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UK coach John Calipari’s contract available in pdf form

Click on the photo to view coach John Calipari's new contract with extension. The file is in pdf format

Click on the photo to view coach John Calipari’s new contract with extension. The file is in pdf format

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Saban 55 Million….Calipari 53 Million ! Divide those numbers by the amount of Players to be Coached, Coach Calipari has the Best Contract in the Nation ! ” And Rightfully So.”

  2. Bob

    I think this should put to rest NBA rummors . If coach Cal didn’t have enough money he sure does now . Question how much money does an person need ? Everyone speaks of the NBA big paydays and leave out here today gone tomarrow .Coach Calipari is an 55 year old man whom is coaching the top school of this sport in the nation , getting paid more than an lot of NBA coaches , and on track to set an lot of records in NCAA basketball . Our worrys are best put towards when he will retire and walk away from the sport and spend his final years with his family – priceless for everything ealse he has an savings account . When an person holds the stick of life in there hand and blinks and it’s now the short end of the stick time is more valueable than any dollar amount . I do not see coach Cal doing this more than 10/12 more years. tops. I think he will accomplish school goals in possible 5 years if this player 2 year stay continues with 3/4 years sometimes. This will leave the last 5/7 for personal goals in the sport and then time becomes priceless he’ll be 65/67. He will forever rain in the history of NCAA basketball, provided an secure life for his family ,and spent his last years with his wife making up for the birthday partys, Christmas’s , ect ect. he has missed .This is whom i think coach Cal is. I just wish that certain group would back off and lessen the pressure, and stress on him and his staff . Does anyone remember the end of last season talk of the NIT ect, ect, Then it was luck they would never make it pass the 3 game of the tourment and at the end of the day they were missed free throws from there 9 th Title. UK has enough BS from Haters lets us fans sit back and enjoy this ride because i can not remember one i have enjoyed more in 53 years of watching or listening to. And this years is going to be another great year maybe the best of the pass 5 .How could anyone say this looking at the last 5 its just crazy . However it’s 100 % true i could take the bench and reach an elite 8 . GO BIG BIG BLUE !!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Right On Bob !!!

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