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UK commit Kemp: “I feel like Kentucky is on the rise”


Kentucky signee JoJo Kemp did “my research” on the Texas Tech offense under Neal Brown and liked what he saw. He played for three different head coaches in high school and had to learn a variety of offenses.

“The good thing is I did learn a lot by having three different coaches,” Kemp , a power lifter who went to the state meet two straight years, said. “But I think with me being a complete back, I am made for an offense like the one coach Brown uses. I am still learning and want to improve and get better. I know there are things I can learn to make me even better. I feel like Kentucky is on the rise and making a new start. We can only go up.

“I am going in believing we can win. That’s the attitude I will stay with the whole year. I will keep all the negative thoughts out. I will always keep thinking positive.”

That was made easier after 50,000 or more fans came to UK’s spring game. The Florida running back read about that and watched on TV.

“I felt like I was at the game,” Kemp said. “I loved that. Honestly, it just gave me the chills.

“This month has gone by so slow. I have been working out. I am just so ready and excited to be up there and start being around my teammates and pushing each other to get better. I know I am going to be in the right environment to grow as a person on and off the field. I am super excited and can’t wait to get there in early June.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    We can’t wait either Jo Jo. You will be a great player at UK. Boy do we need you guys who have signed to play football for the Big Blue Machine. Coach Brown will get it rolling offensively, and Coach Stoops has gotten the program pumped. It will take time, but we all love your attitude and desire. Go Wildcats beat Western!!!

  2. David

    We are damn glad to have you JoJo and I agree Kentucky is on the rise. Go Big Blue!

  3. Woohop

    Jo Jo will be THE most electrifying RB that the Cats have ever had. Take the time to review all of the promo tapes for our current backs and the tapes of those RB’s we are offering going forward. He comes through openings like a Rocket! NO ONE has the quick step and electric change of direction attributes of Kemp. These are God-Given skills that cannot be taught. These are the attributes that separate great backs from Superstars………..and we have a Superstar with Jo Jo. He will rock Commonwealth for 4 years!!

  4. ukcrazycat

    I agree with everything you said Woohop except: I think he will be good enough to be drafted in the NFL after 3 years at UK.

  5. Shinny

    Hey Jo Jo I’m fired up too and I’m 71 yrs young!! Get up here and let’s get this thing rolling!


    Hey, wait just a minute Shinny, I’m 76 yrs young and can’t wait for things to get rolling either…start to pile on you fans out there who can best 76 and lets show Jo Jo that we oldies get chills too just waiting-Go Cats!

  7. Steve

    I don’t have to check the tapes. I did that last January… He’s going to be outstanding. Welcome! Hurry home.

  8. TJ Wren

    Jo Jo Kemps A beast.He will be a top 5 all time rusher here.

  9. Tcat

    Now this is awesome… Love hearing about kids like Kemp… Have to love his skills, State Powerlifter as well as crazy explosive speed… Should be a hell of a player for us, wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get 10-15 touches a game this season.

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