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Video: Does Makayla Epps have a hint where Andrew Wiggins might sign?

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  1. jerry williams

    can not find this video

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    Apparently not, since there’s no video here I can see.

  3. gmoyers

    Karen, sorry – I’m working on it now. Our vids are hosted by a third party site, and for some reason the embed code stopped working today. I hope to get it running soon

  4. Juan4UK

    In today’s current lingo with the whipper-snappers (I’m 42, can I use that word yet? #Can’tWait), I think it’s said “Real recognize Real”– that’s the only clue he’s given. Grats Ms. Epps.

  5. Larry Pup

    Hope so!

  6. Karen Sprinkle

    Sounds like a good indication to me!

  7. larryvaught

    Great indicator to me because Wiggins just doesn’t do random things

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