on the photo above to view the video of Neal Brown.

8 Responses to Video: UK offensive coordinator Neal Brown talks about recruiting the home state of Kentucky

  • Larry Pup says:

    Brown is right. He’s on the right track in recruiting state talent. Gotta have em!

  • Georgia Blue says:

    Larry , I understand the importance in getting the best players in your Home State and recruiting in Ohio. I keep saying Greater Atlanta area is a HOTBED. Nick Saban , Steve Spurrier , Dabo Swinney and Franklin( Vandy coach) have made it their priority to raid the Greater Atlanta Area. AJC just did a nice article on Saban. Plus , STEPHENSON HIGH SCHOOL just had their annual spring football game. We had 50,000 fans at the Blue and White Game . They had over 50 college scouts at their Black and Blue Game. The region that they play in is like the small SEC. That region is loaded wIth D1 players.

  • Love SEC F-Ball says:

    Georgia Blue, I agree that there are a lot of very good players in Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia. Just because we have a great start in Ohio does not mean that we are ignoring other areas. It is still early in this recruiting season so I say that we give this staff some time. Last time that I checked, we were already in the top 20 for 2014 with a good number of 4-star’s. It does not matter where these recruits come from as long as we get our share. I do understand your point.

    • larryvaught says:

      Stoops has told me twice he is not about to ignore Georgia. He knows better than that

  • Ira says:

    Joker recruited Stephenson but could never pull the elite talent out. The previous staff made GA. A priority just like this staff is making OH priority. Unfortunately Joker’s staff targeted players that were of less talent than what Coach Stoops staff targets.

  • Georgia Blue says:

    All good said and done, if you think Ohio 4 star players are better Georgia 3 stars. Do your homework before you start talking about Stephenson High School. SHS is always in the NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT ON NSD. You see some you all think like Mark Richts it still early and that’s why he doesn’t get the best recruits in Georgia. That’s why the No.1 Quarterback in the Nation not going to Georgia. It still early in recruiting. Yes the No.1 Quarterback live about 30 miles from UGA and he has committed to Clemson. Clemson was on him early his Sophmore year and UGA WAITED. THAT’S why Saban, Franklin and Spurrier come in early and get kids to commit. Georgia had about 5 players rank in the top 20 players in the Nation but how many did UGA signed ZERO. All because they felt like it was early in recruiting. That’s why it is IMPORTANT TO ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH RECRUITS EARLY IN THE PROCESS.

  • Georgia Blue says:

    Ira, The players from SHS that joker recruited didn’t have come to Kentucky. Don’t think that UK was the only big schools to recruit them. Some stayed loyal to their early committed, because as the season move on some other big time schools came in late in the recruiting process but they stayed committed

  • Old Cat says:

    It seems a bit early to be telling Stoops where or how to recruit.


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