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UK target Luke Kennard impresses Card coach Rick Pitino; May decision still planned

Luke Kennard Photo by Nick Falzerano

Luke Kennard Photo by Nick Falzerano


Louisville coach Rick Pitino came to Frankin, Ohio, to watch junior shooting guard Luke Kennard practice and spent a couple of hours there during the visit.

“It went well,” said Mark Kennard, the father of the 6-65shooting guard who is averaging about 40 points per game this season. “Coach Ptino is a good guy and one of the top coaches in the game. But all the coaches have been great.”

Ohio State’s Thad Matta, Kentucky’s John Calipari, North Carolina’s Roy Williams and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski are some of the other coaches that have watched Kennard play this year. He has cut his list of potential schools to Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, North Carolina, Ohio State, Michigan and Florida. He visited Ohio State Jan. 12 and plans to visit Duke this season.

“He’s scoring a few baskets and as a team we are having a good year,” Mark Kennard said.

Fans are certainly enjoying what they are seeing as the small community has been turning out in force to watch Kennard and his teammates play.

“Sometimes they presell tickets and sometimes not,” Mark Kennard said. “At our last game they announced early it was sold out. My sister didn’t even get in. It’s neat to see so many fans at games. We go during the freshman game to make sure we get in. But it has been a lot of fun for the community and great for Luke and his teammates.”

That attention won’t lessen because of the schools recruiting Kennard, who still hopes to make a college choice in the spring.
He was at Kentucky when the Wildcats played Eastern Michigan and hopes to attend at least one more game this season.

“It will be a tough decision, but we still hope to get it done in May,” Mark Kennard said.

Teams have tried “trick defenses” to stop Luke Kennard, who can score in a variety of ways, this season.
“But he’s made a lot of nice passes and it helps that he has good teammates,” Mark Kennard said. “Our team is basically all juniors and they are all getting better. His best friend probably will get to play at the next level, too. They are best buddies on the team and the players all get along great.”


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  1. coldspringmike

    Would be a big, big surprise if Cal does not get Luke. Been a Kentucky fan since birth I think.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Bring his best friend…..

  3. Phillip Barker

    Love guys who can shot and he’s one of the best…would be really disappointing if we don’t get him.

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