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UK commit Thaddeus Snodgrass says more football commitments coming soon


He doesn’t want to say who, but Ohio receiver Thaddeus Snodgrass — who made his verbal commitment to Kentucky last week — says more good news is coming for Kentucky football soon.

“There will be a couple more commitments in a couple of days or maybe a week,” said Snodgrass.

More players from Ohio?

“They are from all over. Kentucky football is making a name,” he said.

Snodgrass is the highest ranked receiver ever to commit to UK, and he’s already working on helping bring more talent to the 2014 recruiting class.

“I am shutting down my recruiting and focusing on my senior year, and that also lets me start recruiting other guys now, too,” Snodgrass said.

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  1. Jim B

    Larry I have read that Snodgrass is the highest receiver ever to commit to UK prior to your mentioning it, but I believe Aaron Boyd on last years team was a 4* also. Pretty sure about that.

  2. Tim Robbins

    According to rivals:

    Snodgrass is the 24th ranked WR and 198th ranked player in his class.
    Chris Matthews was rated as a 4 star recruit in 09 but did not receive a national ranking as he was a Juco transfer.
    Aaron Boyd was a 4 star, 40th ranked WR, in the 2008 class but did not receive a national ranking. Boyd was rated as the top WR in Kentucky in the 08 graduating class.
    At least based on rivals rankings, no other UK WR commit was a 4 star recruit going back to 2002.
    Based on Snodgrass’ overall WR ranking in comparison to Boyd’s I think it’s fair to say he is the highest rated UK WR recruit, at least since the 2002 class. The fact that Snodgrass received a national ranking, and Boyd did not, also suggests Snodgrass as the higher rated player, but it is possible that the cutoff for national rankings has changed since 2008.

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks for that great research Tim. May turn it into a blog post to make sure everyone sees it. Why vaughtsviews.com readers are the best

  3. Larry Pup

    Jim…the C-J reported that Snodgrass was the highest-rated WR to commit to UK during the existence of the Rivals database, which goes back to 2002. I don’t know how Boyd was ranked in that data base.

  4. Dan

    Google says the following:

    Aaron Boyd ranked a 4*, 40th best receiver, a 5.8 and NOT nationally ranked.

    Thaddeus Snodgrass ranked a 4*, 24th best receiver, a 5.8 and ranked 198th nationally.

  5. Ira

    One we got him which is awesome. 2. He is shutting down his recruiting to help recruit other kids we want. Tells me he ain’t backing off his commitment! Love it!

  6. David

    I like Snodgrass already! Go get them other 4 stars Thaddeus and bring them with you.

  7. gobgblu37

    It looks like Horton is one of the guys he is talking about. He announces Sat at the Rival’s camp in Oh.

    1. larryvaught

      I think HOrton is going to be a Cat, too. Huge pickup if so

  8. Love SEC F-Ball

    I hope you are right about Horton.
    Ira, I agree 100% – Players recruiting other players has to be a huge plus for us.
    David, I too noticed the emphasis on 4 star players – Stoops will not back down from anyone!

  9. Tcat

    This is a smart kid, maybe even a little to smart…lol jk… He knows KY has the best fan base, if he comes in here and takes care of buisness in the class room first and plays well he’ll be able to name his job, even if he leaves early for the NFL and doesn’t even get a degree, although I think he should… I like this kid already, to bad more high profile kids aren’t this smart, we are a sleeping giant, Mitch and Co have finally made it a point to make us happy OR ELSE… lol I can’t wait to see how good this kid can be, I just hope he develops physically and adds about 10-20# of good size before he gets here, he’ll need it to survive the SEC. Great young man.

  10. shinny

    I have to blink twice to make sure I’m not reading about basketball recruits! It’s a beautiful thing these FOOTBALL players recruiting other players to come to KENTUCKY and make a difference! The “Stoops Train” is gathering steam and I hear the sirens blowing, who all wants to climb aboard?

    1. larryvaught

      Keep believing Shinny

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