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UK football commit Denzel Ware in process of transferring to Alabama high school


Kentucky got a huge 2014 commitment from Florida defensive end Denzel Ware Monday, so I called his high school and got an interesting response from the principal there:

“Denzel Ware is not currently attending school at Crestview High School.  He is in the process of withdrawing to enroll in Opp HS in Opp, AL, where his mother lives.  Denzel had been living with a family in Crestview who had legal guardianship of him.  They are upset about him leaving and do not want to be identified.  I was told he de-committed to FSU last week but had no idea he was considering UK.  Crestview High’s FB coach, Kevin Pettis resigned in late January to take the head FB position at Sebastian River HS in Indian River Co, FL.  We are in a nation-wide search for our new coach.

“As former Wildcat FB player, I was hoping that, when Coach Stoops came to UK, Denzel would think about going there.  I now have very mixed emotions about it.  Denzel left Crestview High the day before the start of the district basketball tourney.  He was starting center on our BB team.  Myself and our head basketball coach begged him to stay through the season but he would not stay.  We lost the first-round game.

“I wish Denzel the very best in his senior year at Opp and at UK.”

Bob Jones, Principal
Crestview High School

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  1. Juan4UK

    Sounds like his host family might have expected a commit to FSU. Might have been hard for him to live under that type of situation after his de-commit. Who knows. Whatever the issue, I hope the best for this young man as he finishes out his High School days. #BBN

  2. Ira

    I hope Ware’s new HS accept him with open arms. Congrats once again on wanting to become a part of the BBN.

  3. Anonymous

    Stay tough Mr. Ware.
    By simply making your committment to UK you will not lessen the recruiting efforts of the list of schools that were previously in contact with you. You’ll have a full year of ‘phone calls and text messages pouring in suggesting that you would be much better off at the senders schools. I’m glad I’m not in your shoes during this period. I’d be going to a new school after each contact : )
    Hope that you are resolute and maintain your belief in Coach Stoops and UK.
    Coming from south Florida (or Alabama) you’ll love our weather———not : )

  4. Love SEC F-Ball

    Denzel we are glad that you are going to ba a Wildcat.
    We hope the best for you as you complete your High School career.
    You have a lot of support here in Kentucky and with Wildcat fans everywhere!

  5. Larry Pup

    This is a somewhat strange turn of events. I hope all is well with Ware. Who knows but him. I say we need him and hope for him all the best,

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