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Video: Check out Andrew Wiggins talking about Kentucky’s incoming freshman class

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  1. Jessica Cornelius

    Yessiree! We got him. He sees the vision. Will b Epic!!!!

  2. william allen

    Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that class?

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    Hold on now. Don’t get me all excited. I think the question must have been what if you signed with Kentucky. He went on to say “if I signed with Kentucky…” It means there’s still hope–of course, with Cal (and Coachs O and Payne), there’s always a lot of hope on the recruiting front.

  4. David

    Come on Julius, just give us a commitment already. The waiting has been killing me and with the down year we had this year we need some more excellent news. Go Cats and Go Wichita win it all, anyone besides Louisville. I’ll never be able to log onto Facebook again if the Cards win it all.

    1. Juan4UK

      Julius committed a couple weeks ago. Think u mean Andrew.

  5. Mike

    Hey Gang…it all sounds good and nice to be giddy but don’t forget…Cal still has to coach them.

  6. Larry T Clemons

    He’s In….” He reminds me of a youngster on Christmas Morning ! ” I’m telling you, Wiggins is Blue !

  7. Anonymous

    He is the most athletic player I have ever seen and that includes MJ…didn’t say he was better, just unbelievably athletic.

  8. Juan4UK

    What a nice kid. That’s the most candid and relaxed I’ve ever seen of him on video. Usually it’s under the weight of recruiting questions with guarded, canned answers.
    What a great sounding kid.!!!

  9. lunchbox

    I agree with u juan. ive seen a ton of videos of wiggens an in this very short video he seems diff. I think hes made his mind up……at least I hope

    1. King Ghidora

      I hope he’s made up his mind too as long as his choice is UK. :D If he has somewhere else in mind he needs to think about it some more.

  10. Tony

    Did you hear his slip of tongue in response? He said “…it would be the best college team ever…WE’VE got…”

  11. P90XDude

    When he smiles like that I think he will come here – he seemed more relaxed and maybe Coach Cal’s visit helped bring him here

  12. Karen Sprinkle

    Playing on the same team with some of the UK incoming freshmen could really open his eyes to how great it could be. Hope all 6 of our committed guys and our two committed gals have a great and fun week in Chicago!

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