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Video by Kentucky Wildcats TV: Who’s Next? – Wide Receivers

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  1. Tcat

    I love that video but it’s very hard to say who is going to end up being as good as those guys… Yeast and Cobb were like RB’s at WR. Dicky and Tamme had great hands and were very tough, Stevie had great hands, size and speed thus the reason he’s ended up being the best in the NFL so far.

    I think his combo of size, speed and route running ability is what allows him to be a top 5-10 WR in the NFL if not higher. Timmons and Badet could end up being special in the slot but something many don’t realize is Yeast and Cobb were very strong, like I said played like RB’s at the WR position. A lot of times those types of prospects aren’t rated very high, D Collins is a guy I hope comes up big this year. One thing is certain everyone should get their chance… I can’t wait.

  2. David

    Touch Down Kentucky!!! Yeast was always one of my favorites, but Cobb is right there with him. I still think Cobb should have been Quarter Back when Hartline was hurt, I think he was too much of a threat every time he touched the ball and he kept teams or should I say defense’s off balance. Ask Spurrier when Kentucky went SC and Cobb was killing them at QB only to be taken out of the game for the 3rd stringer not to score the go ahead touch down. I quote Spurrier ” Thank God Brooks took Cobb out of the game we could not figure out how to stop him”. Please do not tell me he was tired, he did not ask to come out and I am sure if left in would have scored and won the game.

  3. David

    Oh yeah Go Big Blue!!!

  4. Gene T.

    I hope the days of UK Coaches making some of the most stupid calls that could be made in an important situation are over. I really believe they are with Stoops.

  5. Larry Pup

    Great video. More play makers coming too. Got em in the pipe line. My favorite catch is Stevie Johnson’s game winner against Louisville. My favorite receiver is Yeast. This was a dynamite video. This gets the football juices flowing I love Kentucky football. Always have.

  6. Larry Pup

    When will UK land a 5* football recruit? It will happen in the future. My prediction.

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