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9 Responses to Video: Jenna Mitchell talks about coach Matthew’s ‘lucky suit’

  • Love SEC F-Ball says:

    His “Lucky suit” was whatever he was wearing when he asked this girl to marry him!
    Loved the comment …….”When WE got the job” – She is a team player!

  • Larry Pup says:

    Coach is a very fortunate man to have such a sweet wife. Great video. Maybe he could loan that suit to Cal for the rest of the year.

  • Karen Sprinkle says:

    I think he should definitely make sure his lucky suit is ready to go for the Elite Eight and Final Four.

    And, Larry, sorry buddy, but luck is not transferable. My lucky t-shirt does not bring luck to anyone else. Oddly enough, I have been contemplating changing lucky UK outfits for tonight’s game. The luck appears to have been washed out. :-(

  • Paul from SC says:

    Agree with Love-SEC f-ball. “We got the job”. I love that. We UK fans are lucky to have this team at Kentucky. Matthew has done a tremendous job and I hope he is at UK for a very long time. Living in South Carolina, I really enjoy watching Jenna and Matthew on the Matthew Mitchell show each Sunday. I also watching his team give everything they have each game, they are fun to watch.


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