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UK target Matt Elam will stick to SEC, seems down to Alabama and Kentucky

Matt Elam with the UK coaching staff. (photo submitted)

Matt Elam with the UK coaching staff. (photo submitted)


The consensus is that John Hardin defensive tackle Matt Elam will pick between Kentucky, Alabama and Louisville, much like Conner quarterback Drew Barker did when he picked the Wildcats over South Carolina and Tennessee. While he acknowledges out of the offers he’s received that he would call them the “frontrunners,” he made it sound like Louisville is a distant third during his time on WLAP Sunday morning with Anthony White, Ryan Lemond and myself.

“I want to stick with the SEC, but Louisville is close to home,” Elam said. “However, I think I will stick to SEC football over anything.”

He says his mom supports any decision he makes, but he knows she would “love” having a short trip to Lexington to visit or see him play. “It makes it a little harder knowing she wants me to stay. It’s crazy,” Elam said.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Matt, ” don’t let Momma down “….BBN, won’t let you down. Wildcat For Life…

  2. Ira

    Thought Bama got a DT verbal week or so back that is much in the same body mode as Elam.

  3. Love SEC F-Ball

    Matt, you already have a huge fan base here in Kentucky.
    Stay home and help turn this program around. Good luck to you.

  4. Bill Rice

    Matt, we need our Kentucky players with your ability to stay home, at Alabama you will be another one of the guys, at Kentucky you can be a star and a home town hero!

  5. Andy

    Hope he comes here but its gonna be tough to pry him away from nick saban.

  6. jcc

    Distance from your home to U of A 460 miles about 6 hours and 44 minutes 1 way.
    From home to UK 85 miles around 1 hour and 30 minutes. That extra 5 hours can be for ever! Just saying.

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