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UK QB commit Reese Phillips plans to be at Kentucky in January


His team lost 42-41 in overtime in the first round of the playoffs after rallying from a 28-0 deficit, but Signal Mountain (Tenn.) quarterback Reese Phillips won’t spend long not throwing the football.

“I am taking a couple of weeks off football, then I am going to start throwing again with guys. Run, same process always gone through. I throw a lot but I have not ever had any shoulder problems. I throw all the time. I guess I have just gotten used to it. I have always thrown with my receivers. They are dedicated and that has helped me,” said Phillips, who threw for over 2,500 yards this season.

He was an early verbal commitment to Kentucky and has not backed off his pledge even though UK fired coach Joker Phillips after a 40-0 loss to Vanderbilt. He even plans to enroll at UK in January to get a head start on his college career.

“Right now I am planning on being there the next semester. It was hard to get everything in order. I am taking online English to graduate, and that was hard during football. But I am about done with it now,” Phillips said.

He said originally he was coming in January because “that is just kind of standard in the SEC” for quarterbacks.

“If you can come, they expect you to come early. But now it will a new staff, new offense. It actually makes more sense now than before because myself and all the other quarterbacks will be on the same competition level,” Phillips said.

“I am ready to get through high school. I love high school, but I am excited for the next stage, the next challenge. My mom is definitely not ready for me to do this quite yet. My dad, the brothers and sisters on his side have gone everywhere but I am the first on my mom’s side to leave for college. That’s a little hard for her.”

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  1. RJ

    Sounds like a motivated kid. We need more of them.

  2. Kokamo Joe

    Seems like a motivated kid as well as a kid with a lot of ego. How realistic are his chances of playing with the talent that UK already has at QB? It seems to be the thing now for high school kids to “reclassify” or skip all or part of their senior year of high school. That might be good for the super star who has his eyes on the pros, but is it good for the run of the mill athlete?

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      Don’t all athlete’s have a lot of ego? I bet you did too when you played High School sports. WE all did. We really didn’t know any better…

      Not that there is anything wrong with that, but, what do you want him to do or say? I’m going to keep my commit to UK and not compete for a starting job. I’ll just go and use the scholarship and take up space. C’mon man.

    2. larryvaught

      Kokamo Joe, he’s a great kid who just wants to get here and get started. Every quarterback wants to compete. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t want them. He wants to get to UK and start learning all he can

  3. Seymour

    Other than Max Smith, just who is it that he cannot compete with. I was not impress with any of UK’s backup QBs.

    1. Jim

      I don’t think that there is a void of talent at the QB spot for Kentucky. What they have is a log jam of youth, without a healthy veteran. Next season they will have three guys competing with three years of elligibility left. Best of luck to all of them. That being said, if Whitlow does not win the starting QB spot, they had better find other ways to utilize his talents. He is too good to stand on the sidelines. I do think Towles has the better arm, but if the new coach picks Max Smith or Whitlow over him, he will have to figure out how to impress in practice to get on the field. I don’t see how an incoming freshman can beat out the log jam of guys in front of him. If he does, he will be a special kid, that can handle pressure and produce right out of the gate.
      QB is a tough position to play, becasue the back up rarely plays, unless the starter gets injured. Sadly, quite a few QBs at Kentucky have been injured, lately. In a perfect world, the back up would get to play the last quarter of wins and losses that are decided early, to keep them game ready should the starter get injured.

      My whole beef with Sanders and Joker, regarding the offense and QBs, has been the complexity of the system and how hard it is to master. Look at their last bowl game, where Joker suspended Hartline and the next QB was not ready. If I knew my next guy wasn’t ready, I would have had my starter run steps as punishment.

      So, lets hope that whomever takes over as HC has the ability to get his offense and especially the QBs up to game speed as quickly as possible.

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