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Video: Larry hears cowbells, makes a chocolate cow and soaks up the culture in Switzerland

Click on the photo above to enjoy a few minutes of Larry in Switzerland.

Click on the photo above to enjoy a few minutes of Larry in Switzerland.

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  1. LindaS

    WHAT IS WITH THE RED HAT??? Larry really, I mean do you want the evil twin sister to come after you with her louavull slugger? I can’t believe it, I am speechless…you can redeem yourself in the next video if you wear something UK. Those cows look like the ones on my son-in-law’s father’s farm. You sure you aren’t in Metcalf Co?
    Have fun, don’t worry about us, we are find, we don’t need current UK news, that’s ok, we will survive…6 more working days for me!

    1. larryvaught

      Linda, red cap is a Brass Band Festival hat with Danville on it. That way folks on tour remember who I am. Scenery great here. Yodeling tomorrow night

  2. Love SEC F-Ball

    I agree with Linda – I am sure that red hats are cheaper than blue ones but you should have some left over from the St. Louis trip in 1978!

    Enjoyed the video – We will give you a pass on the cow’s ear.

    The Church was awesome – I felt like I was there – Will watch it several times – Thanks!

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    Thanks for sharing the sights from your vacation with us, Larry. The cowbells would have driven me batty, though.

  4. LindaS

    I am sure it is a fine red hat and it represents a very fine and awesome organization…but Larry, they would remember blue with Kentucky Wildcats on it too! You just took the excitement out of my retirement. BUMMER! I too enjoyed the videos and the church and etc. But wear blue, PLEASE!

  5. LindaS

    If not a blue hat, keep the red for the brass band thingy but wear a BLUE UK SHIRT with it.

  6. Anonymous

    There will be an official weigh-in when you return Larry…rumor has it that you may not make the weight limit after all those chocolate cows. Listen to what those cows are saying, “eat more chicken”.

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