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Video: Getting to know UK basketball player Twany Beckham

This is the first in a series of video interviews with UK players during media day recently. Interviewer Jacqui Hoyle is a senior broadcast major at UK. Her interviews will run at 3 p.m. each day until concluded.

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  1. Michael

    FANTASTIC Great job Jacqui!!!!!!!!!!
    Is she going to be the next Erin Andrews? Looks like it!

    1. larryvaught

      Will have a video with Jacqui for the next eight days. Enjoy. She has a charm and knowledge about her that got guys to talk about some different aspects of their lives

      1. Sean

        and she isn’t hard on the eyes either Mr. Vaught. ;)

        1. larryvaught

          Can’t argue that with you Sean. One of many reasons she could have a very bright future in the media business

  2. S C White

    I thought she did a great job. Twany was one of the guys I had so much fun with (Archie Goodwin was the other). If you watched the video I sent, you can see them both laughing and cracking up as I was trying to dribble two balls one at a time. They are now officially two of my favorites.

    I thought Rick Stansbury was a jerk to him, and I am so proud of Twany for being such a man when he was bullied by an adult.

  3. Lebron James

    Wow, seriously? I can think of only one word to describe that interview: awkward. The girl is cute…but don’t disrespect the sexy AND smart, Erin Andrews. On a lighter note… GO CATS!

    1. larryvaught

      Erin Andrews is superb. NO doubt about it. But glad to have Jacqui helping us and she will also be going to the UK women’s media day for more interviews

    2. Sean

      Well, luckily we live in America where you have every right to be wrong.

      She did well, she was relaxing and normal, and in interviews with these kids that is exactly how you get them to speak a little more about the personal likes/dislikes.

      My only suggestion, which I’m sure Mr. Vaught would have told her since he is one of the greats, is not to repeat what they say. That helps it to feel more like a conversation than an interview.

      1. larryvaught

        Jacqui will just get better and better. First time doing something like this on short notice is not easy.

        1. Sean

          I couldn’t have done it that’s for sure. Big props to her for sure!

    3. Ian

      Jacque did a wonderful job, “Lebron” with this being her first video. So critical of the beautiful girl who is simply just working to be the best she can be.

  4. Karen Sprinkle

    Nice job Jacqui. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the interviews.

  5. Love SEC

    Good job Jacqui – especially for your first interview.
    Looking forward to more.

  6. Lillian Kohler

    I have been in the broadcasting industry for 9 years now, and you’re telling me that this is her first time in front of the camera? All I can say is WOW! This girl has a bright and successful future ahead of her. SHE’S A NATURAL!!!! Great job, Jacqui!

  7. Jacqui Hoyle

    Thank you to all who have posted such positive and encouraging messages and words! Larry and Gary are so awesome to work with and are great inspirations! I look forward to working with them more and I also look forward to hearing what you all think about the rest of the player interviews! Go CATS!

    1. larryvaught

      Lillian, I am with you. I literally lined this up with Jacqui about 20 hours ahead of time and she had class until 30 minutes before we started. She did a great job. And Jacqui, thanks for the kind words but we are so looking forward to your future help

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