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Veteran Kentucky fan sees big plus in hiring Jones, booster apologizes for Petrino rumor


I met Forrest Daulton when I attend the annual Ohio UK Convention in Middletown, Ohio, and he even won an autographed football card I brought one year of Jacob Tamme that he gave to his grandson that is now on display in his grandson’s bedroom.
“My UK football goes back to Charlie Bradshaw and the Thin Thirty,” Daulton said.
He says he would support whoever UK hires for its next football coach, but with the rumors swirling about a possible hiring of Cincinnati’s Butch Jones — his team beat South Florida 27-10 Friday — possibly this weekend even though the Bearcats have a regular-season game remaining, Daulton wanted to voice his support for Jones.
“I would like to bring to your attention a plus for Butch Jones that a lot of people are missing. My granddaugher is a junior at UC and plays in the band, so I have seen several UC football games the last few years. The cat (Bearcat) can flat out coach,” Daulton said. “Besides that, look no further than UC’s roster, you can find Elder, Moeller, Colerain, Princeston, Lakota, Middletown and all the other Ohio and northern Kentucky high schools.  These are the top high school football programs anywhere.  Not only does he have his foot in the door of these schools, he has his whole body. This goes along with Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida players.  Can he compete with Ohio State and Notre Dame for the top shelf players in Ohio? Most likely not, but you can bet he will go toe to toe with Michigan and all the other BCS schools,” Daulton said.
“I have heard UK supporters and fans say for years that UK needs to get into the Cincinnati and Ohio schools, but it has not happened yet on a consistent basis.  Well, this could be the perfect storm if it can be worked out and Butch would be willing to be the head coach at UK.  I believe he would try his best to keep the relationship with the coaches in the south that Joker and company already have.”
Some say it’s going to happen, maybe even by Sunday night.
Others were convinced Friday that former Louisville and Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino not only was back in the picture — something I would welcome but immediately doubted — but was going to be hired this weekend. All this was apparently based on a Facebook post by UK booster J.R. Greer of London. That caused message board speculation to spin out of control.
To Greer’s credit, he updated his Facebook page Friday night with this statement:
“I want to apologize that earlier I wrote that Bobby Petrino would be our next coach. My post was in humor as most all my post are (if not pictures of family or friends). We support UK and the Big Blue Nation and trust Mitch Barnhart will make the best hire possible for UK.”
When I briefly contacted him to let him know I had even got texts and calls about the rumor, he said, “I had hundreds of friend requests in a matter of minutes with people saying thanks and some even saying their families had been praying for this.”

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  1. Ira

    About JR Greer’s post when he said he had hundreds of friend requests with people saying thanks in minutes, that should tell the AD all he needs to know about the fanbase about getting BP to UK.

    On Butch Jones, I think he will be a solid hire, not the sexy hire that UK fans want, but a dependable hire that UK can get back to the Brooks era no problem.

    1. larryvaught

      Fan base still behind Petrino more than any other candidate. Not saying fans won’t rally around someone else, but Petrino remains the name more fans prefer than any other single coach

  2. Jim Boyers

    I would back Jones 100%. He would be a tremendously solid hire.,

    As far as the rumor mill…Ain’t it great to live in an age where anyone can say something, no matter how ridiculous and 10 minutes later everyone is accepting it as fact, if only for a short period of time.

    Sometimes I really miss the good ol’ days of getting my info from a newspaper, or as I like to call it, “the 80’s”.

  3. eddie

    jones would help us be another walking mat so that flordia and georgia and when tennessee gets going again next year them too and south carolina we have to play four ranked teams next year and at UC jones lost to both to them this year i do not want to to be a walking mat i want to see UK go to the next level meaning SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS and being ranked call me crazy but i would love to see kentucky
    be as best dare i say the basketball team and being a top contender every single year sorry to sound upset but am tired of medeocre mundane football watching other teams beat us i pose this question to you you really think other teams in our leuge respect us? sadly the answer is no they do not they know what they are going to get when they play a kentucky football team and getting jones we’ll be in the same position as we always have again sorry for my rant.

  4. Larry T Clemons

    I heard Booby Petrino choose,”Kentucky Fried Chicken” over Turkey on Thursday’s, Thanksgiving Dinner….Hope Mitch B. doesn’t choose a Turkey or Coach Petrino. Just a Rumor, don’t friend me…LOL

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I blew that joke…..MB. doesn’t choose a Turkey ” OVER ” Coach Petrino….I guess I’ve straddled both sides of this fence… oops !

  5. David

    This is Mitch Barnhart to the T!

    “Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity trust upon them.”
    Joseph Heller catch 22

    Hire Petrino, Mitch prove me wrong

  6. tyson

    Larry, I have yet to hear anyone justify why they would hire Petrino if they were Barnhart. Barnhart, as a responsible AD, CANNOT hire Petrino. He has screwed over every AD (or in the NFL case, General Manager) he has been under and also almost got Arkansas sued. An AD CANNOT hire Petrino and expect to keep his job for long. And this is all assuming that Petrino is interested in the UK job anyway.

    My guess is that both Petrino and UK are at the end of each other’s lists. Rumors are that Butch Jones is a no-go thanks to someone, either on his side or UK’s side, screwing up communication. Prepare for Tuberville to be our next coach.

  7. Bill

    Tuberville? Oh, he’s the one who slapped an assistant on the sidelines. No? He was only reaching for the assistant’s headset with force. Just a misunderstanding. Why don’t we try and get Leach, Petrino, and Tuberville on the sidelines at the same time. Now that would sell tickets!

  8. Larry T Clemons

    We Need an OFFENSIVE minded Coach, to Win In THE SEC….Coach Bobby Petrino or Coach Jon Gruden…That’s it….IMHO.

  9. Andy S

    Butch Jones seems like an okay hire. He is not doing well in the big east so I highly doubt he wants to take his chances in the SEC. I wonder if Mitch will even contact Chris Peterson from Boise or will even reach out. My question is how many other schools out there are interested in Bobby Petrino knowing his discretions.

  10. Tana

    Great point, tyson — and that’s exactly why no AD has yet hired Petrino. A caller on today’s postgame show noted that Petrino is a “habitual liar” who has lied to three employers in a row — to Tom Jurich at Louisville, more than once (and once sneaked to Auburn to consider taking away “friend” Tommy Tuberville’s job), then to the Falcons’ boss, and then to the Arkansas AD. Obviously, the marital relationship followed the same pattern.

    By the way, a female caller said recruiting is a huge part of the job and that coaches have to win over players’ moms, adding that she suspected a lot of players’ moms would not be thrilled about their sons going off to school to be under Petrino’s care and guidance. Then there are all the Falcons and Cardinals who have spoken of their total lack of respect/even “hatred” for Petrino (based on published reports of both, along with a friend’s conversations with former Louisville players).

    Again, tyson, your post surely makes sense to me — indeed, I, too, have not yet read an even remotely reasonable justification for an AD’s currently hiring Bobby Petrino. Petrino was evidently “blinded” by the grass’ evidently being greener on the other side of the fence (better job — younger woman, whatever) and repeatedly lying his way to get to it. Some fans seem, to be similarly “blinded” by the appeal of winning more games, ignoring all of the other potential consequences of such a hire for a “leader of young men.” I add that last statement because Jeff Van Note wisely used that description of what the job SHOULD be, himself adding that there is no way Mr. Barnhart would ever make such a decision.

    That’s exactly how I see it and why I never even seriously listen to anyone’s saying that it will be Petrino. Mitch Barnhart is wiser than taking that big risk, along with his wanting a man of character and trustworthiness as his employee AND as a leader/role model/parent figure for those student-athletes about whom Barnhart himself cares. Oh, I, too, want many more wins (and I think Coach Petrino has a brilliant offensive mind), BUT I want to be proud of those like I had been after some big wins during both Coach Rich Brooks’ and Coach Joker Phillips’ tenures. Just my sincere, humble opinion on the matter.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I could be ” Very Proud ” if, My University Of Kentucky, could be so wise and humble as to Give A Man, an opportunity to prove his nay-sayers wrong. A Man, with a purpose and the Skills to Achieve, could do wonderful things for the University Of Kentucky Football Program. If you Believe, Coach Petrino deserves an opportunity, to work in his Chosen Profession, let it be us (UK), to shake his hand and welcome Him To Kentucky……

    2. David

      Tana where did you get your information that Petrino went to Auburn to talk about the head coaching position when he was at Louisville? Do you have facts? Thanks.

        1. tyson

          David, the info about Petrino and Auborn is pretty common knowledge now. Just do a google search.

          As for the articles defending Petrino, Joe Hall has a personal interest in Petrino getting a good job (family relations). I don’t know that he is the most objective person to listen to.

    3. tyson

      Thanks for being clearer than I could be. Glad someone else has some common sense and rational thinking skills :)

  11. Tana

    Just adding that I should have put quotations around “Mr. Barnhart” when referring to Jeff Van Note’s remark — I had noticed Van Note’s display of respect in stark contrast to some of the names I’ve recently seen Barnhart called. GO CATS!!!

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