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Video: Oscar Combs talks about who might go, who might say for next year’s Cats

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  1. ProspectCat

    I don’t understand why the question for Ky players has to be only do they stay one year or two years, risking less playing time next year. These particular freshmen have had too much pressure put on them without sufficient upperclass leadership. I think they will ultimately do a lot better in the draft and with their overall NBA careers if they would stay three years, with the attention next year mostly on the incoming ‘stars’ and then having a big year after they leave. I wish Oscar or other commentators would discuss this view.

  2. Larry Pup

    I pretty much see it like Oscar sees it. Good to hear his insight.

    1. larryvaught

      Oscar has lot of connections to draw on

  3. Larry Pup

    Oscar pretty much sees it the way I do for the most part. Good to hear his thoughts.

  4. BobbyBlue

    I applaud Oscar Combs,as he has alwas been a great UK ambassador,historian,etc,but with his entrepeneurial skills,he also made a fortune from UK,BB, with the “Cats Pause.”
    Oscar didn’t say/reveal anything in this video, that isn’t obvious to all but the casual fan.

  5. eddie

    number one i will say this not concerning the topc oscar is a big fan of the NBA coming to kentucky,

    and i agree everything he said

  6. LindaS

    I think Oscar knows more about Kentucky basketball then anyone on this earth, sorry, Larry, he has been around longer. I think Oscar is right but we will see.
    Funny story, a few games ago Gary sat down next to a man at the media table. He extended his hand and introduced himself. He asked the man what his name was….Jamal Mashburn! Gary did not recognize the Mash…duh. He posted on FB he was sitting next to Oscar Combs at the SEC, I asked him if he recognized him or read his name tag…got ya Gary! Go Cats!

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