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Video: UK Defensive Coordinator Rick Minter on improvement and fun in games

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  1. TheProfessor

    80 reps! 400+ total yards.

    Hard to find a lot to be encouraged about the defense beyond its stingy 14 points yielded for this game. Not to diminish that singular accomplishment, because Kent State knows how to score, having put up 41 last week in their opener.

    However, the 3rd down conversion rate, 9 of 18 Saturday, is too high, and allows an opponent to get 80 snaps, and control the clock for a significant majority of the clock’s 60 minutes.

    Minter is right about learning how winning feels, and contrasting that against how losing felt the week before. But, this team must get better defensive play in the weeks ahead to enjoy that winning feeling more that two more times this season.

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