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Vanderbilt routs Kentucky 64-48 in SEC tourney

Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin (10) dunks the ball as Kentucky forward Willie Cauley-Stein (15) looks on during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Vanderbilt at the Southeastern Conference tournament, Friday, March 15, 2013, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin (10) dunks the ball as Kentucky forward Willie Cauley-Stein (15) looks on during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Vanderbilt at the Southeastern Conference tournament, Friday, March 15, 2013, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

AP Sports Writer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Dai-Jon Parker scored 12 points, and the Vanderbilt Commodores beat Kentucky 64-48 Friday night in a rematch of last year’s Southeastern Conference tournament championship and put a serious dent in the Wildcats’ hopes of at least having a chance to defend their national title.

Kentucky (21-11) came in as a bubble team projected possibly as a play-in candidate after coach John Calipari sent six players to the NBA last summer and tried reloading yet again with another top recruiting class. But Nerlens Noel had surgery earlier this week to fix his torn ACL, and the Wildcats couldn’t match the intensity of the Commodores.

Kevin Bright scored 11 points, Kedren Johnson and Kyle Fuller had 10 apiece. Vanderbilt (16-16) shot 50 percent overall, hitting 8 of 17 3-pointers.

Archie Goodwin led Kentucky with 12 points, and Kyle Wiltjer had 10. Ryan Harrow was 2 of 15 for four points as Kentucky was held to a season-low in points. The Wildcats outrebounded Vandy 32-30 but just couldn’t keep up with how well the Commodores shot the ball.

The Commodores also lost their top six players off the team that won the school’s first tourney title in 61 years with three also in the NBA. Their growing pains have been such that winning is the only way to keep playing now.

They came out and hit 18 of their first 27 shots, including their first five of the second half, in building a 48-27 lead. Kentucky clawed back with 10 straight points, the last a high-flying dunk by Goodwin to pull within 48-37 with 12:43 to go. Then the Wildcats went cold, not hitting another field goal until Alex Poythress’ layup with 7:31 remaining made it 53-41 because Vandy suddenly couldn’t hit after a Kevin Bright 3-pointer with 11:22 left.

Johnson hit two free throws followed by a 3-pointer from Sheldon Jeter to push the lead back to 17 with 6:00 left, and Kentucky didn’t threaten again. Vandy coach Kevin Stallings was able to pull his starters in the final minute for an ovation.

Kentucky swept Vanderbilt in the regular season, but the Wildcats won both games by a combined six points. The Commodores weren’t happy about a 60-58 loss Jan. 10 at Memorial Gym where officials missed a late shot clock violation on a key bucket by Noel.

Even though this game is only a couple miles away from Vanderbilt’s campus, Wildcats’ fans turned Bridgstone Arena into Rupp South filled with blue from the court up to the rafters.

The atmosphere only seemed to rev up the Commodores.

Kentucky led twice, the last on a reverse layup by Goodwin at 6-5. Shelby Moats hit a 3 from the top of the key for Vandy, then Willie Cauley-Stein dunked to tie it up at 8. Odom scored on a layup putting Vandy up 10-8 with 12:42 to go. Kentucky got within two three times, the last at 18-16 with 6:22 to go on a layup by Harrow on his lone bucket of the half as he missed eight shots.

Vanderbilt finished the half on a 20-7 run as the Commodores kept tipping away passes and pushing the Wildcats out away from the basket. When they had the ball, the Commodores knocked down shot after shot. Cauley-Stein picked up his second personal with 4:53 and went to the bench. Vanderbilt scored 16 of the next 23 points.

Moats capped the half as he hit a long jumper in the final seconds for a 37-23 lead before going to the bench for a chest bump with Fuller.

VANDERBILT (16-16): Odom 3-7 2-2 9, Johnson 3-9 4-4 10, Bright 4-6 0-0 11, Parker 5-8 0-0 12, Henderson 1-4 0-1 2, Watkins 0-0 0-0 0, Fuller 4-6 2-2 10, Josephs 0-0 0-0 0, Astroth 0-0 0-0 0, Jeter 1-3 0-0 3, Moats 2-3 2-2 7, Siakam 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 23-46 10-11 64.

KENTUCKY (21-11): Goodwin 5-10 2-5 12, Harrow 2-15 0-0 4, Cauley-Stein 2-6 3-5 7, Poythress 2-3 1-3 6, Mays 2-8 0-0 6, Hood 1-3 0-0 3, Polson 0-2 0-0 0, Wiltjer 4-5 2-3 10. Totals 18-52 8-16 48.

Halftime_Vanderbilt 37-23. 3-Point Goals_Vanderbilt 8-17 (Bright 3-5, Parker 2-3, Moats 1-1, Odom 1-1, Jeter 1-3, Fuller 0-1, Johnson 0-3), Kentucky 4-14 (Mays 2-7, Poythress 1-1, Hood 1-3, Goodwin 0-1, Wiltjer 0-1, Harrow 0-1). Fouled Out_None. Rebounds_Vanderbilt 30 (Odom, Parker 6), Kentucky 32 (Cauley-Stein 9). Assists_Vanderbilt 9 (Johnson 3), Kentucky 6 (Mays 3). Total Fouls_Vanderbilt 16, Kentucky 16. A_NA.

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  1. Larry Pup

    When it was all said and done the CATS couldn’t shoot, play defense, or shoot ft’s. Vandy killed us. I can’t believe it. It is hard to beat a team 3 times in a year, I’ll say that. This team’s fate seems to be heartbreak city. What a frustrating year.

  2. eddie

    are you ready for some football?

    1. Larry Pup

      Been more than ready eddie. Football is a refreshing though about now. Thanks for the thought.

  3. Ira

    Said it once before, Jekyll and Hyde, which hat do they wear. You never know which team we get on the court.

  4. Gene T.

    I have said all year we have no guard play. Tourny time you have to have guards step up. Harrow is terrible. I hope he isn’t even a back up next year. He is way too soft to lead a team. We need leaders, and I think the twins and others will be. Kidd-Gilcrest was a leader last year, but I don’t think we had anyone this year. Noel was probably the closest we had. If we get a invite to the NCAA It will only be because of the Kentucky name and the way us fans travel. With the NCAA the Kentucky name could hurt . GO CATS!

  5. LindaS

    I have mixed emotions about this team and this season. I can’t hate them, I can’t get down on them, I can say I am disappointed but what right do I have to say that. I am not playing, I do not know what is going on in their heads, I don’t know what their feelings are towards one another. I don’t know what has happened since they signed their letters. I know Cal has tried, but why and what has not worked I have no clue. Is it fair for us to judge these kids, these 18 and 19 year old kids. What did we expect with no leadership. What did we expect with no seasoned players who had quality minutes last year. Did you see the interview with Ryan? That puts it into perspective. We are fans, we are not these young men. We don’t know what has gone on this year, we don’t know how they feel. Remember this, please before we say some things we would not want our children to hear or be said about them. The only think I know is I don’t think these boys were ever brothers, I don’t think they played as a team, but they are still my team. I would love to criticize them, point out all they have done wrong, but I hope and pray I don’t. I am not them. I am not a coach. Enjoy football season, but I am looking forward to next basketball season. I don’t think all these young men will be here next year. I wish them the best. I hope they can follow their dreams and be successful in life. Livin’ Blue & Lovin’ It.

    1. Larry Pup

      Right on Linda!

  6. Anonymous

    When I heard last night that we were going to play Vandy I got that feeling that things were not going to go well, it is hard to beat the same team three times in one season, they know your plays pretty well by then and really want to get revenge. I felt we would have been better off playing Arkansas since they had beaten us, and this team seems to need that big game incentive to play hard, and I was afraid they would take Vandy lightly since we had beaten them. I knew this season was going to be different than last year and I was right, in fact it seems like there has been so many disappointments that I actually have to remind myself we have won 21 games this year, ( lot of schools out there that would love to be able to say they have won 21 games ) but as a whole the BBN has been spoiled and expect more and in reality I guess that is not fair. In closing this I will add I LOVE UK, ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!!

  7. Janice Clegg

    The anonymous comment is from me,did not enter my name was thinking it was already entered.

  8. Anonymous

    You learn a lot from failure…I hope they all come back-they’re just freshmen!

  9. King Ghidora

    I don’t think most of us are so disappointed that they lost as much as we are that they just never seemed to work together as a team. There wasn’t enough fight in them to get the job done in the end. I don’t think this team will make the tournament. It’s still close whether they deserve it or not. Some games they look very good and others they don’t.

    I actually feel sorry for the kids because I think they will realize what they missed out on some day. There are some kids that gave it their all and some that just made mental mistakes but still tried hard. I thought Alex came to play but things just didn’t work out for the team.

    This is not a typical Calipari team for sure. It isn’t a typical UK team. I think the people who will suffer the most for that are the players themselves. And that’s a shame. I don’t think I ever played on a team that didn’t get better as the year progressed. I think that would have been hard to take actually. Even teams I was on that had a lot of stuff go against the team we still managed to find a spark before the season was over. I look back and I wish we could have found that spark earlier. I can’t imagine having missed out on it completely. It will hurt.

    I love the Cats and always will. Not every team has what it takes to win it all. Not every team has even won 20 games during my time as a Cat fan. At one time that was the bare minimum to be considered a good team. This team at least made it to that level. It’s something positive. I just hope they don’t come to wish they had done more. A guy down the street from me is the nephew of George Foreman. There’s a guy who had the talent when he was young to be the greatest boxer that ever lived. But he felt entitled. Later in his life he realized what he had squandered by giving up after his lone loss to Ali and he came back as an old man and won the title again. That shows what not having given your all can do to you. It can make you do crazy things even when you’re old. That’s because it eats at you that you didn’t get it done like you could have. Everyone has that to an extent but when you are a monster of a man in the boxing ring or you play for the BBN there’s something special about that. And not coming close to accomplishing what you could have will eat you up in the long run. Maybe they feel they did give it their all. I don’t know how much is lack of talent and how much is lack of desire or what. I really hope it doesn’t come back to haunt them. I love the Cats and I want the best for them all.

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      Good post, King.

    2. Larry T Clemons

      King, as you would concur, I just feel for these Young Men, after all the Joy and excitement last year was for Our Young Cats, I believe, (because of Our Collective BBN Love) for this Team of Young Men, WE TRULY wanted THEM to feel the same Joy and ” Live Those Experiences “…I Love this Team, each and everyone, and I Hope BBN Learned from this Experience also. I’ll gladly take NCAA or NIT Tourney, I just want to see Archie, Willie, Polson, Alex, Kyle, Mays, Hood and Ryan Harrow Play together a little more…Thank You Coaches and Wildcats !

  10. Larry T Clemons

    NCAA or NIT, I’ll take every Game we can get, We Need The WORK ! I watched Florida yesterday and I watched Kentucky…” How did we (UK) ever beat Florida …This feels like INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, somebody or something stole Our Wildcats ! The only way this could be Worse, would be if we where ranked # 2 in the Country and lost to unranked Maryland…

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Like I posted on another thread. It is time for me to take off the blue glasses. The truth is that we beat Florida in Rupp for two reasons (1) The last 7.5 minutes of that game began with Florida up and they did score from that point on. Some of this was due to UK defense, but most of it was due to Florida simply not executing. (2) Calipari put Willy Cauley Stein back in the game with 11 + minutes left and with 4 fouls. He did not foul out. That is why we won, and of course we were playing at home.

      Yet, yesterday should have felt like home for our players. Evidently it did not.

  11. grant

    King, you make great points as usual. Just looking at this team from a distance and from little comments Cal would make, i just don’t believe Cal could get the sense of urgency point driven in to them, and we know Cal tried. The season is over already, and those players have got to be saying , wow that went fast. But at some point i would bet they will be saying , we should have listened better and earlier. I think we can all agree that young people for the most part have little concept of how time can fly, so trying to get the team to” buy in” as soon as possible has got to be a chore, because before you know it , its march and you’re season is over . I agree with coach Boeheim that no one is going to win with all frosh. No way. There has to be some leadership in returnees from the previous team. My hope for the team next year is that somehow , someway , that the returnees convey to the new guys a real sense of urgency, because before you know it, its over. This will help Cal out next year , because a coach can only say stuff so many times before it becomes white noise, but if a peer or other player says it to a frosh, it takes on a different tone.

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      This team can serve as the poster child(ren) for what happens when you fail to listen to the coach and play “team first” basketball. I am positive that Cal will use this team as a tangible example for what happens when, for whatever reason, the player don’t buy in to the UK concept, just as much as he used last year’s team as the example for what can happen when you forget about personal glory and play for the team.

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