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UK signee Julius Randle says mother and godfather have had biggest impacts on his life, basketball career


Kentucky signee Julius Randle says his mother, Carolyn Voyles, and godfather, Jeff Webster have been the biggest impacts on his life and career. His mother played basketball at the University of Texas-Arlington and Webster helped USA Basketball to gold medals at the 1989 U.S. Olympic Festival and the 1993 World University Games. He played at Oklahoma in addition to one season with the Washington Bullets after being drafted by the Miami Heat.

“They have both always been there for me,” Randle said. “They have helped get me where I am at. They were always both academics first. That never changed. Looking back, I always knew they were tough on me but I always appreciated that. I did not always want to hear what they said, but I needed to hear it. I am glad they were there for me.

“Now they will still critique me and help me. They helped me with my college decision, but they did not want to make it for me. They knew I could do that. They just provided guidance to help me.”

Randle expects to send the next six weeks “hanging out with family, finishing school and enjoying himself” before coming to UK in early June.

“I’ll maybe take a week or so off basketball, but then I have to get back to work to get better. Everything you do and learn from makes you better. You can never quit working,” Randle said.

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  1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

    I was so PUMPED when Julius picked up that UK hat.
    I’m gonna be pumped when Wiggins does the same thing.

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