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UK signees Harrison twins, Dakari Johnson “awesome” in visit to Reese Kemp

Aaron and Andrew Harrison along with Dakari Johnson visited Reese Kemp in the hospital. (photo submitted)

Aaron and Andrew Harrison along with Dakari Johnson visited Reese Kemp in the hospital. (photo submitted)


If you are looking for a reason to smile after the way Kentucky played in its loss to Western Kentucky Saturday night in Nashville, then let’s turn to West Jessamine High School student Reese Kemp.

He has cystic fibrosis and diabetes, but a heart of gold and has helped many others  through his Reese’s Resources foundation and his Reese’s Bucket List. He has helped feed families at Thanksgiving, helped children receive toys at Christmas and given Valentines to the needy.

He’s also become a favorite of many UK basketball players who love his infectious enthusiasm — and Saturday he got a visit from twins Aaron and Andrew Harrison along with Dakari Johnson, three of the six new McDonald’s All-Americans on John Calipari’s team.

“Was awesome to have the guys visit me and means so much to have #BBN behind me when I’m down! When Dakari, Andrew and Aaron visited me they saw the PS3 (PlayStation3) and knew they wanted to get smack in 2K, so that’s what I did! Also they invited me to their open gym, so I’m really excited to ball out!” Kemp said.

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2013/02/24/2530412/john-clay-its-not-who-reese-kemp.html#storylink=cpy

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  1. Mike McBride

    We need more stories like this about young men that children look up to. Coach Cal is just like these players. When he first came to Kentucky I had been in a very bad motorcycle accident. A former Marine buddy of mine contacted his office and Coach sent me a wonder letter along with a signed picture.

  2. LindaS

    Does you heart good to see these stories. Last year, Nerlens did so much, I don’t know if anyone will be able to top what he did. Also, after the draft, he bought pizza’s and fed the homeless. That boy has a heart of gold.

  3. 1catmantoo

    Makes me even more proud to be a Kentucky fan. Go Cats!

  4. King Ghidora

    Not only was it great to hear about these kids doing great things but it helps temper the sting of Liggins being arrested yesterday for aggravated domestic battery. UK needs all the good publicity they can get to counter the often repeated slams about the program. But of course that isn’t the true value of the things done by these young men. They have a transcendent value of their own. Good works are an outward sign of a blessed heart. It may not prove they are good kids but it sure doesn’t indicate they are bad ones. Way to go Aaron, Andrew and Dakari. And let’s lift up Reese in our prayers.

  5. Erika Lipscomb

    I,am aa 77 Year old Kentucky Basketball Fan , since I came to Kentucky, Fort Knox
    With my Husband . During his Military service overseas,and Vietnam. We always stayed
    True Kentucky fans, Coach Cal keep it up. These kids doing a great Job , the hearth they
    Have for the less fortunate makes them one day great Men and we are looking forward
    To this Season. Prayers for Reese .

  6. Monty

    Hello BBN. Sorry to say when coach Cal came to UK he was not my first choice. I have since changed my mind, or he has changed my mind. I love reading all the things he and these kids do to help others. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on an older persons face or a young child’s face. Just to name a couple that quickly come to mind for helping kids is Anthony Davis and Nerlen’s Noel. I hope Coach Cal keep’s pushing these kid’s to be the best they can be in life. I’m from Maysville Ky. I think we’ve had some good kid’s represent us, just to name two, DARIUS MILLER and CHRIS LOFTEN.

  7. Brad Newton

    Don’t forget Jon Hood and his visits to the youngster in his home town.

    1. larryvaught

      Great point Brad

  8. UKkathy

    I am so proud of these guys. I know they do not do these wonderful acts of kindness to get publicity. It just shows that at their young age, they appreciate the health they have and such wonderful opportunities available to them. I’m sure their parents are very proud of them and it comes from a good upbringing. I shall carry an extra special love in my heart for them. GO CATS!

  9. Gene T.

    great young men I am proud to say are at UK. Reese we all love at BBN!

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