The Next Big Game!

  • UK FB Blue-White Game:
    in 2 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes

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Thanks to staff writer Mike Marsee’s alert work, apparently if you are a Time Warner customer you can watch the UK games in Cancun today and Wednesday.

On digital cable it is channel 251 and games both today and Wednesday are listed. Normally not part of our package here, but it looks like Time Warner has added it for these two days without letting anyone know.

2 Responses to UK games in Cancun on Time Warner

  • Jim Boyers says:

    Told ya. If enough people complain, the cable companies will ALWAYS put the games on somewhere. Hopefully the other markets did the same.

  • Gene says:

    If you’re a Dishnet subscriber the game tonight (Wed.) will be shown on CBS Sports, channel 152, as it did last night.
    Just happened to stumble across it.


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