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Video: Larry sits with Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde and talks about Cal, Big Blue Nation, and other fan bases


I have known Pat Forde for a long time and consider him a friend because he’s always been very gracious to me. He calls it an “occupational hazard” that fan bases don’t like him and knows that the UK fans particularly do not like him.

I had a chance to sit down with him a few minutes at the SEC Tournament to let him talk about his relationship with UK fans.

Enjoy the interview — whether you like him or not — and remember that he says “I have a lot of friends that are Kentucky fans” and he says the UK fan base is not that different from a few others.

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  1. Love SEC

    When he said that he had a lot of friends that are Kentucky fans you have to remember that he only has 2 friends so you are a U.K. fan and you are 50% of his friends.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      CLASSIC!!! :)

    2. LindaS

      Love SEC-priceless, best thing I have read all day! bet turde does not read these comments!

  2. Bigslap

    A little Freudian slip there? The TN fans say,”Oh he hates KY” and the OSU fans say, “He hates KY”. I would say that the truth comes out

    1. King Ghidora

      I noticed that too. Apparently everyone knows he hates UK including Forde himself. He’s just another disgruntled Loserville fan that can’t stand it that they are the little sister in the state.

  3. Larry Pup

    Pat Forde can go suck an egg. I don’t like him as a sports writer from his days at C-J years ago. I don’t recall ever reading an article by him that didn’t find a way to stick a knife in UK. He can talk all that crap that he wants. I don’t like him.

    1. LindaS

      Larry Pup, I so agree with you. Remember, fibby reed was there before him and he is just following in his footsteps.

  4. King Ghidora

    Forde is a disgrace to journalism. He has used regional prejudice to bash UK fans for years with comments about UK fans being from “Monkey’s Eyebrow” and surprisingly enough not liking the coaching of Orlando Smith. Forde has cashed in on anti-UK bias for years and rode it to a national gig where he proved that he will do anything for money including insult, lie and cheat while he makes his living accusing UK of cheating. He’s the worst of the worst.

    Is this a journalism brotherhood thing Larry? Because some of the things Forde has said are inexcusable. I don’t get it. I don’t see you making unfounded accusations of cheating like Forde has done many times.

    Let’s not forget that Forde has been all too happy to paint Rupp as the perfect villain in the Texas Western game knowing good and well it wasn’t true. That didn’t stop Forde from cashing in on the hysteria that has grown up around the game mostly starting 25 years after the game was played. Forde accused Rupp of being mired in the past and unwilling to change. Uh – those are good things Pat. Morality doesn’t change with time but that’s not something you’d be familiar with.

  5. obbylue

    Come on Larry…this guy never has anything positive to say about UK,even before he left Louisville. He attacks Cal,and the UK program,constantly, at every opportunity. Hell its known that he fed the Bledsoe stuff to Thameltoe,and some believe he had a hand in “the Sun Times” crap article, about A Davis…… I’ve always enjoyed your insight and columns as well as your radio show participation…as John Short would say “You’re a great American.”
    That being said,t’s dificult to understand why you’d defend this hack !
    All he did in the video, was lie about his vendeta,and try hard to come off as one of the good guys,instead of what he is…..a Louisville sympathizer and a Kentucky hater,who can’t even spell,fair .As one of your fans, I just find it difficult to understand why you gave him the opportunity,to smooze with, “awh shucks,all writers have this problem with fan bases…its not personal”…yeah right !
    Maybe you subscribe to… keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer, IDK but personally I rank Tipturd,and Forde, #1 & 1A as Ky ENEMIES…they will forever be on my most hated list !

  6. Karen Sprinkle

    Sorry, Larry, I could only get through about half of this before I had to turn it off. Even I, who have a relatively open mind about most things, think Forde has an ax to grind and takes every opportunity to take a jab at UK. He doesn’t seem to care if the stuff he reports is factual or not. I do think it was a telling slip of the tongue that he said Tennessee and Ohio State fans both think he hates UK before belatedly trying to correct it.

    You are a brave man to admit that you are buddies with Forde and Doug Shows. You may need counseling. :-)

    1. LindaS

      Oh Karen, I so agree with you. Turde, flipton, thameltoe and the rest, they all use UK to get hits on their web post so their employers will be happy. The best thing we can do is not go to those websites.

  7. Anonymous

    I think you need new friends Larry, and no I didn’t listen to the interview, I just had lunch and didn’t want to loose it.

  8. Jason

    Nice Freudian slip there.

    The dude has done pretty disgusting, shady things in a quest to destroy Kentucky basketball. Yeah, i really bet you go to the hometowns of Tennessee and Ohio State recruits, knocking on random doors and asking for dirt on their players. And trying to get them in trouble by exploiting how Bledsoe lived in a car. So weak. You can be friends with whoever you want, Larry, but surely you know he’s completely full of it. Nauseating to even watch the first minute of that interview.

  9. Kathy

    With Shows and Forde as friends I think you need to find some new ones.
    I didn’t watch the video, didn’t think I could stomach it.

    1. larryvaught

      Kathy, known both of those guys for a long time. Both always treated me great. Just judge them on how they are with me

  10. BBN

    What a load of crap. He is always dogging on UK. Any chance he gets to say something bad about the program, he will do it. He is hated because he hates UK and then goes on to write about it. He just will not admit to it.

  11. Gene

    I didn’t try to watch the video Larry. I’ve seen enough, heard enough, and read enough of Forde’s libel over the years to know pretty much what he’d say to try to defend himself.
    He’s lower than whale poop when writing about anything UK and uses us to try and furthur his useless “career”, nothing more!!

  12. Anonymous

    The interview reminds me of Benjamin Disraeli remark, “Frank and explicit”–that is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and to confuse the minds of others. Come on Pat, I’d like you a lot better if you simply said you personally don’t like Çoach Cal as a person and despise U of K. Funny how people works so hard to become well known, then wear dark glasses to avoid being recognized. Noticed you weren’t wearing any??

  13. Bryan

    Larry, why dont you ask him about some of his articles on UK and see if he still stands by them!! Wast of my time following that link

  14. True Blue

    Good grief Vaught. I thought you had some class. I guess I’ll have to re-think that. Is there some mutual butt kissing society among media types or something? If you can defend Forde I have no use for you.

  15. Sarah White

    I hope he is really more of an acquaintance than a friend. He is a moral joke. What he tried to do to Eric Bledsoe and his family was inexcusable. As much as I respect and like you, I think he is reprehensible.

  16. UKFMLY


    That and that alone is good enough reason to not trust Mr. Ford. Add to that he wrote rp’s last book, what he tried to do to Bledsoe and it’s hard for UK fans to believe he is a truly unbiased reporter. IMO he took a step down from ESPN to Yahoo so what precipitated that? In the words of my youngest “that guy is VERY SKETCHY at best. An opinion that seems to be shared by most of the BBN and all the ul fans I know. Even though he wrote rp’s book they know why he was suspended from the CJ and have not forgiven or forgotten.



    On a lighter note I do not judge you by your friends like some have, because I too judge people by how they treat me and not others(though I may be somewhat more careful around them).

  17. joe bailey

    Larry, you are the best, and dont need anything from Forde to grace your site. I would never even dream of watching the video

  18. LindaS

    I’m not going to waste my time to watch this either. Sorry, Larry, you are still the best but my mother taught me the difference between right and wrong, lies and truth and turde is in little slick quick ricks pocket and therefore he also talks with a forked tongue.
    Don’t forget about this from Erin Calipari. http://www.allkyhoops.com/2009/05/erin-calipari-is-done-with-espncom-and.html Daddy was a diplomat concerning this, but I felt her pain.
    He doesn’t like the BBN http://www.allkyhoops.com/2011/01/pat-forde-trashes-kentucky-fans-once.html
    He called the hiring of Cal an April Fools Joke on the University and the basketball program.
    From KSR, sorry, Larry, http://kentuckysportsradio.com/?p=53115

  19. UKFAN197TONE

    Great fans of Larry and UK, Fourde is the guy that’s nice to your face and talks junk as soon as you’re out of ear shot. The one that some say is a good guy and the rest say he is a feminine hygiene product, manufactured by Massengil.

    1. LindaS

      adopted son, that is priceless, brilliant and roflmao! Wish my reply would show up, guess it is still waiting to be approved!

      1. gmoyers

        The spam filter holds any comment with two or more links, Linda, to protect against spam. I just approved it.

        1. lindas

          thanks Gary

  20. King Ghidora

    This “story” got me thinking about the crap that’s come from Forde in the past so I did a little digging. I learned that he was suspended from the CJ for passing information on to the NCAA about the Cardinals that the CJ staff dug up. This is in his own words. He says that’s why he didn’t do columns for months afterward because the NCAA passed the information on the UL and UL took it back to the CJ with less than a little gratitude for someone with access doing the dirty work of the NCAA. I don’t believe it’s Forde’s job to be chief investigator for the NCAA but he seems to think it is. Add that to the bull surrounding the Bledsoe situation and you have a guy who loves to promote half baked stories (as in no proof but plenty of innuendo) in order to further his own career. He apparently hoped the NCAA would finish the job of investigating the story on UL for him and he would get the credit for breaking the story. What a guy.

    Then there’s the book he wrote for Little Ricky while he was “investigating” the Karen Sypher issue. Apparently he was pulled off his coverage of that story and his coverage of UK because of his obvious bias against Calipari and UK. My inclination that he was a Card fan turns out to be more a case of him being a Little Ricky fan. Making money together will do that for you. Maybe Cal should buy him off too and there wouldn’t be any more wild fantasy stories about secret payments and fixed grades or any of the other CRAP he has promoted over the years.

    I don’t get it Larry. The fact he treats “you” well is not enough reason to ignore his obvious transgressions IMO. He certainly doesn’t treat us well. He doesn’t treat anyone fair that I can tell. When I went to journalism school we were told to get two sources before we ever published anything. I guess half a source is enough these days if your “target” is on the approved targets list.

    I don’t accept that sort of behavior from anyone regardless of whether they treat me well or not. I certainly wouldn’t trust that weasel in a million years unless he did some severe repenting along the way. I really don’t understand how you can give him a pass on this stuff. He tries to destroy young men who are working hard to dig themselves out of a really bad situation. That was certainly the case with Bledsoe. For Forde to try to destroy him like that is beyond reprehensible. He’s an utter slime ball.

    I’ll repeat my earlier comment. He’s the worst of the worst. He is NOT a journalist unless you count “yellow journalists”.

    Reading Forde’s stuff reminds me of why I got out of journalism before I ever really started even though I had a huge success at it before I got out of college. My idea was stolen from me and I never got a nickel for it of course (taken from a piece I turned in for credit in a class at Morehead). That left a dirty taste in my mouth but I was already gone from the media profession because of being taught to turn a story into what I wanted it to say instead of just reporting. So I do know how many “journalists” operate. They told me to do it. They did it to me. There was another incident involving my wife and their misreporting of what she said too.

    In short, sometimes journalists are scum. Forde is one of those journalists. Unlike him I have proof of what I say. I have his own words admitting to what he did although he claimed his ethics were never challenged again after that. Ha!

    I didn’t sell out. Forde clearly did. He uses his power to try to hurt me, my friends, my family and even my state. I have zero use for a person like that. I remember the lessons of media history. People like Forde are a blight on humanity and they are capable of doing untold damage. At least one war in our history was caused by yellow journalism. And much of the media today is following that path again promoting an agenda instead of reporting the news. There’s nothing wrong with promoting an agenda but don’t destroy people in your attempts to do it and don’t claim to be a “journalist” when in fact you are an advocate.

  21. LindaS

    Larry, we still love you, we just don’t like journalist who have no ethics or integrity. We don’t like journalist who hate our team, who ride the train for money and do anything they can to bring attention to themselves by writing against our team. He’s a jerk, we all feel that way, but we have the up most respect and admiration for you. He is two faced and back stabbing.

  22. Katbluefan

    Larry, I live near Memphis, my wife and I are Tiger fans also KY Wildcat fans. I’m from KY and have been a Cat fan since the Brown suit sat on the bench. Pat Forde is a disgrace to writers, always has been & always will be. His problem is his love of Pitino. If “Slick Rick” ever stops quick we know where Pat will be. He thought he was going to get KY in trouble with the Bledsoe lies but that didn’t work for him and others. My dear mother used to say, “Those who Lie will get their dues in the end” and I hope I’m around long enough to see Forde get his just dues.

  23. donv

    Can’t imagine what kind of human being would want to hurt a kid that slept in a car growing up. Not someone I could ever be friends with.

  24. GrampyBlue

    Pat Forte is almost as big in the buthole department as Jerry @ the HL. He’s quick to hammer UK or Cal but you couldn’t find him near Karen’s 15 second spin with his buddy Slick Rick or the UNC scandal just to mention a few of his angles. You know Larry it’s like this; that white spec on the top of Chicken Crap well that’s Chicken Crap too!

  25. MickintheHam

    Well Larry, I expected arrogance and I wasn’t disappointed. you would think the Horse’s A could admit that UK fans hate him more than any other fan base.

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